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Updated June 14, 2022 - 9:05 PM EDT
Pentagon: US Will Arm Ukraine for Years to Come
  Ukraine Admits Russia Is Winning in the Donbas in Plea for Weapons
  Zelensky Vows to 'Liberate' Crimea
US Encouraging More Russian Fertilizer Deals
  NATO Chief Says Sweden Taking Steps to Meet Turkey's Demands
Iran Believes Israel Poisoned 2 Iranian Scientists
  Iran: Nuclear Activities Are Fully Reversible
Sadr Opponents Confused After Iraq MP Resignations
  Sadrist Movement to Take Opposition to Streets
US to Keep Pressure on N. Korea Until It 'Changes Course'
Gitmo Detainee Pleads Guilty in Transfer Agreement
item Behind Every Scene in Top Gun, War Inc. Steps Up to Take Its Bows  by Nick Cleveland-Stout
item Like All Wars, the US Tech War on China Is Proving Costly and Pointless  by David Dodwell
item London and Washington Are Being Propelled by Hubris – Just as Putin Was  by Patrick Cockburn
item Congress Is Willingly Abdicating
Its War Powers Again
 by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Impunity for Israel Begets Abuses: UN Probe  by Maureen Clare Murphy
item With Taiwan Comments, Is Biden Signaling Two-Front War Strategy?  by George Beebe

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Gasoline Prices in US See 8th Rise in as Many Weeks
Allies Debated Bombing the Auschwitz Concentration Camp During World War II
Reps. Lee, Pocan Want to Exact Largest Single-Year Budget Cut in DoD History
Bulgarian Foreign, Energy Ministers Quit, Deepening Coalition Crisis
Israel's Government Closer to Collapse After Lawmaker Quits
One Year Old, Israel's Government Struggles to Hang On
Officials Pledge Not to Evacuate Homesh Outpost to Prevent Coalition Collapse
Israel Tells Its Citizens to Avoid Istanbul Over Iranian Threats
2 Israeli Intel Soldiers Accused of Exposing Secrets on Social Media
For Fourth Day, Israeli Authorities Block Provision of Drinking Water in Hebron's Ibrahimi Mosque
Israeli Forces Uproot Dozens of Olive Trees Near Bethlehem
Hamas' Violent Eviction of Poor Families Spark Outrage
US Condemns UN Human Rights Council Over Anti-Israel Bias
EU Releases Aid to Palestinians Held Up Over Textbook Reform
Israel Army Chief Threatens Lebanon With Devastating War Amid Gas Dispute
US Envoy Lands in Lebanon for Talks on Maritime Gas Dispute With Israel
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed
Iraq's 'Pearl of the South' Lake Sawa Dry Amid Water Crisis
Syrian Parliament Condemns Turkey's 'Illegitimate' Military Intervention
Syrians in Turkey Banned From Going Home for Eid Al-Adha
Turkey Begins Laying Black Sea Natural Gas Pipeline
Yemeni Govt Says Five Soldiers Killed by Houthis Despite Truce
UN Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Prevent Yemen Tanker Oil Spill
Bahrain's King Orders Cabinet Reshuffle, Names New Oil Minister: State Media
China Insists It Has Sovereign Rights Over Taiwan Strait
Taiwan Says It's Willing to Engage With China, Doesn't Want to Close Door
US, Taiwan Set to Hold Strategic Dialogue This Month: Sources
Bipartisan Lawmakers Propose New Government Powers to Block US Investments in China, Other Nations
US Is Building 'Exclusive' Club to Confront, Contain China: Chinese Defense Minister
US Adviser Meets China's Top Diplomat, White House Says
China Meeting a Step in Effort to Develop Lines of Communication: Pentagon Chief
India and Israel: The Arms Trade in Charts and Numbers
Facial Recognition Is Out of Control in India
