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Updated May 30, 2022 - 9:13 PM EDT
US Won't Send Long-Range Rockets To Ukraine
  US Army Awards Raytheon $687 Million to Replenish Stingers
Zelensky Seeks Putin Ouster, Reclaiming Crimea
  Russia Sets Donbas Liberation as 'Unconditional Priority' To End War
  Ukraine Receives Harpoon Missiles and Howitzers, Says DM
After Assassination, Israel PM Says Iran Has 'No Immunity'
  Former Israeli Intel Chief: Iran Nuclear Deal Is 'Least Bad' Option
  Iran Reveals Underground Drone Base, Keeps Location Secret
  NYT: Iran Base Attacked With Drones 'Launched From Inside Iran'
Yemen Talks on Ending Taiz Blockade End Without Deal
item How Does the Ukraine War End? Prudence, Not Passion, Should Guide Washington  by Doug Bandow
item Man of Action Mitt Romney Considers Obliteration  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item Pot, Meet Kettle: America's Use of Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Weapons  by Patrick Macfarlane
item Another War Won't Save Us  by David Bromwich
item Memorial Day: Opposing the Wars Is Supporting the Troops  by Jonathan Grotefendt
item Celebrate Our Namesake's Birthday: The Brilliance of Randolph Bourne  by Jeff Riggenbach

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Nuland-Pyatt Video on Ukraine 'Coup' Restored to YouTube
US Navy Ups Logistics Capability in High North, Arctic Region
Israel Claims No Israeli 'Deliberately' Shot at Abu Akleh
Russia's Gazprom Continues Shipping Gas to Europe Via Ukraine
All Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine's Sievierodonetsk Destroyed: Zelensky
Russia Says Eastern Ukraine Town of Lyman Is Under Its Full Control
Some 10,000 Russian Troops in Ukraine's Luhansk Region: Governor
Zelensky Visits Front Lines in Ukraine's Battle-Scarred Northeast
Ukrainian Negotiator Says Any Agreement With Russia 'Isn't Worth a Broken Penny'
Russia Takes Small Cities, Aims to Widen East Ukraine Battle
Ukraine's Former President Blocked From Leaving the Country
Southern Counterattack Against Russian Forces Underway in Ukraine
Ukrainian Defenders Hold Out in Donbas City Under Heavy Fire
Ship to Take Metal From Mariupol to Russia; Kyiv Decries Looting
Branch of Ukrainian Orthodox Church Loyal to Russia Breaks Ties With Moscow
Months After Dam Destroyed to Stop Russian Advance, Parts of Village Still Flooded
Deminers Race to Clear Lake Favored by Bathers Near Kyiv
Communist Deputy Demands Russian Withdrawal From Ukraine
Putin Warns French, German Leaders Over Arms Supplies to Ukraine
Russia Shows Off Zircon Hypersonic Cruise Missile in Test-Launch at Sea
WNBA Players' Union Calls for Renewed Attention on Brittney Griner 100 Days Into Russian Detention
Sanctions & Shortages
Putin Ties Ukraine Grain Ex-Ports to Sanctions Relief
EU Fails to Agree on Russia Oil Embargo, to Try Again Monday Before Summit
Serbia's Vucic Says Agreed 3-Year Gas Supply Contract With Putin
Sanctioned Abramovich Reaches Final Agreement to Sell Chelsea Soccer Team
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Turkey's Erdogan Still Against Finnish, Swedish NATO Bids
Lithuanian Citizens Pool $4.7 Million to Buy Advanced Drone for Ukraine's Military
Spain Adding Surface-To-Air Missiles, Troops to NATO Latvia Mission
Germany to Change Constitution to Enable $110 Billion Defense Fund
Macron, Scholz Urge Putin to Release Azovstal Fighters
Israel Has Obligation to Aid Ukraine in the Face of War Crimes, Says Health Minister
US Views on China 'Gone Seriously Awry', Chinese Foreign Minister Warns During Pacific Tour
China-US Divide Over UN Human Rights Chief's Visit to Xinjiang
China-Swiss Trade Talks Stall Over Rights Issues
Shanghai Lockdown: Residents Demand Release, and Some Get It
Females at Badakhshan University in Northern Afghanistan Say Covering Faces Unhealthy
Afghan Women Protest Over Closed Girls' Schools
Haqqani Says Taliban Is Open to 'Everyone'
