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Updated May 6, 2022 - 9:54 PM EDT
US Officials Claim US Helped Sink Russia Flagship
  Pentagon Says Not Giving Ukraine Intel to Target Russian Generals
  Rep. Kinzinger Can't Get Cosponsors for Ukraine War Powers Bill
Russia: NATO Not Taking Nuclear Threat Seriously
  Zelensky Invites Germany Leaders to Kyiv After Tensions
  NATO Will Have 'Very Strong Obligation' to Sweden if It Applies
Solomon Islands Says Threatened With 'Invasion' by West
  US Anti-China Plans 'At Risk' Because of Allies' Won't Host Missiles
Senate Votes Against Removing Iran Terror Label
Iraqi Army Announces Ceasefire Deal With Yazidis
Ruling Threatens Coast Guard's Counter-Drug Mission
CIA Chief Told Bolsonaro Not to 'Mess' With Brazil's Election
item Giving Ukraine Intel on Russian Generals Is a Risky Gamble  by Anatol Lieven
item Don't Overinflate the Pentagon Budget  by William D. Hartung
item US Welcomed Notorious Warlord Boasting of War Crimes in Ukraine  by Alexander Rubinstein
item Joe Biden's War on Disinformation Will End Badly  by W. James Antle III
item Adam Kinzinger Executes Neocon Vision for Ukraine  by Patrick Macfarlane
item CIA Torture Described in Vivid Detail by Psychologist  by Brett Wilkins

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Facebook Deliberately Caused Havoc in Australia to Influence New Law
Ukraine Invasion Opens Eastern European Door for US Helicopter Sales
EU Regulator: Risk of Civil Planes Being Accidentally Targeted in Ukraine War
Paypal Releases Funds Seized From Independent Media Orgs
Ukraine Gets Over $12 Billion in Weapons, Financial Aid Since Start of Russian Invasion: Ukraine's PM
Another $6.5 Billion Raised at Donors' Conference for Ukraine
Russia Killed Over 600 Ukrainian Fighters in Artillery Strikes: Defense Ministry
Russia Denies Troops Storming Azovstal, Says Putin Order Still Stands
Putin Says Russia Ready to Provide Safe Passage for Civilians in Mariupol's Azovstal
Ukraine Can Feed Itself, Will Step Up Grain Exports Using Alternative Routes: Deputy Minister
Zelensky Turns to Crowdfunding to Help Ukraine Defeat Russian Invasion
Ukraine Wants Complete Energy Embargo on Russia: Senior Parliamentarian
No Ukrainian Counter-Offensive Expected Before Mid-June, Presidential Adviser Says
Ukraine Has 'Crucial' Need of Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, Chief Commander Says
Russian Negotiator Accuses Kyiv of 'Rolling Back' on Agreements: Tass
Russia Practices Nuclear-Capable Missile Strikes: Ministry
Western Arms to Ukraine Preventing 'Quick' End to Conflict: Kremlin
Explainer: How Does Conscription Work in Russia?
Russia Expels Denmark Embassy Staff in Tit-For-Tat Move
Sanctions, Bans, Shortages
Rising Interest Rates in US Will Hinder Foreign Economies
EU Countries 'Almost' Have Agreement on New Sanctions, Top Diplomat Says
Orban Says New EU Sanctions Against Russia Would Harm Hungary More
Shell Says It's Impossible to Trace Russian Crude in Refined Products
Japan Says EU Oil Embargo Will Be Hard to Join
Japan to Add 140 Individuals to Russian Sanction List: PM Kishida
Europeans Weigh Costs of Cutting Russian Energy Over Ukraine
Fiji Seizes $300 Million Yacht of Russian Oligarch Suleiman Kerimov on US Request
The World & Ukraine/Russia
NATO Chief Says Alliance Will Increase Presence in Baltic Sea if Sweden Applies
Israel Says Putin Apologized for Foreign Minister's Hitler Remarks
Spain Frees Ukrainian Politician Facing Alleged Treason at Home
Scholz, Biden Agree to Not Acknowledge Russian Territorial Gains
UK's Johnson, Ukraine's Zelensky Discussed Provision of Longer-Range Weapons
Belarus Doing 'Everything' to End Ukraine War: Lukashenko
US Cyber Command Team Helps Lithuania Protect Its Networks
France Will Increase Financial Aid to Ukraine by $300 Million, Macron Tells Donor Conference
South Africa's Opposition Leader Goes to Ukraine for Fact-Finding
