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Updated June 8, 2022 - 9:07 PM EDT
Bulgaria Won't Send Weapons to Ukraine
  France's Macron Slammed Over Call Not To 'Humiliate' Russia
  British PM Says Ukraine Shouldn't Be Pressured Into 'Bad Peace'
  Ukraine Wants More Rocket Launchers Than US/UK Say Will Provide
US, Europeans Submit Anti-Iran Resolution to IAEA Board
  US Blames Iran's Demand for Sanctions Relief for Talks Failing
White House Defends Plans to Visit 'Pariah' Saudi Arabia
  US Failing to Monitor Saudi Use of US Weapons in Yemen
With Raytheon HQ Move, Defense Firms Head To Pentagon
US Warns of 'Forceful Response' if North Korea Tests Nuke
SIGAR: Millions of Dollars Went Missing as Afghanistan Fell
item Who Does Joe Biden Represent? Americans, Not Ukraine, Should Decide US Policy  by Doug Bandow
item Will Biden Compromise With Turkey to Expand NATO?  by James Durso
item Ukrainian Official Behind Reports of Russian Atrocities Fired by Parliament  by Caitlin Johnstone
item A 'NATO for the Pacific' Is Madness  by Daniel Larison
item Hard to Know the Truth When War Propaganda Is Everywhere  by Yves Engler
item 'New Right' Takes It Back to Old Pre-Neocon Roots, Starting With Ukraine  by W. James Antle III

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Sweden's Govt Averts Crisis With Last-Minute Deal on Turkish Demands

FBI Seizes Retired General's Data Related to Qatar Lobbying
US Elections: How Pro-Israel Spending Affects Palestine Advocacy
Zelensky Says Battlefield Stalemate Is Not an Option for Ukraine
Russia Claims '97% Control' of Eastern Ukrainian Province Amid Fierce Battles
Ukraine Says Partially Repels Russian Black Sea Fleet: Army
Ukrainian Forces Finding It Hard to Hold Center of Sievierodonestk: Official
Russian General Kutuzov Killed in Ukraine: Separatists
Russian Attack Destroys Warehouses of Major Ukrainian Commodity Terminal, Company Says
Russia Claims Advances in Ukraine Amid Fierce Fighting
Ukraine's Envoy Blasts Israel for Withholding Iron Dome, Protective Gear
Ukraine May Give English Status of Business Language: Prime Minister
Ukraine Slams Planned IAEA Mission to Russian-Occupied Nuclear Plant
Chernobyl Radiation Detectors Back Online, Levels Normal: IAEA
Russia's Lavrov Canceled Visit a 'Diplomatic Scandal' for Serbia
Russian MPs Vote to Quit European Court of Human Rights
Russian Parliament Votes to Tighten 'Foreign Agents' Law
Russia Suspends Deal With Japan on Fishing Near Disputed Islands
Sanctions & Shortages
World Bank Dims Outlook for Global Economy Amid Russia War
Kremlin Says Ukraine Must Demine Its Coast for Grain to Be Exported
Russia, Turkey Discuss Grain Export Corridor From Ukraine
Turkey Seeks 25 Percent Discount From Kyiv Over Grain Deal
Fiji Turns Over Yacht Allegedly Owned by Russian Oligarch to US
Russian Oligarch Denies Ties to Putin in an Appeal to Save His Yacht
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Belarusian Army Stages Combat Readiness Training: Ministry
NATO Combat Unit in Lithuania Could Grow to German-Led Brigade in Longer Term: Scholz
Poland to Acquire 500 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems From US
Sanctions Prevent Moscow From Retaining Military Capabilities: Germany's Scholz
World Bank Board Approves $1.49 Billion in New Funds for Ukraine
Spain's Top Court Calls NSO Group CEO to Testify in Spying Case
Palestinian Artists Targeted in Germany Ahead of Major Art Event
At Least 27 Killed in Sudan Ethnic Clashes: Witnesses
Five-Year-Old Run Over by Security Forces in Sudan: Medics
Cameroon Soldiers Killed Nine Villagers, Government Admits
