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Updated May 5, 2022 - 8:50 PM EDT
US Officials Claim US Helped Sink Russia Flagship
  Pentagon Says Not Giving Ukraine Intel to Target Russian Generals
  US Ramps Up Training of Ukrainian Troops
Germany's Scholz Says Ukraine Must Mend Ties
  EU To Increase Military Aid to Moldova After Transnistria Blasts
  EU Proposes Russian Oil Ban, New Sanctions on Russian Bank
  Sweden Got US Security Assurances for NATO Application Period
Yemen Ceasefire: Month-Long Pause of Airstrikes
US Military Condemns Latest North Korea Missile Launch
US Prepares for Nuclear Compliance Without Iran Deal
item Five Reasons To Be Increasingly Worried About the War in Ukraine  by Ted Snider
item Smart War Disinformation and the US Military State  by Laurie Calhoun
item Why Does Washington Want To Risk Nuclear War With Russia?  by Daniel L. Davis
item The Narcissism of Small Differences in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict  by Natylie Baldwin
item The War for Globalism in Ukraine  by Col. Douglas Macgregor
item The Bill of Temporary Privileges  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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Paypal Partially Backs Down After Outpouring of Support for Consortium News
Libya's PM Bashagha Denies Writing NY Times Article Condemning Russia
French Left-Wingers Form Bloc After Decades of Wrangling
Victims Angry as Son of Dictator Marcos Closes in on Philippine Presidency
Ukraine Says It Is 'Ready' if Belarus Joins Russian War Effort
Russia Pounds Ukraine, Targeting Supply of Western Arms
Russia Pounds Donetsk, Luhansk; at Least 21 Killed
Ukraine Says Russia Is Trying to Increase Tempo of Eastern Offensive
No Ukraine Ceasefire Deal Without Russian Withdrawal: Zelensky
Ukraine, UN, and Red Cross Renew Efforts to Evacuate Civilians From Mariupol
Mariupol Mayor Says Heavy Fighting Under Way at Azovstal Steel Plant
Putin Won't Declare War on Ukraine on Victory Day Despite Western Fears, Kremlin Says
Russia Warns NATO: Transport Carrying Weapons in Ukraine Is a 'Target'
Russia Bars Entry to 63 Japanese, Including PM
Sanctions, Bans, Shortages
Worsening Global Food Security Needs Ukraine, Russia Production, UN Chief Says
Mexico's President Not Planning Sanctions on Russia for War With Ukraine
EU to Ban Three Russian State-Owned Broadcasters
Biden Says Talking With G7 Leaders This Week About Further Potential Sanctions on Russia This Week
Hungary Says EU's Russian Oil Ban Plan Lacks Security Guarantee
EU Targets Russian Patriarch Kirill in New Round of Proposed Sanctions: Diplomat
German Govt in Talks on Asset Disclosure for Sanctioned Persons: Minister
Fiji Says US Can Seize Russian Superyacht but Not Right Away
Russian-Linked Megayacht Scheherazade May Escape Sanctions in Italy
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Belarus Begins Snap Combat Readiness Drills
Keeping Any NATO Ratification Period Short Is Key to Finland, Says PM
As Tensions Rise in Moldova, Separatists Denounce Kyiv, EU
Moldova Ready for 'Pessimistic' Scenarios but Sees No Imminent Threat of Unrest
Israel Weighs Expanding Military Aid to Ukraine After US Request
Germany Considering Long Range Howitzers for Ukraine
Bulgaria Approves Repairs to Ukrainian Military Equipment, Not Military Aid
Brazil's Lula Says Zelensky 'As Responsible as Putin' for Ukraine War
Vermont F-35s to Fly Europe Air Policing Missions
Netherlands Assessing Whether to Supply More Heavy Weapons to Ukraine: PM
French Left Agrees Rare Coalition Deal to Take on Macron
France Backs Out of P-75 Indian Submarine Project
Bosnia Announces October Vote Date Despite Rows Over Electoral Reform
