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Updated June 2, 2022 - 9:30 PM EDT
Yemen Ceasefire Extended for Two Months
US Sending Ukraine Advanced Rocket Systems
  White House Wants to Sell Our Killer Drones to Ukraine
  Britain Seeks US Approval to Send Ukraine MLRS Rockets
  US Has Been Supporting Ukraine With 'Offensive' Cyber Operations
Russia: Hard to Export Grain Due to Sanctions
  EU Gives Final OK to Sanctions Targeting Russian Oil and Sberbank
US, Israel Agree to Coordinate Against Iran
  Israeli Air Force Simulates Large-Scale Strikes on Iran
  US, France Urge IAEA to 'Rebuke' Iran Over Uranium Traces
General Mills Says It's Divesting From Israel
NATO's Next Strategic Document To Add China as Threat
item Amb. Ford Lied About Giving TOW Missiles to al-Qaeda in Syria  by William Van Wagenen
item They're Worried About the Spread of Information, Not Disinformation  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Israel Used US Weapons to Destroy US Assets and Aid Projects in Gaza  by Daniel Boguslaw
item Congress Begins Effort to End US Role in Yemen War  by Kate Kizer
item US Republicans Torn and Frayed Over Ukraine  by James Carden
item Peace Through Strength? Huge US Military Spending Encourages More War  by Mihai Macovei

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Milley: US Military May Need Innovation Overhaul to Fight Future Wars
Groups Urge More Oversight Over US Aid to Ukraine
Canada's Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Jumped in 2021, Govt Report Says
Palestinian Journalist Killed on Her First Day of Work
Israeli Forces Attack Journalist Ghufran Warasneh's Funeral
Palestinian Teen Killed by Israeli Forces Was 'No Threat': Witnesses
Israeli Forces Arrest Five Palestinian Kids as Young as 13
Israeli Forces Confiscate Tractors From Palestinian Farmers
Man Killed by Israeli Fire During Jenin Home Demolition, Palestinian Health Ministry Says
Israeli Justice Minister in Talks to Join Netanyahu-Led Government, Says Report
Commander Reprimanded After Saying IDF, Settlement Movement Are 'One and the Same'
Israeli Fighter Jets Downed Egyptian Military Drone That Entered Israeli Skies
Israel Says Laser Missile Shield to Cost Just $2 Per Interception
BBC Edits Report to Omit That Israeli Settlers Attacked Production Crew
In Call, PA's Abbas Tells Blinken US Must 'Turn Talk Into Actions,' End 'Silence'
Blinken Warns Turkey Against Syria Offensive
Erdogan Says Turkey to Rid Syria's Tal Rifaat, Manbij of Terrorists
Washington's UN Envoy Visits Syria Aid Operation as Russia Showdown Looms
Rocket Attack in Rebel-Held Syrian Town Kills at Least Three
Syria: 50 Detained ISIS Fighters Returned to Iraq
Iranians Mourn Building Collapse Victims as Protests Continue
Why Iran's Creaky, Old Air Force Keeps Losing Fighter Jets
Saudi Arabia
As Gas Prices Soar, Biden Leans Toward Visiting Saudi Arabia
Saudis Boycott Dairy Products in Protest at Price Increases
Middle East
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 196 Killed
Turkey Breaks Off High-Level Talks With Greece as Rift Grows
US and UAE Discuss Strategic Security Agreement
'Major Confrontation' With Hezbollah Ahead, Says Lebanon Christian Politician
China Slams Biden, Ardern Comments on Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan
US to Be Joined by Other Quad Members, South China Sea Nations for Rimpac War Games
China Conducts Military 'Readiness Patrol' Around Taiwan
US Is Ready to Implement Ban on Xinjiang Goods on June 21
China-US Relations: Washington, Taipei Launch Joint Trade Initiative
US-Taiwan Trade Initiative Signals a Shift in Approach, Analysts Say