India Activist Afreen Fatima Says Her House Bulldozed 'Illegally'
Indian Politician Rahul Gandhi Questioned in Money Laundering Probe
US Spent Over $21 Billion on Afghan Police, Got 'Barely Qualified Mall Guards'
Investors Claim Previous Afghan Govt Owes '60 Billion Afghani'
North Korea Plans Crackdown as Kim Pushes for Internal Unity
South Korea Military Deploys 100 Cargo Trucks to Ship Containers
Bangladesh Charges 29 Rohingya Over Murdered Activist Mohib Ullah
US Military
US Army to Double Cyber Corps Strength as Focus Shifts From Counterinsurgency
US Navy Fires Head of Great Lakes Boot Camp
US Navy Censures Five Officers Involved in Deadly 2020 Amphibious Ship Sinking
C-17 Crew Cleared After Civilians Clinging to Plane Fell to Their Deaths During Afghanistan Evacuation
Economic Impacts of War
Financial Sanctions Against Russia Have 'Backfired Dramatically' : Financial Analyst
Russia's Oil Revenue Soars Despite Sanctions, Study Finds
Russia 'Earned' $98 Billion in Fuel Exports in 100 Days of Ukraine War
Some European Factories, Long Dependent on Cheap Russian Energy, Are Shutting Down
India, China Growing Markets for Shunned Russian Oil
Germany Slips Behind China as Top Importer of Russian Energy
Germany Could Spend $10 Billion to Bail Out Expropriated Ex Gazprom Unit
Russian Forces Cut Off Last Routes Out of Eastern Ukraine City
Both Sides Using Heavier Weapons in War in Ukraine, Says Finnish President
Russia Says It Destroyed US, European Weapons in Eastern Ukraine
Five Killed, 18 Injured in Ukrainian Artillery Attack on Donetsk Market, Separatists Say
Ukraine Exhumes Seven Bodies of People It Says Were Killed by Russian Forces
Moroccan Charged in Donetsk Is Ukrainian National, Father Says
Amnesty Says Russia Guilty of War Crimes in Kharkiv Shelling
Former Russian PM: Putin Is 'Out of It,' Ukraine War Could Last Two Years
Wikipedia Fights Russian Order to Remove Ukraine War Information
Russia Threatens to Strip Antiwar Protester Born in Armenia of Citizenship
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Macron Seeks Bigger Military Budget in 'War Economy'
Mexican President Slams NATO Policy in Ukraine
Lithuania's Defense Minister Heads to Paris to Buy Caesar Howitzers
German Govt Declines to Confirm Scholz Will Go to Kyiv on Thursday
UK Court Says Flight Taking Asylum Seekers to Rwanda Can Go Ahead
Illegal Entries Into EU From Western Balkans More Than Doubled in May: Frontex
Clashes in Sudan's Darfur Kill More Than 100: Tribal Leader
Return of Bashir Loyalists Raises Sudan Alarm
Egypt Filmmaker Among 8 Political Prisoners Released From Jail
Alaa Abd El-Fattah 'Lost Lots of Weight' After 72 Days of Hunger Strike
Judge Quits Tunisia's Electoral Board to Support Strike
Tunisia's Ennahdha Warns Against Dropping Islam From Constitution
At Least 100 Killed in Burkina Faso Attack Over Weekend
M23 Rebels Seize Key DRC Town, Congolese Military Blames Rwanda
French Army Quits Mali Base Ahead of Total Pullout
US Judge Recommends Libya's Khalifa Haftar Be Found Liable for Torture and War Crimes
Algeria Is Increasingly Aligned With Russia, Spanish Minister Says
Mexican Political Adviser Burned Alive in Public Lynching
FARC Dissident Leader Killed in Colombian Army Operation: Duque
US Slaps Visa Restrictions on 93 Nicaraguan Officials
Cuba Sanctions Nearly 400 People Over Anti-Government Protests
Venezuelan Leader, Iranian President Sign 20-Year Agreement
Indigenous Protesters Block Roads in Ecuador Over Rising Costs
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