Berlin Says It Will Work for EUFOR Bosnia Extension Amid Russia Concerns
Over 200 Spanish Mobile Numbers 'Possible Targets of Pegasus Spyware'
Serbia Must Push on With Reforms to Join EU, Says Germany's Scholz
Pro-Palestine Activists Oppose UK Government's Anti-Boycott Legislation
Number of Child Asylum Seekers in EU Soared in 2021, With Many From Afghanistan
Haiti/Dominican Republic
US Indicts Four People for Conspiring to Smuggle Arms to Haiti's 400 Mawozo Gang
UN Raises Concern Over Haitian Gangs' Recruitment of Children
Dominican Republic Says Diplomat Kidnapped in Haiti Released
British Virgin Islands PM to Plead Not Guilty to Drug Charges in US Court
Venezuela's Maduro, Others Meet With Iran Oil Minister
US Embassy Again Issuing Immigrant Visas in Havana, but at a Trickle
US Military
Biden Taps New Commander of US Forces in Europe
NSA Chief: Cyber Command Did Nine Cyber Defense Missions Last Year
Pentagon Halts Burning of 'Forever Chemicals'
Parents of Sailor Who Died by Suicide on Carrier Call Navy's Response 'Ridiculous'
US Army Officer Is First Service Member Court-Martialed Over Covid-19
US Army Considering Israel's Firefly Mini-Drone
US Navy Leaders Acknowledge Mistakes as Investigations Into Carrier Suicides Expand
US Navy Investigation Faults a Failed Part in Deadly Helicopter Crash
Justice Delayed or Denied: US National Guard Struggles With Handling Accusations of Sexual Assault and Harassment
Anger as Israeli Forces Ban Isha Prayer Call at Al-Aqsa; Raise Flag, Sing Israeli Athem Instead
Hamas Warns Israel 'Playing With Fire' as Temple Mount Groups Plan Thursday Visit
Israeli Forces 'Shoot Machine Guns' at Palestinians in Gaza
Outrage Follows Israel's New West Bank Entry Restrictions
Hecklers Interrupt Israel PM's Memorial Day Speech on Unity
Gaza's Workers Face an 'Unbearable Situation'
Israel 'Planning Regional Forum' as Part of Biden Visit
Turkey Says It 'Neutralized' 24 Kurdish Militants in Northern Syria
Turkish Soldier Killed in Rocket Attack in Syria's Aleppo
Syrian Families Wait Desperately for Loved Ones' Release After Prison Amnesty
Iraq Daily Roundup: 14 Killed
Katyusha Rocket Targets Iraqi Intelligence Agent House in Baghdad
British Man Found With Ancient Shards Could Be Tried in Iraq
Middle East
Hariri's Absence Leaves Sunni Voters Unsure Ahead of Lebanon Poll
UN Urge Houthi Rebels to Release Staff Held Hostage Since November
Iran to Execute Swedish-Iranian National on Israeli Spying Charges
Lloyd Austin Looks Forward to Meeting Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe to 'Engage in the Future'
China's Navy Steps Up Real-Life Combat Drills in East China Sea Near Taiwan
Taiwan Cracks Down on China Poaching Tech Talent
Congress Wants Answers Over Biometric Systems Left in Kabul
Pentagon Pushes to Sever Afghan War Contracts Paid From $80 Billion Fund
Haqqani: Afghan Clerics' Gathering Will Solve School Issue
About 20 Afghans Killed in Recent Nationwide Floods
Pope, Japan PM, Discuss Hopes for Nuclear-Free World
Japan PM Says North Korean Missile Launch Shows Tensions Rising in East Asia
UK's Johnson to Meet Japan's Kishida to Bolster Defense, Trade Ties
Aung San Suu Kyi's Appeal Against Sentence Rejected by Myanmar Court
India Wants to Buy Russian Oil, at Below $70 a Barrel
Germany to End EU Training Mission in Mali
Seven Dead in Attack on Chibok Community in Northeast Nigeria
Somalia: AU Says Burundi Peacekeepers Killed in Al-Shabab Attack
France Has Lost 'Legal Basis' for Mali Operations: Junta
HRW Denounces Alleged Abuses of Russian Mercenaries in Central African Republic
59 Egyptian Journalists Held Behind Bars: Rights Group
Guinea Issues Charges Against Deposed Leader Alpha Conde and 26 Officials
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