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Updated May 4, 2022 - 9:08 PM EDT
Biden Praises Lockheed for Missiles in Plant Visit
  CIA Trying to Contact Russians Who Are Against Ukraine War
  Austin Says US Will Maintain Stockpiles of Munitions Sent to Ukraine
Pope: NATO May Have Caused Russia's Invasion
  Putin Decree Could Cut Russia Exports to US and Europe
  EU Considers Russian Oil Ban With Exemptions for Slovakia, Hungary
  In Call With Macron, Putin Says West Should Stop Arming Ukraine
FBI Did 3.4 Million Data Searches of Americans in 2021
  FBI Investing in Social Media Tracking: 'Predictive' Surveillance
Blinken to Unveil Biden's China Strategy Modeled On Trump
Cooking Fuel Ship Barred From Yemen Port Despite Truce
Iran Says Talks Not Dead, Urges US to Make a Move
Paypal Partially Backs Down on Consortium, Mint Press
item US Should Stop Playing the Supplicant to Saudi Arabia  by Doug Bandow
item NATO: Sweden Navigates Dangerous Waters  by Marcello Ferrada de Noli
item Why Military Budget Watchdogs Fail, and How They Can Win  by Winslow T. Wheeler
item Sleepy Joe's $33 Billion Abomination  by David Stockman
item Congress Must Reject the Crazy Russia AUMF  by Daniel Larison
item DHS Chief Admits New Disinformation Board Already
Did a Bad Job
 by Robby Soave

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CDC Tracked Millions of Phones to See if Americans Followed Covid Lockdown
Infographic: Where Is Press Freedom Restricted?
GOP Bill Would Defund Disinformation Board
US Declares Support for Venezuela Regime Change
Russia Says It Bombed US and European Weapons Near Odessa
Donetsk Governor Says 21 Residents Killed, 27 Injured in Russian Attacks
At Least 10 Killed in Russian Shelling of Coking Plant in Eastern Ukraine: Local Governor
Report: Ukraine's Zelensky Received PR Advice From Netanyahu Aides
UN Says 101 People Evacuated From Mariupol Steel Plant
Civilians Still Trapped in 'Hell' After Mariupol Evacuation: Red Cross
'Orcs' and 'Rashists': Ukraine's New Language of War
US: Russia Plans to Annex Separatist Statelets in Ukraine
Moscow Says 1,847 Children Among Thousands Transported From Ukraine to Russia
Putin Tells Macron West Could Use Its Influence to Stop 'Atrocities' in Ukraine: Agencies
In Call With Macron, Putin Says West Must Stop Supplying Ukraine With Arms
Russia Says Israel Supporting 'Neo-Nazi Regime' in Ukraine
US Officials: WNBC Star Brittney Griner Considered Wrongfully Detained in Russia After Arrest for Cannabis Vapes
Pegasus: Europe's Deepening Spyware Scandal
Spain Govt Says It Has Nothing to Hide in Spyware Scandals
Israeli Minister Reveals Long Suppressed Details of Operative Who Died in Syria in 1984
US Lawmakers Say Radical Groups in Israel Attack Christians 'With Impunity'
As Israel, US Prep for Biden Visit, Second Regional Forum Reportedly Being Weighed
Israeli Forces Deny Palestinian Shepherds Access to Water Wells Near Hebron
Israel Extends Detention of World Vision Gaza Director After 'Baseless' Accusation
Israeli Soldiers Demolish Retaining Walls, Fences, Uproot 100 Olive Trees, Near Nablus
Hunger-Striking Palestinian Prisoner Moved to Hospital Following Health Deterioration
Iran Gets Opportunity to Sell Auto Parts to Russian Carmaker
Iranian Oil Minister Meets Venezuela's Maduro in Caracas
Turkey to Return One Million Refugees to Idlib
Blackouts Force Syrians to Return to Old Ways to Keep Lights On
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 14 Killed
CIA Chief Met Saudi Crown Prince Last Month in Push to Mend Ties
