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Updated May 23, 2022 - 9:39 PM EDT
Biden Says US Military Would Defend Taiwan
Zelensky: War Cannot End Without Negotiations
  Worldwide Drought, Famine Lose Attention as Ukraine Drains Focus
  Report: US Drawing Up Plans To Sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet
  US and UK Split With France, Claim There Is No Exit Ramp for Putin
Milley Predicts Great Power Wars Fought in Cities
  US Military Commands Spent Pandemic Money on Space Analytics
Iran Denies 'Compromise' Offer in Nuclear Talks
Suspected Turkish Drones Kill 6 in Iraqi Kurdistan
Houthi Council Not Opposed to Extending Yemen Truce
item NYT Repudiates Drive for 'Decisive Military Victory' in Ukraine, Calls for Negotiations  by John V. Walsh
item Has Biden Lost the Plot on Iran?  by Trita Parsi
item Taking It Up an Escalatory Notch: US Mulls Sending Anti-Ship Missiles to Zelensky  by Kelley Vlahos
item Washington Blob's Blind Arrogance May Lead to War With Russia  by Doug Bandow
item On Bush's Freudian Confession  by Caitlin Johnstone
item How Palestinians Became a Factor in Israeli Politics  by Ramzy Baroud

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EU Gives OK to Pay for Russian Gas in Rubles
Australian Labor Party Topples Conservatives; PM Faces Early Tests
Wimbledon: How Russia's War on Ukraine Will Affect World Tennis
US National Press Club Still Refuses to Defend Assange
Ukraine Extends Martial Law as Artillery Battle Rages for Donbas
Russia Says Azovstal Siege Is Over, in Full Control of Mariupol
Russia-Appointed Head of Occupied Ukraine Town Wounded in Blast
Ukraine Parliament Bans Russian War Symbols
Russian Military Says It Destroys Western Arms Consignment in Ukraine
Ukraine Says It's Holding Off Russia's Intensified Thrust in the East
Kharkiv Digs in Against a New Russian Assault
Polish President Duda First to Address Wartime Kyiv Parliament
Zelensky Promises Reciprocal Rights for Poles in Ukraine
Portugal's Costa in Kyiv for Talks on Aid, EU Accession
Russia Bans Hundreds of Prominent Americans, 26 Canadians
Fire Erupts at Russia Aviation Institute Near Moscow
Sanctions & Shortages
Ukraine Thanks Egypt for Turning Away Russian Grain Ship
Zelensky Says Russia Has Blocked Ukraine From Exporting 22 Million Tons of Food Products
Saudi Arabia Set to Support Russia's Role in OPEC+ Despite Looming Sanctions
Ukraine's Zelensky Talked to Italian PM, Urged More Russia Sanctions
Finland, Sweden, & NATO
Erdogan Speaks to Stoltenberg Over Finland, Sweden NATO Bid
Finland's President Held 'Open and Direct' Talks With Turkey's Erdogan
Erdogan Asks Sweden, Finland to End Support to 'Terror' Groups
US and France Discuss How to Support Finland and Sweden's Bids to Join NATO
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Transnistria Warns That Any Plans to Invade It Are 'Dangerous': Report
Pentagon Weighs Deploying Special Forces to Guard Kyiv Embassy
Ukraine War Lessons Spur China Military Shipbuilding Surge: Experts
Poles Need EU Funds as They Help Ukrainians, Ambassador Says
US, Other APEC Delegates Walk Out on Russian Speaker
Boris Johnson Discussed Russia's Blockade of Odesa With Zelensky
Azeri and Armenian Leaders Meet on Nagorno-Karabakh
Pegasus' Complex Structure Hinders EU Spyware Probe
Albania Buys Anti-Tank Javelin Missiles to Strengthen Army
Croatian Police Fire Live Ammo During Soccer Fan Attack
German Finance Chief Calls for More Fiscal Discipline Across EU
Belgium Introduces Quarantine for Monkeypox Cases
Germany Is Keen to Pursue Gas Projects With Senegal, Says Scholz on First African Tour
Fugitive North Macedonian Ex-Premier Gets 9-Year Sentence