Parties Linked to France's Macron Form Coalition for Parliament Elections
Armenian Police Detain Protesters Calling for PM to Step Down
UK Orders Rheinmetall Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Catalonia: Spain Spy Chief Admits Legally Hacking Some Phones
Spain Probes Into Morocco's Possible Use of Pegasus on PM
Nicaragua Quietly Seeks to Re-Engage With US
Brazil's Bolsonaro Says He Will Seek Audit of Voting System
Ninth Journalist Killed in Mexico This Year as Foreign Criticism Mounts
Dozens Killed in Haiti in Two Weeks of Gun Battles, Thousands Flee Homes
British Virgin Islands Legislature Approves No-Confidence Vote Against Fahie
Colombia Extradites Feared Head of Gulf Clan to US
El Salvador Rights Groups Cite 338 Violations Amid Gang Crackdown
Peru Keeps Emergency Decree in Place for Now in Conflict Over Mine
Tunisia Journalists Protest Growing 'Repression'
Tunisia Probes Alleged Recordings of President's Former Aide
The War at Home
US Senate Confirms Caroline Kennedy to Be Ambassador to Australia
US Marines Build Underground Defense System in Trial
US Army Creating Second Paratrooper Division as Service Forges New Identity for Arctic Troops
Minot Air Force Base to Airmen: Stop Shooting Blow Darts at Prairie Dogs
Lieutenant Found Guilty After Breaking Covid-19 Rules in a First for the US Army, but Won't Be Punished
Hundreds of Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque and Raise Israeli Flag
Watch: Israeli Forces Raid Al-Aqsa Mosque, Assault Palestinian Worshippers
Israel Arrests at Least 40 Palestinians at Al-Aqsa
At Least Three People Killed in Attack in Ultra-Orthodox Town
Israel's Supreme Court Paves Way for Eviction of 1,000 Palestinians in Masafer Yatta
Israeli Settlers Eye New Settlement Plans in Hebron
Israeli Police Enter Tense Holy Site as Jewish Visits Resume
Rights Groups Slam Israeli Ruling That Allows Razing of Villages
Video May Reveal Israeli Cover-Up in Killing of Palestinian Citizen
Palestinian Human Rights Advocates Refused Entry to US, Blocked From Leaving Palestine
Iraq Daily Roundup: Nine Killed
Roadside Bomb Kills Danish Cyclist in Northern Iraq
Thousands Sickened, One Dead as Latest Severe Sandstorm Hits Iraq
Iran Entices Buyers With Cheap Petrol to Boost Exports
Iran FM Demands Sweden Release War Crime Suspect Hamid Noury
Family Discovers Missing Relative in Grisly Syrian Massacre Video
UK Aid Cuts Have 'Forced 40,000 Children Out of School'
Houthis Launch Attack on Yemeni Security Center in Taiz
New Presidential Council Aims to Show It Represents Change
Inflation in Turkey Soars to Two-Decade High of Nearly 70 Percent
Ukraine Plight Could Be Replicated in East Asia, Japan's Kishida Warns
Japanese Warship, Jets Shadow Chinese Navy Strike Group on Western Pacific Combat Drills
Japan's Kishida Seeking a US Return to Trans-Pacific Trade Pact
UK, Japan Leaders Hold Talks With Security, Russia on Agenda
Taiwan Says It Cannot Afford New US Anti-Submarine Helicopters
Crackdown on China's 'Moderate' Rights Voices: How Tweets Are Now Landing People in Prison
South Korea Becomes 1st Asian Nation to Join NATO's Cyber Group
North Korea Slams South's New Leader as 'Pro-US, Confrontational'
Biden Proposes Measure to Congress to Help Afghan Refugees
Clerics Call on Taliban to Include Women in Girls' School Discussion
Haqqani in Khost Province Speech Calls for Respect of General Amnesty in Afghanistan
India's Kashmir Region Gets Redrawn Constituencies Ahead of Elections
How the Karen Ethnic Group Became Crucial to Myanmar's Anti-Coup Resistance
Kazakhstan to Hold Constitutional Reform Referendum on June 5
'They Killed Everything': Darfur Survivor Recounts Deadly Attack
Liberian Accused of Leading Rebel Army Charged With US Immigration Fraud
Togo Agrees to Mediate in Mali Political Crisis
Somali Lawmakers to Choose Country's New President on May 15
Sahrawi Activist Enlists Americans to Stop Police Beatings and Sexual Assault
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