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Updated May 2, 2022 - 9:08 PM EDT
Bill Would Authorize Biden To Wage War in Ukraine
  Pentagon Says US Is Training Ukrainian Forces in Germany
  US, Ukraine Contract With Private Spy Firms to Target Russian Forces
Ukraine Arrests Hundreds for Supporting Russia
  Poland Sends Over 200 Soviet Tanks to Ukraine as NATO Escalates
Mossad Says Foiled Iran Plot to Assassinate Israeli Diplomat
  Iran: Workshop Relocation Was Result of Israel's Terrorist Attacks
Berlin Temporarily Bans Pro-Palestine Protests
UN: Yemen Truce Could Alleviate Humanitarian Crisis
item A Lesson From Ukraine: China's Red Lines on Taiwan Shouldn't Be Ignored  by Dave DeCamp
item Economic Sanctions Against Russia Must Be Opposed  by Finn Andreen
item Europe, Not America, Should Keep Ukraine Afloat  by Doug Bandow
item Nukes Cannot Be Un-Invented  by Veteran Intel Professionals for Sanity

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Paypal Cancels Consortium News Account, May Seize Balance
Pentagon Budget Aims to Shrink the Military by Thousands
UAE to Send Astronaut on Six-Month Space Mission in 2023
ISIS Accuses Israel of Slaying Jihadist Leader in Sinai Airstrike
Israel Restricts Freedom of Worship in Jerusalem
Footage Shows Israeli Politicians Pressured Police to Close Case of Palestinian's Killing
Palestinian Man Shot Dead by Israeli Forces in West Bank
Jenin: How the City Became a Symbol of Palestinian Resistance
Tension Between Israel, Egypt Over Al-Aqsa Mosque
Two Palestinian Brothers Injured in Attack by Jewish Settlers Near Hebron
Sinwar Claims Hamas Working on Way to Break Gaza Maritime Blockade
New IDF Limits on Foreigners Visiting West Bank Palestinians Delayed
Five Palestinians Injured as Israeli Forces Raid Refugee Camp Near Ramallah
Palestinians Slam Israeli Rejection of Appeal Over Gaza Killings
Israel 'Bars' US-Palestinian NGO Head From Mexico, US Travel
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 173 Killed During April
Rockets Target Coalition Troops in Iraq, No Casualties
Missile Attack Causes Tank Fire in Oil Refinery in Iraq; No Casualties
Turkish Soldiers Killed in Claw-Lock Operation in Iraq
19th Century Iraq Church Celebrates First Mass Since ISIS Defeat
Turkey Air Force Pulls Out of Military Exercise in Greece
Turkish Police Detain Dozens in May Day Demonstrations
Turkey, Saudi Arabia to Revive Great Economic Potential, Erdogan Says
Middle East
Yemen Presidential Body in UAE for 'Several Days' of Talks
Executions, Detentions Hang Over Saudi Legal Reforms
Tensions Between Iran and Saudi Arabia Are 'Near End', Iraq PM Says
Sufi Mosque in Afghanistan Attacked Killing 10 and Injuring 30
Blasts Cut Power to Millions in Afghanistan Before Eid Holiday
Clerics in Paktia Call for Afghan Girls' Schools to Reopen
Central Bank: Over $760 Million in Cash Aid Has Reached Afghanistan
Taliban PM Akhund Calls to End International Meddling in Afghan Affairs
Former Reconciliation Chariman Abdullah Leaves Afghanistan
Progress Being Made on Afghanistan Airport Contract
Russia Seeks Trade Cooperation With Afghanistan: Lavrov
Indian Forces Kill 62 Militants This Year in Disputed Kashmir: Police
Indian State Leader Pushes to Replace Religion-Based Laws, Taking Aim at Muslim Rules
India Seizes $725 Million From Chinese Company Xiaomi Over Illegal Remittances
China Discusses Protecting Assets From US Sanctions With Banks
Ahead of Philippines Election, Young People Rally Around Leni Robredo
Pakistan Secures $8 Billion Package From Saudi Arabia
UN Votes to Extend Libya Mission by Three Months
Libyan Parliament Lashes Out as Algeria Recognizes GNU
Nicaragua Convicts Businessmen in Latest Phase of Political Crackdown
US Military
Hundreds of US Sailors Being Moved Off Carrier After Surge of Suicides, Captain Tells Crew
US Troops at Remote and Overseas Bases Attempt Suicide More Often, GAO Finds
DC's National Guard Takes to the Streets in Recruitment Push
Abbott, Texas Leadership Approve Almost $500 Million in Additional Border Security Funds
'The Ghost of Kyiv' Is Made Up, Ukrainian Military Confirms
Ukraine Exchanges Prisoners With Russia, 14 Ukrainians Going Home
Long Lines at Ukrainian Gas Stations Reveal Just the Tip of a Looming Crisis.
