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Updated May 27, 2022 - 8:40 PM EDT
Arms Makers Press To Increase Military Budget
  US General Hints at Military Options to Help Export Ukrainian Grain
  Wheat Supplies 'Dangerously Low,' Says Analyst
Ukraine Blasts Idea of Trading Territory for Peace
  Ukrainian Volunteer Fighters in the East Feel Abandoned
Israel: Furious Over Leak on Killing Iran Colonel
  Senior Israeli Military Official: Iran Deal Exit Was a Mistake
  US Seizes Tanker Full of Iranian Oil Near Greece
Blinken: China Is a Greater Threat Than Russia
State Dept Approves $2.6 Billion Helicopter Deal for Egypt
Senate Republicans Block Sweeping Domestic Terror Bill
item Blinken China Policy Speech: Nothing New to See Here  by Daniel Larison
item Why a Multipolar World Will Be More Humane  by Richard Hanania
item For Israelis, the Future Is Impossible To See  by Gideon Levy
item Perpetual Debt, Perpetual War  by David Stockman
item Do We Really Know Who Is Winning in Ukraine?  by Doug Bandow
item Truth, Lies, and Sussmann  by Peter Van Buren

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Documents Shed Light on Secret US Plans for Apocalyptic Scenarios
Greece Tells UN That Turkey Is Challenging Its Sovereignty
Bahrain King Changes Title to 'His Greatest Majesty'
China and Russia Veto New UN Sanctions on North Korea
Ukraine's Zelensky Says Money Making Some Countries Tolerant of Russia
Russia Says Civil Vessels May Use Mariupol Port, Mine Danger Lifted
Donbas Separatist Leader Calls for Russia's Military Operation to Be Accelerated
Pro-Russian Troops Seize Ukrainian Army FM Station, Raise Flag Over Svetlodarsk
Russia 'Has the Advantage' in Luhansk Region, Ukraine Says
Russian Shelling Kills at Least Seven in Ukraine's Kharkiv: Governor
Ukraine Using Stealthy E-Bikes to Position Anti-Tank Weapons
Ukraine's Richest Man Plans to Sue Russia for Huge Losses
Two Russian Soldiers Plead Guilty in New War Crimes Trial as Russia Calls Supplying Ukraine Arms 'Unacceptable Escalation'

Putin Says 'Thank God' Some Foreign Companies Have Left Russia

Russia Says Western Reporters to Be Expelled if YouTube Blocks Foreign Ministry Briefings
Sanctions & Shortages

