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Updated January 5, 2022 - 8:28 PM EST
US Says 'Modest Progress' Made in Iran Talks
  Israeli Military Intel Chief Says Iran Deal Better Than Talks Failing
China Calls on US and Russia To Reduce Nukes
  Japan Boosts Coast Guard Over China's Patrols Near Senkaku Islands
Tony Blair's Aide Says Was Told to Burn Secret Iraq Memo
  Petition to Strip Sir Tony Blair of Title Over Iraq War Signed by 650,000
Nearly 200 Killed in Fighting in and Around Yemen's Maarib
  Saudis Launch Airstrikes Against Yemen's Capital
NATO to Hold Foreign Ministers Meeting on Ukraine
US Attacks Rocket Launch Sites in Eastern Syria
Lapid: No Negotiations With Palestinians When I Am PM
item Credibility Chimera: US Shouldn't Go to War So It Can Go to War  by Doug Bandow
item US Is Building, Rather Than Tearing Down Gitmo Prison Facilities  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item We Said Good Riddance to the Afghan War in 2021. Unfortunately, It's Not Over.  by Scott Shackford
item Closing the Door on NATO Expansion Is Imperative  by Daniel Larison
item The War on Terror Is a Success – For Terror  by Nick Turse
item Harry Reid's Disastrous Foreign Policy Should Not Be Forgotten  by Stephen Zunes

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North Korea Fired What Could Be a Ballistic Missile
FBI's Backdoored Anom Phones Secretly Harvested GPS Data Around the World
Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, UAE Join UN Security Council
The War at Home
SecDef Lloyd Austin to Testify on Afghanistan Next Week
Hawaii Upholds Order Requiring Navy to Drain Fuel Tanks
Judge Blocks Pentagon From Punishing Navy SEALs Who Refused Vaccine
750 F-35s Now Delivered, Navy to Put Some of Its Oldest Test Models Into Storage
Another Operation Lone Star Soldier Dies Amid Morale Crisis
Air Force Releases List of What's in Its Famous 'Petting Zoo' of Foreign Military Equipment
Raytheon to Upgrade Sea Sparrow Missiles for US Navy, Allies
Panel Hears Dueling Versions of Fatal Marine Training Mishap in California
No Place for Ex-Officials in Cabinet: Taliban Deputy PM
Taliban Interior Ministry to Provide Uniforms for Police
Talks Over Kabul Airport Resume With Turkish-Qatar Company
Afghan Officials: 81 Military Aircraft of Ex-Govt Remain, 41 Operational
Defector Who Returned to North Korea 'Had a Difficult Life' in Seoul
Gear Mishap Forces F-35a Stealth Fighter to Make 'Belly Landing' in South Korea
China, US Reach Trade Talk 'Stalemate' Despite Expiry of Phase-One Deal
Pegasus Spyware: Hungary and Poland 'Bought Software After Netanyahu Meeting'
Sweden Prosecutes Woman for Recruiting Son to Fight in Syria
France Says 300 Mercenaries Have Left Eastern Libya
Libya Parliament Suspended Until New Presidential Election Date Set
Families of Tarhuna Mass Grave Victims Push for Prosecutions
Palestinian Facebook News Platform Suspends Operations After Ban on Page
It's a Two-Way Street': PA Warns of Fallout From US Holdup of Consulate Reopening
Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Palestinian Youth Near Hebron
Israeli Media: Agreement Reached to End Palestinian Prisoner's Hunger Strike After 141 Days
Israel to Ease Transit Rules for Palestinian Americans as Part of US Visa Waiver Deal
Emma Watson Post in Support of Palestinians Angers Israeli Envoys
Israeli Air Force Chief Grounds Fleet After Two Die in Helicopter Crash at Sea
South Korean Minister Heads to Vienna for Talks on Iranian Frozen Assets
Canada Court: Iran Should Pay Families Over Plane Shootdown
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed
Drone Attack on Iraq Base Foiled, 2nd One in 24 Hours: Coalition
Video Shows Missile, Vulcan Cannon Fire Reportedly Shooting Down Drones in Iraq
Middle East
Mystery Surrounds End-of-Year Windfall for Turkey's Central Bank
UAE at Risk of Landing on Global Financial Watchdog's 'Grey List'
Fatah Delegation to Meet Bashar Al-Assad in Syria, Says Palestinian Official
Tear Gas Fired at Sudan Protests as Thousands Rally Against Army
US, Western Allies Warn Sudan Military Against Appointing Own Prime Minister
Morocco King 'Ends Ambassador Missions' in Algeria, Iran
Ex-Tunisia Minister's Wife Filing Complaints With International Courts Over His 'Kidnapping'
Paraguayan Soldier Killed by Deer at Presidential Palace
US Charges Colombian Man Over Haiti President's Assassination
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