Qatar Now World's Top Natural Gas Exporter, Surpassing US
Lebanon to Legalize Hemp to Prevent 'Scourge' of Marijuana
Turkey, Armenia Hold 3rd Round of Normalization Talks in Vienna
Huge Turnout at Egypitian Eid Prayers After Controversial Covid Ban Lifted
Egypt ATM Machines Empty, as Banks Take 9-Day Holiday
Nigerian President Says Train Attackers Using Hostages as Shields
In Nigeria, UN Chief Welcomes Reintegration of Extremists
Mali: Military Government Breaks Defense Accords With France
3 Dead in Somalia as Al-Shabab Attacks AU Peacekeepers Camp
Rights Group Says Russian Fighters Killing Civilians in Central African Republic
Ethiopia Detains 76 Over Eid Al-Fitr Prayer Unrest
Tunisia Press Freedom Plummets Post-Coup
The World & Ukraine/Russia
US Launches Two Sets of Military Exercises in Europe
NASA Chief Denies Reports Russia Is Exiting International Space Station
German Opposition Leader Visits Kyiv, Scholz Refuses to Go
Germany Backs Looming Swedish, Finnish NATO Membership Bids
Pope Offers to Meet Putin, Still Waiting to Hear Back
US, Japan Defense Chiefs to Meet on Russia Crisis
Ukrainian Refugees at Camp in Mexico City Await US Action
UK Donates Armored Vehicles to Help Ukraine Evacuation Effort
Israel Reportedly Leaning Toward Sending Defensive Military Aid to Ukraine
India's Modi Calls for Ceasefire in Ukraine
Sanctions, Bans, Shortages
US to Spotlight War's Impact on Food Supplies
France's Macron Offers to Help Lift Russia Embargo on Ukraine Food Exports
BP Takes $25.5 Billion Hit From Russia Pullout
Fuel Shortages Create Long Lines, More Headaches for Ukrainian Civilians
Ukraine Faces Grain Harvest Storage Crunch as Exports Struggle
Germany's Uniper Looks to Buy Russian Gas in Euro-To-Ruble Scheme
TotalEnergies' German Refinery Is Still Importing Russian Oil
Borrell Says EU Aims to Pass New Russia Sanctions at Next Foreign Affairs Council Meeting
US Gets Permission From Fiji to Seize Russian-Owned Mega-Yacht
Chinese Aircraft Carrier Leads Large Strike Group Into Western Pacific as Taiwan Tensions Rise
US Trade Office Says It Has Begun Process on Whether to Lift Tariffs on Chinese Goods
Ukraine War 'Could Delay US Stinger Missile Delivery' to Taiwan
China Wary of Russia-Type Sanctions, but Beijing's 'Financial Nuclear Bombs' Are a Powerful Deterrent
Chinese Carrier Sails Through Waters Near Okinawa, Japan Says
China Envoy Vows to Play 'Constructive Role' Amid Tensions on Korean Peninsula
On World Press Freedom Day, Afghan Media Voices Concerns
Afghans Complain of Deactivated ATMs, Difficulty Accessing Funds
Afghan Girls Banned From School Suffer Psychologically: Experts
Afghan Schools in Balkh Lack Teachers, Textbooks: Officials
India Facing a Major Power Supply Crisis
Curfew Imposed in Jodhpur Following Hindu-Muslim Clashes
North Korea
US Wants UN Security Council Vote on North Korea Sanctions in May
Global Problems May Exacerbate Shortages in North Korea's Isolated Economy
Solomon Islands Says It Will Restrict Chinese Police
Sri Lanka Opposition Declares No Confidence in Government
Cambodia PM Appeals to Myanmar Junta for Access to Suu Kyi
Philippines Senator's Release From Jail Urged After Witnesses Retract Testimony
US Issues Visas in Cuba for First Time in More Than Four Years
Mexico President to Visit Central America for Migration, Development Talks
Dominican Republic Investigating Disappearance of Diplomat in Haiti
Leader of Haiti's 400 Mawozo Gang Extradited to US
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