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Updated June 9, 2022 - 8:50 PM EDT
Ukraine Not Giving US Info About Its Military Ops
  Russia-Installed Leader in Zaporizhzhia Considers Vote To Join Russia
  Russia, Turkey Signal Progress on Plans to Export Ukrainian Grain
Sweden NATO Bid in Jeopardy on Turkey Demands
  New US Sanctions Bar Americans From Buying Russian Debt, Stocks
Austin To Hold First Meeting With Chinese DM
  China, Cambodia Begin Construction on Port, Dismiss US Concerns
IAEA Votes To Criticize Iran on Uranium Traces
  Iran Disconnects Nuclear Site Cameras After Western Censure Motion
  Greek Court Overturns Decision on US Seizure of Iranian Oil Cargo
Drone Explodes in Iraqi Kurdish Capital of Irbil
Blinken Dismisses Evidence That Israel Killed Journalist
Israeli Tanks Destroy Syria Army Outpost in Golan Heights
item Bloody Gina and Her Team of Torturers  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Why Russian Intellectuals Are Hardening Support for War in Ukraine  by Anatol Lieven
item The Geopolitical War Over Mali: West Africa Is Up for Grabs  by Ramzy Baroud
item The Dangers of Regime Change: After Putin  by Ted Snider
item The Ugliest Act of Hatred at the Jerusalem Flag March  by Nir Hasson
item US Increases Aid to Over $100 Million Per Day for Ukraine War  by Ryan Swan

