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Updated December 30, 2021 - 8:59 PM EST
NDAA Blocking Biden From Closing Gitmo
Biden, Putin to Hold Call Thursday Ahead of Talks
  US to Help Ukraine Strengthen Border With Russia, Belarus
Iraqi Declares End of Anti-ISIS Coalition Mission
  Sadr Meets Iraqi Militia Heads to Advance Post-Election Ties
Pro-UAE Forces Seize Yemen's Shabwah
  UN Envoy: Yemen's Escalation Worst in Years
Taiwan Ready for Deeper Military Ties With US
item CIA Sex Crimes – Unreported, Unrepented, and Unpunished  by John Kiriakou
item Israel Trying to Push War With Iran – and the US Press Barely Cares  by Branko Marcetic
item Throwing a Shoe at the Illegal US War on Iraq  by Vijay Prashad
item Why Is Israel Amending Its
Open-Fire Policy?
 by Ramzy Baroud

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More Than 3,000 Sailors in the Navy Reserve Miss Covid-19 Vaccine Deadline
Russia, Belarus to Hold Joint War Games Early Next Year
Nuclear Treaty Conference Likely to Be Delayed Due to Covid
Israel Strikes Gaza After Israeli Man Shot on Boundary
Israel's Gantz Announces Series of Gestures to Palestinians After Meeting Abbas
Gantz's Right-Wing Coalition Partners Assail Him for Hosting PA Chief Abbas
Palestinians Slam Abbas-Gantz Meeting Amid Settler Violence in Occupied West Bank
Israeli Forces Attack School, Beat Teachers Near Bethlehem
Three Palestinians Injured as Israeli Forces Open Artillery Fire in Gaza
'I Couldn't Save Our Home': Palestinian Family Distraught After Latest Israeli Demolition
Israeli Settlers Storm Village Near Nablus Under Full Protection of the Army
Israeli Forces Storm Palestinian Villages in the Negev, Destroy Crops
Israel Demolishes Palestinian Homes in Occupied East Jerusalem
Israel 'Took Care to Miss' Opportunities With Hamas, Ex-Hostage Negotiator Says
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed, Three Executed
Hundred ISIS Members Killed in Iraq's 2021 Anti-Terror Operations, Spokesman Says
Middle East
Two Dead After Tuesday's Alleged Israeli Strike on Syrian Port City, Claims Monitor
Turkey Successfully Test Fires Hisar O+ Mid-Range Missile
In Exodus From Lebanon, the Well-Off Find New Home in Cyprus
Nine Serbs Indicted for Killing Around 100 Muslims During Bosnian War
Putin Says Nord Stream 2 Link Ready to Calm Gas Prices
Guatemalans Still Seek Justice, 25 Years After Civil War's End
Taliban Orders Forces to Respect Public's Privacy
Men Torturing Former Afghan Military Official on Video Detained
11 Years After Trying to Kill Each Other, a Marine and a Talib Meet Again
Special Report: Pilots Detail Chaotic Collapse of the Afghan Air Force
Poverty Compels Afghan Children to Leave School, Start Work
Afghanistan Lacks Equipment to Test for Omicron Variant
US Names Two Women to Senior Diplomatic Posts for Afghanistan
Qatari, Turkish Companies Edging Closer to Deal With Taliban on Afghan Airport Operations
Christians on Edge in India's Karnataka Ruled by Modi's BJP
Indian Firms to Produce Extreme Cold Weather Military Clothing
US Calls on China and Hong Kong to Release Stand News Employees
Indonesia to Accept Dozens of Rohingya Refugees Stranded at Sea
Curfew Imposed in Sudan's North Darfur After Militias Loot UN Food Stores
Ethiopia Passes Law to Start National Dialogue Commission
Somali PM Discusses Political Situation With US Official
Suspected Bomb Maker on Trial in Morocco After US Help Arrest Him, Police Say
Libya Orders Arrest of Second Minister Over Alleged Graft
US Military
Anonymous F-35 Customer Is Getting a New Variant of the Stealth Jet
USAF Awards Raytheon $250 Million 'Stormbreaker' Bomb Contract Increase
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Ramzy Baroud
Why Is Israel Amending Its Open-Fire Policy: Three Possible Answers

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The British Want America To Go to War and Used The Beatles as Ammo

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US Militarism Should Have Died With the Soviet Union

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Lost Opportunity: How the Clinton Administration Started a Cold War With a Democratic Russia

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What! No Russian Invasion of Ukraine?

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The Christmas Truce of 1914 – Why There Is Still No Peace On Earth

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NATO, Russia and the Other Broken Promise

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What To Do About That Russian Ultimatum

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Joe Biden, Let's Not Go to War

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Against Intervention and Regime Change: A Debate with Bill Kristol

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
The Perils of Forgetting: Learn From the Afghan War or Repeat It!

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Dave DeCamp
Despite Pushing Them Together, the US Is Unhappy With Closer Russia-China Ties

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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