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Updated January 28, 2022 - 8:44 PM EST
Ukraine's Zelensky Slams West for Creating 'Panic'
  Russia Says US Not Taking NATO Concerns Seriously
  Russia: New Missile Crisis Is 'Unavoidable' Without Arms Control
  US House Races Massive Ukraine Weapons Transfer to the Floor
White House: Houthis to Blame for Yemen War
  In Yemen, Civilians Bear the Brunt of a Worsening War
  US Warns Against Travel to United Arab Emirates
US: Will 'Never' Normalize Ties With Syria's Assad
  Death Toll Rises as SDF Hunts ISIS Remnants Around NE Syria Prison
China, Saudis Agree To Enhance Military Ties
US Official: In the 'Ballpark' of an Iran Nuclear Deal
item Bipartisanship: US House Races Massive Ukraine Weapons Transfer to the Floor!  by Daniel McAdams
item More Presidential Killings  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item From Savior to Divine Trickster: The Theological Drive in US Foreign Policy  by Michael Vlahos
item Will Putin Accept Half a Loaf?  by Ray McGovern
item Another US-Trained Soldier Stages a Coup in West Africa  by Nick Turse
item Blinken's Response to Russia NATO Demand Is Frankly Disturbing  by Marcus Stanley

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Pro-Palestinian 'From the River to the Sea' Chanters Could Be Referred to Police, UK Minister Says
Soldier Opens Fire, Kills Five Guards at Ukraine Military Plant
US Service Member Injured, French Soldier Killed in Mali Attack
The War at Home
Pentagon Orders 101st Airborne Air Assault at Fort Campbell Ready for Possible Deployment
Troops at These Bases Are on Alert for Deployment Over Ukraine Crisis
Pentagon Halts Civilian Covid Vaccine Mandate
Another Marine Receives a Religious Exemption to the Covid-19 Vaccine
US Space Force Moves Ahead With Ground Tracking Project
Last Group of Afghan Refugees Depart From New Mexico, Indiana Military Bases
Two Israeli Police Injured in Friendly Fire Incident on Egypt Border
Israel Blocks Donations of Warm Clothes to Palestinian Prisoners in Unheated Cells
Israeli Settlers Attack Police at Occupied West Bank Checkpoint
'My Life Has Just Begun': Gazans Celebrate Receiving ID Cards After Rare Israeli Approval
Israeli Film 'Tantura' Prompts Calls to Excavate Possible Palestinian Mass Grave
Children Play in the Streets as Rare Snowfall Hits Palestine
Israel's 'Top Priority' Mission to Discredit UN Human Rights Probe
Israeli Troops Detain a Settler Who Attacked Palestinians; Police Promptly Free Him
Palestinian Authority Rejects 'Insulting' US Demand to Stop Paying Detainees
Russia Questions Kurdish Forces's Ability to Provide Security to Northeast Syria
Calls Grow to Repatriate ISIS Child Detainees After Syrian Jail Clashes
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudi-Led Coalition Announces Probe Into Yemen Prison Attack
Group Warns of Potential Catastrophe on Old Tanker Off Yemen
France Investigates Possible Second Explosion at Saudi's Dakar Rally
Armenian Foreign Minister to Visit Turkey After Decades of Animosity
Erdogan Says Israeli President to Visit Turkey Next Month
Jordanian Military Kills 27 in Shoot-Out With Syrian Smugglers
Jordan: Protests After Lawmaker Jailed for Insulting King
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed
Iran State TV Shows Dissidents' Images After Apparent Hack
Qatar Foreign Minister Holds Talks in Iran Before Emir's US Visit
US Envoy Launches Working Group for Ambassadors Representing Abraham Accords Members
Venezuela Electoral Commission Says Maduro Recall Cannot Move Ahead
Another Journalist Attacked in Mexico; Three Killed This Month
Ukraine's President Welcomes Talks With Russia as Path to Peace: Statement
France's Macron Takes Own Path, Seeks Dialogue With Russia
Russian Forces Will Leave Belarus Once Drills Are Over, Minsk Says
China Warns US Over Russia's 'Legitimate Security Concerns'
US Admits Finding Non-Russian Gas for Europe Is a Challenge
Germany's Scholz to Meet Biden, Discuss Ukraine and Covid: White House
Germany Puts Russian Scientist on Trial for Space Tech Espionage
China Demands US Halt Olympics 'Interference'
EU Launches WTO Action Against China Over Lithuania Dispute
China-India Border: PLA Hands Teen to Indian Army After He Went Missing Near Disputed Territory
Western Diplomats Seek Urgent Aid for Afghanistan, Assurances on Girls' Education
Taliban Ministry Denies Haqqani Threatened US in Interview
Hosting Oslo Talks With Taliban Not 'Legitimization': Norway
International Community Yet to Define 'Inclusive Govt': Taliban
UN Launches Engagement Framework to Help Afghans
North Korea
North Korea Confirms Latest Weapons Tests
US State Department 'Condemns' North Korea Missile Tests
Reports: Six Wounded in Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan Border Clash
US, Russia Deadlocked Over Extending UN Libya Mission
ISIS Attack in Libya Kills Three Security Personnel: Interior Ministry
Haftar's Militias Attack Protesters Demanding to Restitute Their Looted Properties in Benghazi
Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Army Warns Ex-Officials in Talks Over Transition
Burkina Faso's Junta Leader Promises Security, Order
Sudanese Protester Shot Dead by Security Forces During Demonstration
15,000 People Displaced in New Darfur Violence, UN Says
Burkina Faso Military Coup Prompts Fears of Further Instability
5,000-Plus Deaths Under Ethiopia's Tigray Blockade
Sisi Gives Nile Island Nature Reserves to the Army
Tunisian Opposition Leader Warns of Social Explosion
Hours Out of Office, Honduras Ex-President Gains Immunity Through Regional Post
Honduras Swears in Xiomara Castro as First Female President
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