Kentucky Officials Confident State Can Combat Possible Wheat Shortage Due to War

Turkey in Talks With Russia, Ukraine Over Grain-Export Corridor: Senior Official

Black Sea Ports Still the Best Way to Get Ukraine's Grain Moving Fast
Kremlin Says West Is to Blame for Ukraine Grain Crisis
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Albania Offers Ex-Soviet Built Naval Base to NATO
Lukashenko Orders New Military Command for South of Belarus, Bordering Ukraine
US European Command Nominee Doesn't Foresee More Troops There Under Expanded NATO
UK Minister: Russian Meddling 'Must Be Stopped' in Bosnia
Putin Will Not Dictate Ukraine Peace Terms: Germany's Scholz
Moldova's Ex-President Placed Under 30-Day House Arrest
Italy's Draghi, Russia's Putin Discussed Ukraine and Food Crisis: Statement
Spain Vows Legal Reforms in Wake of Spying Allegations
UK MPs Criticize Govt for Bungling Afghanistan Withdrawal
China Would Only Use Force as a 'Last Resort' for Taiwan Reunification, Former PLA Official Says
China Says 'No Intention' to Build Solomons Military Base
Committee Formed to Reopen Girls' Schools: Taliban
Taliban Step Up Coal Exports to Boost Local Budget
US Treasury Puts Afghan Trader Nabizada on Sanction List
US Rejects Entry to 16 Afghans Staying at Base in Kosovo, Seeks to Relocate Them to Other Countries
Japan, US Fly Fighters After China Drill, North Korean Missiles
Pakistan: Khan Gives Six-Day Deadline to Govt to Announce Polls
Clashes in Kashmir as Yasin Malik Gets Life Imprisonment
Philippines' Marcos Vows to Thwart Interference From Outside Powers
Sri Lanka PM Stresses Urgency for Economic Reform Plan
Bhutan Faces Grain Shortages, Spike in Prices: Minister
DR Congo
DR Congo's M23 Rebels Attack Military Base in Country's East
Explainer: Why Is There More Fighting in Eastern DR Congo?
Armed Assailants Kill About 50 People in Eastern Burkina Faso
Niger Says Army Killed 40 Jihadists on Lake Chad Islands
At Least Three Beheaded in Mozambique Attacks
Security Forces Descend on Capital as Sudanese Protests Enter Eighth Month
Egypt 'Prosecuted More Than 16,000 People' for Political Reasons in 2020 and 2021
The War at Home
Former New York Resident Found Guilty of Aiding ISIS
Democrats and the Young Favor Palestinians Over Israelis: New Pew Poll
Trump Associate Pleads Not Guilty in UAE Lobbying Case
US Secures Forfeiture of Maryland Property of Former Gambian President
US Navy Leader Floats Idea of Selling Troubled Littoral Combat Ships to South America
US Army Awards Rheinmetall $2.5 Million Light Artillery Contract
Why Are Spare Parts on the Unfunded List? Senator Asks Navy's Top Officer
Iran's Foreign Minister Claims US Foreign Policy Held 'Hostage' by Israel
Iran Just Banned iPhones and People Are Not Happy About It
Iran Says Minimal but Good Progress Made in Relations With Saudis
One Dead After 'Accident' at Iran's Parchin Military Complex
Iran: Deaths Reported After Building Collapse in Southern Province
Iran State Media Says Diplomat Jailed With Insufficient Evidence
Iranian Press Review: Tehran-Moscow Oil Export Rivalry Flowing Fast
Israeli Court Rules Against Allowing Jewish Prayer on Al-Aqsa Compound
Palestinian Probe Says Israeli Forces Deliberately Shot Abu Akleh
Israeli Police Crack Down on Palestinians Ahead of 'Provocative' Far-Right March
Israeli Commanders Call on Israeli Govt to Cancel 'Flag March'
Israel Rejects US Ask to Amend Flag March Route
Why Are Soldiers Snatching Flags in a Palestinian Town? So Settlers Won't, They Say
US Embassy Bans Employees From Old City During Jerusalem Day, and Previous Friday
60 Palestinians Injured by Israeli Settler Violence in West Bank
IDF Drills for Multi-Front War, Including 1,500 Rockets a Day Fired From Lebanon
Democrats Urge US Action Against Israel's Eviction of Palestinians in Masafer Yatta
'I'm 22, I Lost 22': Gaza Bombing Survivor Paints to Grieve Loss
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
Iraq's Parliament Votes to Criminalize All Forms of Normalization With Israel
Turkish Soldier Killed by PKK Terrorists in Northern Iraq
Two Children Killed in Duhok Village During PKK-Turkey Clashes
Yemen Officials: Grenade Kills 5 Shoppers at Fish Market
US Calls on Yemen's Houthis to Release Its Local Embassy Staff
UN Envoy Urges Yemen's Warring Parties to Renew Truce
Lebanon's Hezbollah Chief: Violating Al-Aqsa Mosque Will Cause Explosion in the Region
Value of Lebanese Pound Drops to All-Time Low
Middle East
ISIS Leader Reportedly Captured in Istanbul

No Saudi, Iranian Foreign Ministers Meeting in Foreseeable Future: Saudi Official

Indian, Pakistani Killed in UAE Gas Blast That Injured 120
US Says It Is Not Inviting Venezuelan, Nicaraguan Governments to Americas Summit
Cuban President Says He Won't Go to US Summit Even if Invited
Mexico's President Expects to Say Friday if He Will Attend US Summit
Brazil Confirms Bolsonaro to Attend US Summit, Meet Biden
Colombia Police Kill Accused Top Drug Trafficker Who Escaped Jail
Australia Wins US Approval to Buy Rocket Launchers
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