Militiamen Kill 12 in East Congo Village Raid
Tunisia: New Constitution 'Will Remove Reference to Islam'
Mali Military Promises Return to Civilian Rule in March 2024
Alaa Abd El-Fattah Family Says Activist Still on Hunger Strike, Denies Egypt Report
Venezuela's Maduro Praises Mexican President, Says Summit Exclusion Is 'Discrimination'
Venezuelan President Maduro to Visit Turkey, Meet Erdogan
Dems Urge Biden Admin to Protect Mexican Journalists Amid Killings
The War at Home
Students Denounce Decision to Pull CUNY Funding After BDS Endorsement
US Woman Accused of Leading All-Female ISIS Unit Pleads Guilty
Lawmakers Plan to Save Some of the 24 Ships the US Navy Wants to Cut
US Army Forms 11th Airborne Division Amid Focus on Arctic Warfare
Two Injured in Military Helicopter Crash in Southern Alabama
Israel Wants 'Complete Control' of Palestinian Land: UN Report
UN Probe Blames Israel for Perpetuating Conflict With Palestinians
PA's Abbas Dismisses US Bid to Boost Ties Unless Consulate Reopened
Israeli Extremists Violate Sanctity of Christian Site, Threaten Church Keepers
Israeli-Palestinian 'Flag War' Brews as Violence Flares
US Senators Call for Investigation Into Journalist's Killing in Israel
Soldiers Assault a Palestinian With Special Needs at Military Roadblock in Jenin
Palestinians Pay Partial Wages Amid Protests Over Rise in Food Prices
Archbishop Hanna Says Palestinians Should Not Be Optimistic About Biden's Visit
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Economy Sees Fastest Growth in Decade on Higher Oil Output
Decision to Join 'Incredibly Polarizing' Saudi Tour No Gimme for Golfers
Top Democrats Urge Biden to Ensure Ties With Saudi Arabia 'Advance US Interests'
US 'Deeply Concerned' About Military Escalation in Northern Syria
Syrian Kurds Will Turn to Assad if Turkey Attacks in Syria
Syrian, Russian Forces Boosted After Turkey Signals Operation: Officials
Syrian, Russian Warplanes Carry Out Military Drills Amid Increasing Israeli Strikes
US Envoy to Visit Lebanon Next Week Over Israel Gas Dispute
Lebanese Army Arrests 64 Migrants Trying to Sail to Europe
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 12 Killed
Iran's Nuclear Chief Questions IAEA Impartiality as Censure Looms
Turkey Calls on Greece to Demilitarize Aegean Islands
UAE Joins Muslim Nations in Slamming India Over Prophet Remarks
China Says All IAEA Member States Must Agree Before AUKUA Nuclear Sub Project Begins
Taiwan Appeals to US Not to Forget Its Desire for Free Trade Deal
Don't Call Us Pro-China, Taiwan Opposition Chief Says in US
Taiwan Air Force Jet Makes Hard Landing in US After Equipment Failure
China Says Australia Military Planes in South China Sea Are a Threat
China's Top Diplomat Says New, Old China-Japan Problems Intertwined
'ISIS Weapons Cache' Destroyed in Parwan: Officials
SIGAR: Ghani Left Afghanistan With Less Than $1 Million
Germany Won't Recognize Taliban Govt Given 'Dire' Afghan Conditions
India OKs Military Modernization Projects Worth $9.8 Billion
Prophet Muhammad Row Deepens India's Diplomatic Woes
India Jails 30 Christians on Charges of 'Forced' Conversion
Japan PM Vows to Strengthen Defense 'Fundamentally' in Five Years
Japan Calls for Defense Spending Hike in Policy Paper, Notes Threats to Taiwan
Japan Plans Armed Wingman Drone Development With US
Japan and NATO Agree to Step Up Cooperation
South Korea, US Showcase Air Power During US Official's Seoul Visit
Biden Envoy to Visit Marshall Islands as US Concerns Grow About China's Pacific Push
Pacific Islands Forum Nations Mend Rift as Super Powers Focus on the Region
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