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Updated January 21, 2022 - 9:54 PM EST
Saudis Bomb Yemen Prison, 70 Killed, 100 Hurt
  Saudis Bomb Yemen Youth Soccer Game, Civilians Killed
  Saudi Attack Leads to Nationwide Internet Outage in Yemen
  Democrats: Biden Should Clarify US Role in Yemen
  Sanaa Residents Brace for More Strikes as Yemen War Spirals
Ukraine: Biden Clarifies 'Minor Incursion' Comment
  US Sanctions Ukrainian Officials Accused of Helping Russia
US OKs Baltics Sending US Weapons to Ukraine
  Germany Rejects Calls to Send Weapons to Ukraine
US Bombed Syrian Dam on 'No-Strike' List
Israel DM: Iran's Proxies Must Be an Issue at Talks
CIA Says 'Havana Syndrome' Not Work of Foreign Power
China's Military Tells US to Stop South China Sea Patrols
item Why Washington's Focus on 'Credibility' Is a Recipe for War  by Jonathan Cook
item China Gives Us a Taste of Our Own Medicine  by Stephen Kinzer
item Diplomats and Experts: Negotiate, or Expect 'Drastic Escalation' by Russia  by Anatol Lieven
item Guantánamo's Forever Elusive Endgame  by Karen Greenberg
item Why Russia Fears NATO  by Paul Robinson
item Calls for Israel To Investigate Itself Are Empty Gestures  by Maureen Clare Murphy

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2021 Annual Arms Sales Risk Index (Cato Institute)
Progressive Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Cut Militarism in Foreign Policy
FBI Activity at Texas Rep. Cuellar's Home Part of Azerbaijan Probe: Report
US Drops Case Against MIT Professor Accused of Ties to China
Any Sanctions Would Impose 'Asymmetric' Costs on Russia: White House
Russia Announces Sweeping Naval Drills Amid Ukraine Tensions
Biden's Warning Risks Destabilizing Ukraine-Russia Crisis: Moscow
Spain Sends Warships to Join NATO Forces in Black Sea, Considers Sending Warplanes
France's Macron Calls for EU-Russia Security Pact in Break With US Calls for Unity
Moscow Plays Down Threat of US Electronics Curbs
US Stands With Bosnia in Crisis Times: US Top Official
British Police Arrest Two Men in Texas Synagogue Attack Investigation
Greece Receives 'Game-Changer' Rafale Aircraft From France
US Charges Belarus Officials With Aircraft Piracy Over Diverted Ryanair Flight
France: Women's Rights Advocates Outraged After Senate Votes to Ban Hijab in Sports
Israel Inks Multi-Billion Dollar Submarine Deal With Germany
Biden: Afghanistan Withdrawal Was the Right Decision
Donors at Summit Agree Afghan Funds Should Be Released: Officials
Democrats Calls on Biden Administration to Ease Entry to US for At-Risk Afghans
Iran's Raisi: Broad-Based Govt Only Solution for Afghanistan
Turkey, Qatar Reached Preliminary Deal on Kabul Airport Security: Turkish Sources
Taliban Security Forces to Receive Newly Designed Standard Uniform
US Seeks Way to Speed Delivery of New Fighter Jets to Taiwan
Security Co-Operation, China to Dominate Biden's Talks With Japan's Kishida
China, Russia Delays US Bid to Sanction North Koreans at UN
South Korea and UAE Sign $3.5 Billion Missile System Contract
One of the US Navy's Most Powerful Weapons Makes a Rare Appearance in Guam
Bomb Blast Kills Three People in Eastern Pakistan
India Says Teen 'Captured' by Chinese Army After Going Missing Near Border
Car Bomb in Eastern Colombia Conflict Area Kills One
Two Mexican Journalists Killed in Just Two Weeks
US Charges Second Man in Plot to Assassinate Haitian President Moise
US Military
Two Marines Are Dead, 17 Injured in Truck Rollover in North Carolina, Driver Charged
Six Killed in Rocket Attack on Northern Town in Syria
ISIS Militants Attack Kurdish Prison in NE Syria
Turkey Warns 'Heavy Cost' if YPG Acts Against Ankara From Cyprus
Two Syrian Govt Soldiers Shot Dead in Daraa Checkpoint Attack
Lebanese Museum Returns Artifacts From Syria's Ancient City of Palmyra
Israeli Army Arrests Sheikh Jarrah Demolition Protesters
Israeli Military Issues Demolition Order for Residence of Suspect in Fatal West Bank Shooting
Israeli Forces Detain Disabled Man Until His Son Surrenders
16 Bedouins Charged Over Riots Against Controversial Negev Forestation Work
Sharp Rise in Anti-Arab and Palestinian Hate Speech Reported on Israeli Social Media
Ramallah Court Acquits Palestinians Who Protested After Nizar Banat's Death in PA Detention
European Countries Urge Israel to Stop Construction in Occupied East Jerusalem
US Says Nuclear Talks With Iran at 'Decisive Moment'
Tehran Eager to Reopen Riyadh Embassy Despite Yemen Tensions
China, Russia, and Iran to Launch Joint Naval Drill on Friday
Israel's Lapid Gets First Phone Call in Years From Turkish Foreign Minister
Turkey Close to Signing EUR1bn Currency Swap Deal With Azerbaijan
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed
US Says It Will Not Resume Aid to Sudan Until Civilian Government Is Formed
Sudanese Pro-Democracy Activists Protest for Third Day
UN Supports Proposal to Sideline Sudan Army but Opposition Unimpressed
Tunisia President Says Freedoms 'Guaranteed'
Tunisian Party Blames Death of Member on Police Violence
France Says Murder of Tourist in Morocco Could Be Terrorism-Related
In Western Sahara Refugee Camps, Little Optimism Over Frozen Conflict
Jihadi Video Shows Child Fighters Executing Nigeria Soldiers
UN Mali Mission to Resume Flights Suspended Amid Sanctions Dispute
Stampede at Religious Ceremony in Liberia Kills 29 People
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