Media Watchdogs Call for Answers on Missing Journalists, Writer in Afghanistan
Twitter 'Freeherface' Campaign Gains International Attention for Afghan Female Presenters
Two Children Killed, One Wounded in Unexploded Ordnance Blast in Afghanistan
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka PM Invites Protesting Youth to Join Governance
Sri Lanka Police Tear Gas Protesters Opposed to President
Cash-Strapped Sri Lanka Gets Russian Oil to Ease Shortages
North Korea Moves to Soften Curbs Amid Doubts Over Covid Counts
Fiji PM Calls Meeting With New Australia Foreign Minister 'Wonderful'
Japanese Red Army Co-Founder and Palestine Supporter Shigenobu Completes Sentence for Role in 1974 Embassy Siege
Jerusalem 'Flag March'
Nationalist Flag March Returns to Jerusalem in All Its Ugliness
Jewish Settlers Storm Jerusalem's Old City in Provocative 'Flag March' (videos)
40 Palestinians Injured in Israeli Extremist 'Flag March'
Photos: Tensions High as Far-Right Israelis March in East Jerusalem
Israeli Nationalists Chant Racist Slogans in Jerusalem March
Netanyahu Lashes Out at Israel Over 'Flag March'
Hundreds Injured as Palestinians Demonstrate Against 'Flag March'
Jewish Settlers Perform Provocative Tour of Jerusalem's Old City Ahead of 'Flag March' (video)
Israeli Ultra-Nationalists Assault Palestinians as They March Through Jerusalem's Old City
Israeli Flag Raised in Al-Aqsa Mosque Storming Ahead of Far-Right Parade
Palestinian Presidency Rejects Israeli PM's Remarks on Jerusalem
Herzog Urges 'Sensitivity' on Jerusalem Day as Jews, Palestinians Clash
Senior Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Blasts Jewish Visits to Temple Mount, Flag March
Three Palestinians Injured in Israeli Military Raid in West Bank
In Record, More Than 2,600 Jews Visit Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day
IDF Special Forces Head to Cyprus to Train for Fight Against Hezbollah
Hundreds of Settlers Clash With Palestinians Around Illegal West Bank Outpost
Coalition MKs Granted Free Vote on Banning Palestinian Flag at State Institutions
Israeli Soldiers Kill 15-Year-Old Palestinian Child in Bethlehem
13 Palestinian Children Killed Since January, Says UNICEF
US Readies Steps to Boost Ties With Palestinians After Freezing Consulate Reopening
Moscow Reiterates Its Support for Palestinian Unity
Jordan Slams Israel for Allowing 'Extremists' to Enter Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound
Arizona Governor Visits Israel for Talks on Trade, Water and Security
Iran Disperses Crowd Angry Over Building Collapse
Iran's Deportation of Afghan Refugees Continues
Iraq Daily Roundup: 21 Killed
Turkish DM Announces the Killing of 18 PKK Militants in Northern Iraq in Air Strikes
Severe Water Shortages Strain Wheat Harvest in Iraq
Middle East
Turkey's Syria Operation Could Happen 'Suddenly': Erdogan
Five Killed in Landmine Blasts in Yemen's Hodeidah
DR Congo/Rwanda/Uganda
Civilians Killed in Eastern DR Congo Rebel Attack
Rwanda Says Soldiers Kidnapped by Rebels in DR Congo
'You Hear Bullets, You Run': Congolese Refugees Stream Over Uganda's Border
Congo Suspends Flights From Rwanda Over Kigali's Alleged Support for Rebels
African Union Chair Calls for Dialogue Over Rising Congo-Rwanda Tensions
Sudan's Military Leader Lifts State of Emergency
Two Killed in Sudan Anti-Coup Demonstrations, Medics Say
'Our Friends Didn't Die in Vain': Sudan's Activists Aim to Topple Military Regime
'Slavery, Rape, Torture': Libya Threatened by Foreign Fighters
Police: 31 Dead in Church Fair Stampede in Southern Nigeria
Egypt Sentences Former Presidential Candidate to 15 Years: Judiciary
Algerian Dissidents: Victims of Crackdown, or Outlaws?
Ennahda Party Leader Banned From Travel, Tunisian Court Says
In Surprise Colombia Election Result, Leftist and Businessman Go to Second Round
Peru Opens Criminal Investigation of President Castillo
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