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Updated January 24, 2022 - 9:50 PM EST
Biden Weighs Thousands Troops for E. Europe
  Former Ukrainian MP Denies Claim Russia Wants to Install Him in Kyiv
  German Navy Chief Resigns After Saying Putin 'Deserves Respect'
Ukraine Receives Another Shipment of US Arms
  State Dept Orders Families of Embassy Staff to Leave Ukraine
  Blinken: US and Russia Can Work on Security Concerns
UK Allows Assange to Appeal to Supreme Court
120 Killed in Battle Between Syrian Kurds and ISIS
Toll From Saudi Bombing of Yemen Prison Reaches 87
item Global Powers Gotta Do Everything, Says the Blob  by Doug Bandow
item Ukraine Crisis: US 'Toolboxes' Are Empty  by Scott Ritter
item Released Video Footage Shows Disastrous US Drone Strike That Killed Kabul Family  by Scott Shackford
item Why Washington Can't Learn  by Andrew Bacevich
item Let's Call Sanctions What They Are – War  by Sam Carliner
item State Archive Glitch Reaffirms Israel's Genocidal Intent  by Zubayr Alikhan

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CIA's Havana Syndrome Report Doesn't Sit Well With Some Lawmakers
South Korea Pays Iran's Delinquent $18 Million UN Dues With Frozen Funds
Ethiopian Army Planning to 'Eliminate' Tigrayan Forces: Military Official
UAE Says It Intercepts 2 Ballistic Missilles Over Abu Dhabi
'Another Crime' Say Survivors of Coalition Strikes on Yemeni Detention Center
UN Urges Investigation Into Saudi-Led Air Raids in Yemen
Southern UAE-Backed Troops Halt Northern Yemen Operations
Yemenis Struggle Without Internet for Third Day After Air Strikes
Houthis Tell Foreign Companies to Leave 'Unsafe' UAE After Deadly Bombing
Iran Warns Saudi-Led Strikes on Yemen Rebels Worsen War
Saudi-Led Coalition Says Two Foreigners Injured in a Houthi Missile Attack
UAE Grounds Most Private Drones for a Month After Houthi Attack
Soldiers Attack Palestinians Defending Village After Israeli Settlers Invaded It
Palestinians' Cars Vandalized in West Bank Amid Rising Jewish Extremist Violence
Israeli Police Minister: Settler Attack on Activists Is 'Organized Action of a Terror Group'
Report: Israel Detaining 17 Palestinian Journalists, Media Professionals
Elderly Palestinian Who Died Was Bound and Gagged for Over an Hour by IDF Troops
PA Security Coordination Reaches 'Dangerous, Unprecedented Levels,' Says Islamic Jihad
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Iraq Tightens Security on Border With Syria After ISIS Militants' Jailbreak
Turkish Shelling Kills Five in Northern Syria: Monitor
'Now There Is No One': The Lament of One of the Last Christians in a Syrian City
Kuwait Foreign Minister Visits Lebanon to Mend Persian Gulf Standoff
Lebanon Teachers Strike Over Conditions as Education Crisis Grows
Middle East
Turkey Detains TV Journalist for 'Insulting' President Erdogan With Proverb
Iran Rights Defender Sentenced to 8 Years Jail, Flogging: Husband
Haitian Judge in Charge of Moise Murder Investigation Quits
Despite Key Win, Venezuela's Opposition Split Over Strategy
Ecuador to Increase Police Manpower in Guayaquil After Drug Trade Killings
US Embassy Calls for Calm, Dialogue After Brawl in Honduras' Congress
Germany to Provide Medical Help to Ukraine – but No Weapons
US Threatens Sweeping Export Controls Against Russian Industries
US 'in Talks' With Qatar Over Europe Gas Supply if Russia Invades Ukraine
British Jets Arrive in the US To Take Part in Red Flag
Tory MP Claims She Was Sacked Because She Was a Muslim
Envoy: US Will Sanction Those Who Undermine Peace in Bosnia
Armenian President Resigns Saying Constitution Doesn't Give Him Enough Influence
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Bus Blast in Herat
Afghan Ministry Says Schools to Open for All in Spring
Taliban Delegation Meets With Civil Society Members in Oslo
Taliban Warn Against Dissent, Women's Rights Activism Amid Disappearances
Database, Security Cameras Reactivated in Afghanistan
Taliban Recognition Requires Respect for Rights: UN Chief
Relations Depend on Taliban Behavior: US Special Envoy
Taliban Calls for Diplomacy Over Durand Line
Afghan Exports Stalled by Lack of Air Transit
As PLA Threat Grows, Taiwan's Bid to Boost Defense 'May Lead to Conflict'
In Kashmir, India Batters Press Freedom – and Journalists
Thai PM to Visit Saudi Arabia as Diplomatic Relations Thaw
Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Govt Denies Army Takeover After Barracks Gunfire
Gunfire Near Home of Burkina Faso's Leader After Army Mutiny
Burkina Faso Forces Fire Tear Gas at Anti-Government Protests
Sudan Deputy Leader Meets Ethiopia Defense Minister on Rare Visit
Sudanese Women's Rights Activist Amira Osman Arrested in Raid
French Soldier Dies in Attack on Anti-Insurgent Base in Mali
Witnesses: Extremists Abduct 17 Girls in Northeast Nigeria
Libyan PM Wants Constitution Before Elections
UN Probing Alleged Killings by Central African Republic Forces, Russia Mercenaries
Guinea Junta Establishes Council to Lead Transition to Elections
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