Russia Strikes US Weapons at Airfield Near Odesa, Defense Ministry Says
Ukraine Says Russia Knocked Out Odesa Airport
Satellite Images Show Destruction of Mariupol Steel Plant
Difficulties in Switching to Russian Ruble in Kherson
Citizens' Images of Potential War Crimes in Ukraine Flood the Internet, but Might Not Hold Up in Court
Pelosi, in Surprise Kyiv Trip, Vows US Support 'Until the Fight Is Done'
Nancy Pelosi Awarded Order of Princess Olga, Ukraine Medal, by Zelensky
Shelling in Russia's Bryansk Region Hits Parts of Oil Terminal
Russia Says Checkpoint in Kursk Region Shelled From Ukraine
Russia Says Strategic Stability Dialogue With US 'Frozen': Tass
Russia Says Risks of Nuclear War Must Be Kept to Minimum: Tass
Lavrov Says Sanctions Being Discussed With Ukraine, Kyiv Denies It
Fire at Russian Military Site Near Ukraine Injures One
Ukraine War Is Bigger Threat Than Cuban Missile Crisis: Khrushchev Relative
The World & Ukraine/Russia
German Chancellor Defends 'Cautious' Approach to Ukraine Crisis
NATO Fighter Jets Scrambled in Response to Russian Aircraft
Denmark, Sweden Summon Russian Ambassadors Over Spy Plane Flight
Dutch Dockers Refuse to Unload Ship With Russian Diesel Cargo
France Promises to Increase Military and Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine
Russian Oligarchs to Be Targeted in US Aid Package for Ukraine, Schumer Says
Next Round of EU Sanctions on Russia Must Include Oil Embargo, Ukraine's FM Tells Borrell
Germany: Quitting Russian Oil by Late Summer Is 'Realistic'
EU Leans Towards Russian Oil Ban by Year-End, Diplomats Say
Britain 'More Committed Than Ever' to Ukraine, Johnson Assures Zelensky
French Court Overturns Ban on Two Pro-Palestine Groups
Thousands Rally in Armenia Against Karabakh Concessions
Serbia Displays Chinese Missiles Amid Concerns in Balkans
Germany Takes Italy to UN Court Again Over Nazi Compensation Claims
Suspected ISIS Terrorists Blow Up Gas Pipeline in Egypt's Sinai
Egypt Releases Three Journalists Ahead of Eid Al-Fitr
Egyptian Opposition Channel to Leave Turkey Amid Cairo-Ankara Rapprochement
Janjaweed Militia Blamed for Attacks That Left at Least 200 Dead in Darfur
Protesters Face Tear Gas on Third Anniversary of Sudan Sit-In Killings
Ten Soldiers Killed in Somali Roadside Blast
Joint West African Force Claims 20 Rebels Killed in Lake Chad Area
Chad's Transitional Council Delays National Dialogue
Guinea to Move to Civilian Rule in Three Years
UN Chief Urges Swift Return to Civilian Rule in Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali
Leading Algeria Opposition Figure Freed After 24-Hour Detention: Lawyer
Moroccan Prison Program Aims to De-Radicalize ISIS Veterans
'Hotel Rwanda' Hero's Family File $400m Suit Against Govt for Abduction and Torture
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