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Updated November 19, 2021 - 9:55 PM EST
Senate Punts Defense Bill Until After Thanksgiving
  Senators Make Bipartisan Push to Block $650 Missile Sale to Saudis
Houthis: 15,000 Killed Near Maarib Since Mid-June
  US Sanctions Houthi Military Officer for 'Unlawful Tactics'
Iran Deal Hangs by a Thread as Talks To Resume
  France Says IAEA Board Must 'Send Strong Message' to Iran
With US Help, Taiwan Deploys New F-16 Fighters
  Philippines Warns China of US Treaty After South China Sea Incident
  China Says AUKUS Deal Will Make Australia a 'Saber Wielder'
EU Says No to Negotiations With Belarus' Lukashenko
Putin Says West Taking Russia's 'Red Lines' Too Lightly
US Policy on Taiwan Is a False and Dangerous Two-Step  by Thomas Knapp
Conscripting Women Will Produce Equal Slavery, Not Equal Rights  by Eric Brakey
Steele Dossier – Paid for by Clinton – Had Clinton Ally as Key Source  by Bernhard
item Further Reflections on the Afghan Debacle  by Doug Bandow
item New Files Expose Assange's Prison Torment  by Kit Klarenberg
item The Threat Is Imminent but Voice of Justice Is Loud  by Shahd Qaddoura

More Viewpoints

Hamas to Be Declared Terrorist Organization by UK and Supporting It Unlawful
Unregulated Israeli Spyware Is a Global Threat, Experts Warn
Iraqi Shiite Cleric Calls on Pro-Iran Militias to Disband, Join New Government
Israel Handed US 'Edited Intelligence File' to Justify Bombing Gaza Tower
Israel Yet to Prove Banned Palestinian Groups Have Terror Ties, Says Top EU Diplomat
Israeli IM Shaked: Bringing More Countries Into Abraham Accords Will Require US Incentives
Palestinian NGOs Call for Boycotting Meetings With US Envoy
Dozens of Rights Groups Urge US Senators to Report on Gaza
'Silent Execution': Palestinian Authorities Slam Israel After Prisoner Dies in Custody
UAE and Israel Agree to Jointly Build Anti-Submarine Warfare Vessels
Benny Gantz's Cleaner Charged With Black Shadow Spying Bid
UN Nuclear Watchdog Chief to Visit Tehran on Tuesday, IAEA Confirms
Three Police Killed in Clashes in Southeast Iran
Turkey-Israel Continued Dialogue 'Mutually Beneficial': Erdogan
Couple Accused of Spying in Turkey Return to Israel After Release
Syrian Singer Omar Souleyman Faces Deportation From Turkey
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 17 Killed
Lebanon Receives More MD-530F+ Attack Helicopters From US
Kuwait Detains 18 People Suspected of Financing Lebanon's Hezbollah
In Saudi Arabia, Deleting Someone From a Whatsapp Group Could Lead to Jail
Belarus & Neighbors
Belarus Clears Migrant Camp, Easing Border Standoff With Poland
British Soldiers to Give More Support to Poland Amid Belarus Border Crisis
Polish Forces Intimidate Media Near Belarus Border: Journalists
'No More Refugees Welcome': Slovenian Minister Says EU Must Seal Borders
Iraqi Migrants Caught in Border Tensions in Belarus Fly Home
Britain Wants America's Help in the Race to Retrieve Its Crashed F-35 Off the Seafloor
Georgia's Hunger-Striking Ex-President in 'Critical' Condition
Romanian Media Say Arms Plant Blast Kills Four, Injures Four
Two Americans Gunned Down Outside District Attorney's Office in Mexico
Activists Call for Escalation After Deadliest Day Since Military Takeover
Sudan's Police Chief Denies Role in Killing of Protesters
US Warns Pilots of Possible 'Surface-To-Air Fire' in Ethiopia
Ethiopia Releases Six UN Staff and All 70 Plus Drivers
Libya's Powerful Ex-Minister Announces Bid for President
Ten Bodies Found in Migrant Boat Off Libya: MSF
Suspected Extremist Gunmen Kill 25 in Southwestern Niger
Uganda Police Kill Five, Including Cleric, After Bomb Blasts
US Issues Religious Freedom 'Concern' List, Removes Nigeria
Biden Considering Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics
American Barred From Leaving China Returned to US Before Biden-Xi Meeting
Taiwan Begins Indigenous Submarine Construction
Chinese Experts Say New US Trade Alliances to Contain China Could Backfire
Taiwan Opens Office in Lithuania, Brushing Aside China Opposition
Summit: Upbeat Tone Not Enough to Ease SE Asia's Concerns About Great Power Squeeze
Biden Administration May Send Back Some Afghan Evacuees Who Can't Clear Vetting Process
ISIS-K Sanctuary Destroyed in Kabul Province: Officials
Russia to Evacuate 380 People From Afghanistan: RIA
Russian Official Says Afghan Crisis May Lead to Civil War
Afghan Officials Meet German, Dutch Diplomats
Afghan Govt Forms Team to Assess Health Service
Afghanistan 'On the Brink of Catastrophe': UN Envoy
Japan, South Korea Territorial Dispute Derails US Press Event
Pakistan Frees Hardline Islamist Under a Deal to End Violence
Indian Air Force Orders French 'Hammer' Bunker-Buster Missiles
US Military
Navy Sub Crews Told to Stand Down After Preventable Collision in the Pacific
Marine Corps Won't Expel All Unvaccinated Marines on the Nov. 28 Deadline
Air Force Commits $1 Billion for Space Tech Development
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The Perils of Forgetting: Learn From the Afghan War or Repeat It!

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Afghanistan Aftermath: No Firings? No Resignations?

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Remembering Hiroshima

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Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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