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Updated January 9, 2022 - 8:22 PM EST
US Rejects Russia's Call To Halt NATO Expansion
  Blinken Warns Russia of 'Massive Consequences' Over Ukraine
  US Questions Russia-Led Peacekeeping Deployment in Kazakhstan
France Says Progress Made in Iran Nuclear Talks
  Iran Says Nuclear Deal Can Be Revived if US Lifts Sanctions
US Christian Group Quietly Shaping US-Israel Ties
  1948: Israeli Leader Said 'Wipe Out' Palestinian Villages
US Cyber Task Force Conducts First Offensive Op in 2021
item Emma Watson's Advocacy of Palestinian Rights Is Justified  by Yanis Iqbal
item How Far Can Diplomacy Go? Awaiting the US-Russian Talks in Geneva on Jan. 10  by Gilbert Doctorow
item US Must Take Russia's Security Concerns Seriously  by Natylie Baldwin
item Japan-Australia Military Pact Takes Anti-China Coalition to New Level  by Sarang Shidore

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Survivors: Over 100 Killed in Attack in Nigeria's North
Polish Leader Admits Country Bought Powerful Israeli Spyware
Quantico Rings Up $188 Million Bill for Afghan Refugees Housed in Tents
Iran Says It Is Paying Compensation to Families Over Downed Ukraine Jet
Israeli Occupation Forces Injure Four Palestinians in Beita
Palestinian Authority's Wafa News Agency Relaunches Hebrew Service
Long Battle to Save the Largest Palestinian Cemetery in Haifa
Palestinian Journalist Injured by Israeli Gunfire in Al-Bireh
Jerusalem Police Filmed Beating Ultra-Orthodox Men, Blasting Them With Water Cannons
UK-Based NGO Launches Campaign to Stop Israel's Administrative Detention
'It Won't End With Us': Addameer Director Warns of Repercussions of Israeli 'Terror' Designation
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed
Dead Body of Iranian Kurdish Political Activist Found in Iraqi Kurdistan
HRW Condemns Iraqi Kurdish Security Video Showing Protesters 'Confessing to Crimes'
Saudi Arabia
Saudis Say Hezbollah a Threat to Arabs After Nasrallah Calls King a 'Terrorist'
France Considers Canceling Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia After 'Terrorist Attack'
Middle East
UAE 'Retaliates' Against Jailed Activist Ahmed Mansoor for Exposing Abuses
Turkish Court Orders Release of Two Students Jailed Over Protests
Two Children Among 3 Eritrean Refugees Killed in Tigray Air Raid
Ethiopia Announces Pardons for High-Profile Political Prisoners
Russian Troops Deploy to Mali's Timbuktu After French Exit
Somalia Apologizes to UAE for Seizing $10m From Emirati Jet in 2018
Danes Release Suspected Pirates From Africa Battle Rather Than Try Them at Home
Wife Says Hunger-Striking Tunisian Former Justice Minister's Health Continues to Deteriorate
Israeli Aerospace Firm Elbit Systems to Provide Hermes Drones to Brazil
US Military
Navy Fires Five Officers in Less Than a Month
Marine Corps Viper Helicopter Crashes Near New Jersey Base
Kazakh President Says Constitutional Order 'Mainly Restored'
Kazakh President: Forces Can Shoot to Kill to Quell Unrest
In Kazakhstan's Street Battles, Signs of Elites Fighting Each Other
US Embassy Ramps Up Security as Officials Urge Calm in Kazakhstan
Maps and Charts to Understand Kazakhstan's Protests
Taliban Govt Reacts to Tension in Kazakhstan
China's Xi Sends Message of Support to Kazakhstan President
Taliban's Mullah Baradar Urges World to Help Afghans
Local Media Faces Challenges in Eastern Afghanistan
Pakistan's National Security Advisor to Visit Kabul
Afghanistan Pipeline Remains Incomplete After 3 Decades
China Urged to Push for Better Ties With Japan and Seek Three-Way Talks With US
US, Japan Chide China as They Deepen Defense Ties
South Korea Disputes North's Claim of Hypersonic Missile Test
Banned From the Olympics by IOC, North Korea Puts Blame Elsewhere
Beijing Winter Olympics: China 'Fully Understands' Why North Korea Will Stay Away
Fleeing Violence in Myanmar, Thousands Camp Along Thai Border River
Protests, Anger as Cambodian PM Visits Myanmar's Military Leaders
Pakistan, India Tap China, West for Warplanes as Aerial Arms Race Looms Between Nuclear-Armed Rivals
White House Official Says US Will Increase Economic Engagement With Asian Nations
France Says Putin Trying to Bypass EU Over Ukraine by Talking Solely to US
Swedish Defence Strategy in Tatters if Russian Demands Met: Military Chief
US Trade Chief Expresses Support for Lithuania Amid China 'Coercion'
Sweden and France Launch Joint Team to Prosecute ISIS Fighters Over Crimes Against Yazidis
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