China Threatens to Downgrade Relations With Israel Over Jerusalem Post Interview
UN Human Rights Chief's Report Into Xinjiang Faces Further Delays
China's Foreign Minister Heads to Papua New Guinea Amid Tensions Over Election
Chinese Foreign Minister's Pacific Tour Continues in Vanuatu
Indian Economic Growth at One Year Low on Inflation, Ukraine War
Hindu Families Flee Kashmir After Targeted Killings
India Halves $20 Billion Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft Program
India Embracing Chance to Pivot to Pacific in New Free Trade Pact
Pakistan Government Meets With With TTP Militants in Kabul
Japan to Export Lethal Weapons to Partner Countries
Australian FM to Visit Samoa, Tonga in Bid to Boost Pacific Ties
US Army Prepares for Its First-Ever Patriot Missile Exercise on Palau This Summer
Ukraine Losing Up to 100 Soldiers a Day: Zelensky
Ukraine Flees Strategic Donbas Region City as Russians Win Gains
West's 'Irrational Fear' of Russia Driving Ceasefire Push: Ukrainian Negotiator
Ukraine Joins Its First NATO Cyber Defense Center Meeting
Severodonetsk Mayor Says Just 20% of City Under Ukrainian Control
Ukrainian Governor Says Airstrike Wounds Two
Ukrainians Shelter Under Chemical Plant From Russian Shelling
Russia's Lavrov Warns US Rocket Supplies Could Widen Ukraine Conflict
Russia Holding Nuclear Drills After Biden Sends Rockets to Ukraine
Russia Says It's Completed Testing of Hypersonic Zircon Cruise Missile
Sanctions, Bans, Shortages
EU and UK Cooperate on Insurance Ban for Russian Oil Cargoes
Russia Steps Up Gas Cuts to Europe as Energy Wars Deepen
Kremlin Blames West, Ukraine for Potential Global Food Crisis
UN Chief Sees Progress Over Food Crisis, but Deal Still Some Way Off
Russian Oil Producers Stay One Step Ahead of Sanctions
Poland Boosting Its Infrastructure to Help Ukrainian Exports
China's Russia Dealings Irk US, but Don't Breach Sanctions
Sanctioned Russian Oligarch's Megayacht Hides in a UAE Creek
Italian Shipowner Protests Russian Seizure of Freighter at Mariupol
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Danes Voters Give Strong 'Yes' to Joining EU Defense Policy
NATO to Gather Officials From Sweden, Finland and Turkey in Coming Days: Stoltenberg
Erdogan Says No Offers Yet on Concerns Over Finland, Sweden NATO Bids
Germany to Supply Ukraine With Air Defense and Radar Systems
Germany Buys Chinook Helicopters in Arms Drive
UK to Equip Submarines With Upgraded Tomahawk Missiles
Fleeing War in Ukraine, Russians Find Home in Montenegro
Skanska to Build $326 Million British Army Vehicle Base
Slovenia's Parliament Approves a New Center-Left Government
Germany's Scholz Calls on Turkey to Refrain From Provoking Greece: Spokesperson
UN Peacekeeper Killed in Mali 'Terrorist' Attack
Hundreds of Sudanese Protesters Demand UN Chief Quit
US Names New Special Envoy for Horn of Africa
Burkina Faso Army Kills Jihadist Chief, Say Security Sources
Turkey Delivers Six Bayraktar Drones to Niger
Northern Chad Caught Between Gold Rush and Armed Groups
Libya Oil Company Says Broken Pipeline Causes Crude Spill
Egypt Opposition Figure Walks Free After Presidential Pardon
Baghlan Officials Order Farmers to Pay Tithes, Zakat
Kabul Says Some Politicians Responded Positively to Return Offer
Afghan Journalists Criticize Media Watchdogs
Accusations Fly After Myanmar Bombing Kills 1, Injures 9
Shadowy Pro-Military Militias Target Myanmar's Anti-Coup Movement
More Than One Million People Displaced in Myanmar: UN
US Military
US Navy Wants 100% Green Electricity, 100% Electric Ground Vehicles
F-16 Landing Mishap Marks Second Incident This Month for South Dakota Guard Unit
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