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Feds Accuse Brookings President Gen. Allen of Illegally Lobbying for Qatar
Inside the Taliban's Secret War in the Panjshir Valley
'We're Fed Up With It': USS Liberty Survivors Look for Answers 55 Years Later
China Exports to US Jump, Contrary to Press Reports
Ukraine Pushed Back to Outskirts of Sievierodonetsk, Governor Says
Western Artillery Already Making Difference for Ukraine: Regional Governor
Ukraine and Russia Hand Over Bodies of Dead Soldiers in Frontline Exchange
Ukraine to Buy Polish Howitzers as Long War Looms With Russia
Ukraine Official Makes Plea for EU Candidate Status
Norway Donates 22 Howitzers to Ukraine
Germany Never Gave Fixed Date on Weapons Delivery, Says Govt Spokesperson
Ukraine Eyes Billions in Euros From Europe Electricity Exports
Ukraine Files Eight More War Crimes Cases to Court: Prosecutor
Satellite Imagery Shows Ukrainian Water Flowing Again to Crimea, as Russia Nears Big Objective
Russian Army Base Sees Scramble for Ukraine War Supplies, Some Locals and Soldiers Say
Moscow's Chief Rabbi Leaves Russia Amid Pressure to Back War in Ukraine
Russia Cracks Down on Critics of Military Actions in Ukraine
Moscow to Respond to French Ban Against Some Russian TV Channels: Official
Lavrov Says Russia Won't Take Advantage if Kyiv Lets Grain Shipments Leave Safely
Sanctions, Bans, Shortages
China and India Buy More Russian Oil, Blunting Western Sanctions
Volkswagen Offering Pay-Offs for Employees Who Quit Major Russia Plant
IBM Begins 'Orderly Wind-Down' of Its Entire Russian Operation, All Staff to Lose Jobs
Ukraine to Halt Coal, Oil, Gas Exports Ahead of Critical Winter
Kremlin Says Sanctions Must Be Lifted for Russian Grain to Reach Markets
Ukrainian Envoy Says Black Sea Export Agreement Only Possible With Kyiv's Involvement
Lavrov Says Onus Is on Ukraine to De-Mine Ports to Allow Grain Shipments
Russian Microchip Maker Eyes Taiwan Exit in Response to Sanctions
War in Ukraine Forces BP to Shutdown Key Pipeline in Azerbaijan and Georgia
Bulgaria Faces Risk of Political Instability as PM Loses Majority
Belgian King Expresses 'Deepest Regrets' to Congolese for Colonial Abuses
Israeli-Owned Chain Halts UK Screenings of Film About Prophet Muhammad's Daughter
Czech Republic Eyes Exit From China's 16+1 Investment Club
Afghan Taliban Unveils New Uniforms for Reconstituted Police Force
Poverty Forcing Afghan Children Into Hard Labor
Former Afghan Minister Returns to Kabul at Taliban Invitation
Women at Kabul Exhibition Display Handmade Products
Students in Southern Afghanistan Call for All Girls' Schools to Reopen
China, Russia Accuse US at UN of Stoking North Korea Tensions
China Says US Needs to Ease Sanctions on North Korea, End Military Exercises
US Stresses Allied Cooperation in Face of North Korea Threats
Police in India Arrest Ruling Party Youth Leader for Anti-Muslim Comments
Japan Criticizes Russia for Suspending Fishing Pact
Pakistan Cuts Work Week Amid Severe Energy Crisis
Biden Envoy to Visit Marshall Islands as US Concerns Grow About China's Pacific Push
Summit of the Americas
White House Plays Up Summit Initiatives Amid No-Shows
Biden Sidelines Venezuela's Opposition Leader From Summit
Biden and Bolsonaro to Have Awkward First Meeting at Americas Summit
Mexico President Trades Barbs With Cuban-American Senators
Dispute Between Artisan Gold Miners in Peru Leaves 14 People Dead
Nicaraguan Political Prisoners Held in 'Horrific Conditions,' Says Lawyer
The War at Home
US Plans New Trade Pact With 'Like-Minded Partners,' Says Senior Official
Biden to Attend G7 and NATO Summits: Statement
Desantis Press Secretary Registers as a Foreign Agent Following DoJ Letter
Hollywood's Mark Ruffalo Calls Out Paypal's Discrimination Against Palestinians
US Military
Marine Corps Osprey Aircraft Crashes in Southern Calif. Desert
Boeing Can't Find Enough Workers to Build the New Air Force One
More Than Half of Pentagon's Major Defense Acquisition Programs Are Delayed: GAO
After Deadly Aviation Crashes, Congress May Tighten Pentagon Focus on Why
Mysterious Exercise Off Baja Brought Nellis AFB, USS Nimitz Aircraft Together
US Lawmakers Want to Know How Much Bad Software Costs Pentagon
US Army Couple Accused of Stealing $2 Million of Gear, a Sword and Weapons Parts
HIV Status Will No Longer Automatically Disqualify US Troops From Deployment, Retention
Saudi Arabia/Yemen
US Failed to Assess Civilian Casualties in Yemen War, Government Report Says
Tiger Woods Turned Down Nearly $1 Billion to Join Saudi-Backed LIV Tour, CEO Says
Golf: Phil Mickelson Defends Saudi Payday During Media Grilling
Western Pilgrims No Longer Able to Book Hajj Via Travel Agencies
Israel Mainly to Blame for Palestine Conflict, Says UN Report
US Slams 'One-Sided' UN Probe Blaming Israel for Perpetuating the Conflict
Israel Rejects US Proposal for Summit With Palestinian Authority
Israeli Authorities to Build New Settlement Near Bethlehem
Israel: Self-Interest the Winner in Government's Settler Bill Defeat
Israel Takes Major Step in 'Judaising' the Ibrahimi Mosque
Israel Failed To Submit Sufficient Evidence Against Outlawed Palestinian NGOs: European Diplomats
Daughter of Palestinian Deputy Mayor Killed in Israel Car Bombing
Israeli Military Drone Crashes in Northern Gaza Under Unclear Circumstances
Tehran Presented New Proposal to Revive the 2015 Nuclear Deal
Train Derailment in Iran Kills at Least 17, Injures 50
Iraq Daily Roundup: 16 Killed
How Iraq's Sinjar Became a Battleground Between Turkey and Iran
Iraq's Parliament Passes Emergency Food Bill
Iraq Approves $17 Billion to Pay Iran Gas Debt and Buy Grain
Turkey Unveils Indigenous Kamikaze Drone
Turkey Repatriates More Than 18,000 Migrants Back to Afghanistan
Israel Vows to Defend Offshore Gas Rig Amid Escalating Tensions With Lebanon
Lebanon to Launch Tender for $70 Million Airport Terminal
Two Malian Soldiers Killed in Attack Near Timbuktu
Fierce Fighting Underway at Key Border Town in Central Mali
East Sudan Governor Resigns, Protesters Lift Blockade
Talks to End Sudan Crisis Begin as Anti-Coup Groups Boycott
Sudanese Farmers Warn of Failing Harvests as Hunger Rises
Sudanese Talks Kick Off Amid Boycott by Pro-Democracy Groups
Separatist Rebels Kill Five Gendarmes in Cameroon
Lake Chad Force Says Over 800 Jihadists Killed in Two Months
'Only God Can Help': Hundreds Die as Somalia Faces Famine
Morocco-Germany Relations: What Next After Reconciliation?
Algeria Suspends Spain Co-Operation Over Western Sahara Dispute
Egypt Vows to Provide More Support to Gaza: Hamas Official
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Remembering Hiroshima

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The FBI vs.

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