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Updated May 28, 2022 - 11:42 AM EDT
US May Give Ukraine Long-Range Rocket Systems
  US Army Awards Raytheon $687 Million to Replenish Stingers
  US General Hints at Military Options to Help Export Ukrainian Grain
Russia Makes Major Gains in Eastern Ukraine
  Turkey's NATO Talks With Sweden, Finland Made Little Progress
Iranian Engineer Killed in Drone Attack at Military Facility
  Iran Seizes Two Greek Tankers in Retaliatory Move
State Dept Approves $2.6 Billion Helicopter Deal for Egypt
item Influential Think-Tank Backs Finland's, Sweden's NATO Bid  by James Carden
item How the Sussmann Trial Revealed Hillary Clinton's Role in the Alfa Bank Scandal  by Jonathan Turley
item MSM Offers Rare Glimpse Into How Bad Things Are Really Going For Ukrainian Forces  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Republicans Return to Their Roots as the Antiwar Party  by Stephen Kinzer
item Biden Ramping Up Unconstitutional War in Somalia Again
 by Mike Maharrey
item New Battle in the Israeli Right's Relentless War on Palestinians  by Dahlia Scheindlin

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Why the Once-Hawkish Heritage Foundation Opposed Aid to Ukraine
Move to Block Swiss F-35 Purchase Gains Support
Russian FM: West Declared 'Total War' on Russia
Former Guantanamo Detainee Explains Why He's Suing Canada
Netanyahu-Led Opposition Bloc Gains Ground With Voters, Nearing Majority, Poll Finds
Jerusalem Prepares for the Worst Ahead of Israeli Far-Right March
Israel Insists on Maintaning Route for Controversial Jerusalem 'Flag March'
Israeli Coalition Members Tear Into Coming Controversial Flag March, Others Defend It
Israel Detains Nearly 100 Palestinians Ahead of 'Flag March'
Blinken Urges Israel to Conclude Probe Into Abu Akleh's Killing
Israeli Top Judge Warns Politicians Against Undermining Justice System
Palestinian Teenager Shot Dead, Dozens Injured by Israeli Forces
US Envoy, Lawmakers Warn Israel Against Ousting Palestinians From South Hebron Hills
Nine Palestinians Injured in Jewish Settler Attack on Burqa
Israel's Top Security Aide Said Set to Visit US for Talks Focused on Saudi Arabia
Iran Summons Swiss Envoy Over US Oil Seizure
Iran Lodges Protest Over Ship Seized in Greek Waters
Ship Expands Iran Revolutionary Guard's Reach to New Waters
Canada Cancels 'Divisive' Football Friendly Against Iran Over 2020 Plane Downing
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 6 Killed
Turkish Media Reports Arrest of ISIS Leader in Istanbul
Syria: UN Commission Urges Aid Via Turkey to Continue
Landmines, Lingering Specter of Cruel War, Still Haunt Civilians in Northern Yemen
UAE Dismantles Plane of Gunrunner Russia Wants for Americans
China Pushes for Smarter Armed Forces With Education Shake-Up on Path to Modern Military
China Signs MOU on Civil Air Transport With Solomon Islands
'Anti-China': the Quad Launches Maritime Surveillance Plan
Fiji to Join Biden's Economic Framework Aimed at Countering China
State Dept: Kabul's Legitimacy Depends on Women's Rights
Afghan Girls in Farah Voice Growing Discontent as Schools Remain Closed
Taliban Says UN's Concerns Over Women's Rights 'Unfounded'
Iran Blames US Wrong 'Expansionist' Policies for Afghan Issue
US Issues Sanctions Targeting North Korean Weapons of Mass Destruction Program
Officials From US, Japan, South Korea to Meet, Discuss N. Korea
Japan to 'Drastically Strengthen' Military Capability: Draft
10 Killed in Kashmir Violence After Yasin Malik Sentenced to Life
Marcos Era Survivors Call for Truth as New Marcos Rises in Philippines
US Military
Thousands Sickened, 17 Hospitalized by Navy's Hawaii Water Crisis: Survey
Number of US Soldiers Booted for Vaccine Refusal Doubled From Last Month
Marine Gets 4 1/2 Years in Prison for Sexual-Assault Attempt on Okinawa
Ukraine Needs to Face Reality and Talk to Putin: Zelensky
More Than 4,000 Civilians Killed in Ukraine: UN
Ukrainian Forces Prepare to Retreat to Avoid Capture as Luhansk Almost Under Russian Control
Ukrainian City of Sievierodonetsk 2/3 Surrounded by Russian Forces: Governor
Separatist Leader: More Than 5,000 Ukrainian Prisoners Held in Breakaway Region: Tass
Ukraine Fighting to Keep Control of Town of Lyman
Ukrainians Question the Ease of Russian Capture of Kherson
Russia Is Strengthening Defensive Positions in Kherson Region: Governor
Ukraine Nuclear Inspectorate Accuses IAEA of Falling for Russian Propaganda
Russia Needs Huge Financial Resources for Military Operation: Finance Minister
Kremlin Accuses Ukraine of 'Contradictory' Statements on Peace Talks
Russia Expels Five Croatian Diplomats in Retaliatory Move
Sanctions & Shortges
One of Europe's Largest Gas Storage Sites Could Start the Winter Empty
Putin Assures Austria Gas Deliveries, Ready to Talk Prisoner Swap With Ukraine
EU Could Exempt Pipeline Oil as It Seeks Deal on Russian Embargo
US Wins Right to Seize Russian Oligarch Superyacht in Fiji
How Russian Billionaire Melnichenko Shielded Assets From European Sanctions
The World & Ukraine/Russia
No Swedish Politicians Represent Kurdish PKK, Foreign Minister Says
UK's Truss: Completely Legitimate to Support Ukraine With Tanks and Planes
Moldova Says Europe's Security Policies Need 'Paradigm Shift'
Italy's Draghi Discusses Unblocking Ports With Ukraine's Zelensky

Poland Requests Six More Patriot Batteries From US

Four Albanian Women, Nine Children to Be Repatriated From Syria
DR Congo
Soldiers Find 17 Decomposed Bodies in East DR Congo
Soldiers, Civilians Sentenced to Death for Selling Arms
UN: Latest DR Congo Violence Has Displaced More Than 72,000 People
UN Security Council Renews Arms Embargo on South Sudan
Ethiopian Rights Body Seeks Release of 16 Detained Journalists
Algerian President Claims Tunisia Has Gone Off 'Democratic Path'
Through War and Decay, Libya's 'Desert Pearl' Tries to Hold On
African Development Bank to Send Emergency Fertilizer to West Africa
Latin American Leftist Bloc Condemns Exclusions From US-Hosted Summit
Brazil Invites Election Observers on Record Scale as Bolsonaro Stirs Doubts
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