UN Accuses DR Congo Militia of Attack on Peacekeepers
Severed Head of Missing Nigerian Lawmaker Found in Park
Sudanese Forces Fatally Shoot Anti-Coup Protester in Renewed Crackdown
Tunisian President Bans Parties From Preparing Constitution
Algeria Refuses Saudi Mediation to End Morocco Crisis
Libyan Oil Production Drops by 35% During Blockade
US Military
US Military Plane Flies in 38 Tons of Baby Formula From Germany
Increase in Navy Deserters Could Indicate a Bigger Problem for the US Military
Three Air Force Cadets Who Refused Vaccine Won't Be Commissioned
Montana Guard Summons Unvaccinated Soldiers as Vaccine Deadline Nears
'I Want to Reset My Brain': Female Veterans Turn to Psychedelic Therapy
Dozens of Palestinians Injured in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in West Bank: Medics
Defense for Children NGO: Israeli Forces Used Palestinian Girl as Human Shield in Jenin
Deserting Israeli Lawmaker Reverses Decision, Rejoins Bennett Coalition
Prospect of Millions in Funding for Arab Towns Ends 3-Day Coalition Crisis in Israel
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Teenager, Injure Another in Jenin
Israeli Court Questions Ban on Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount
Israeli Settler Shoots a Palestinian in Jerusalem
Israel Sentences Palestinian Prison Escapees to 5 More Years
Palestinians Condemn US Removal of Kach From Terror List
A Violent Schism Just Exploded in Israel's Most Powerful Hasidic Sect
Iran IRGC Quds Force Officer Assassinated in Tehran
Protests, Strikes, Internet Cuts: Iran Rocked by Unrest as Food Prices Soar
Iraq Daily Roundup: 19 People Killed, Including Turkish Soldier
Iraqis Return From Syria to Vetting in 'Rehabilitation' Camp
Iraqi Court Postpones Smuggling Case Against Briton, German
Protesters Force Iraqi PM to Leave Funeral of Communist Poet Muzaffar Al-Nawab
Syria Rejects Erdogan Plan to Return Million Refugees
How a Decade of War Destroyed Syria's Farmlands
Syrian Arab Identity Doesn't Represent All: Kurdish Official
Residents of Syria's Besieged Rukban Refugee Camp Plead for Help as Food Runs Out
Thousands Protest Turkish Opposition Politician's Conviction
Turkey Summons US Ambassador Over Warning on Police Methods
Circassians in Turkey Commemorate Anniversary of Mass Killings by Tsarist Russia
Middle East
Hezbollah Grip on Lebanon Must End, Says Christian Leader
Disabilities 'Skyrocketing' in War-Torn Yemen: Aid Group
Saudi Arabia's Prince Bin Talal to Sell Shares of His Company to Sovereign Fund
'Millions' Could Die Globally From Wheat Shortage, Egypt Warns
US Senator Slams Egypt's Treatment of Alaa Abdel-Fattah
Taiwan Won't Be a Part of Biden's Initial Asian Economic Talks
China Drums Up Support for Global Security Push in Latin America as US Looks to Asia
China-US Relations: As World Watches Ukraine, Navy Missions in the Pacific Quietly Raise Tension
Blast Kills Afghan Child, Hurts Another in E. Ghazni Province
At Least Three People Injured in Blast in Kabul; Investigation Underway
Taliban Enforcing Face-Cover Order for Female TV Anchors
Female TV Presenters Defy Taliban Order to Cover Faces on Air
All Tolonews Presenters, in Solidarity With Afghan Women, Cover Faces
Taliban Pledges Safety for Returning Afghans
US Envoy Meets Taliban Foreign Minister, Raises Women's Rights
Afghanistan's New Poor Line Up for Aid to Survive as Food Crisis Bites
Ousted Pakistan PM Imran Khan Calls for March on Islamabad
Court Orders Probe Into Former Pakistan Minister's Arrest
Biden and Yoon Mull More Military Exercises Amid North Korea Tensions
Gangs Strangle Haiti's Capital as Deaths, Kidnappings Soar
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