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Updated June 15, 2022 - 8:34 PM EDT
Ukraine Says It Needs $5 Billion in Monthly Aid
  US Officials Worried Sanctions Hurt Ordinary People More Than Putin
  Dutch PM Says NATO Using Ukraine as Proxy Against Russia
  US Expects More Weapons for Ukraine at Meeting of 50 Nations
White House Sets Dates for Biden's Saudi Visit
  US Govt Watchdog Says Arms Sales to Saudis, UAE Lack Oversight
Israel Wants US to Lead Military Buildup Against Iran
  Iran Remains Hopeful for Nuclear Deal After IAEA Rebuke
  Greece Orders Release of Seized Iranian Oil Tanker
House Panel's First Drafts of 2023 Pentagon Budget
US, China Officials Warn of Looming Conflict Over Taiwan
Israeli Spyware NSO Seeking to Sell to US Defense Firm
item The Ukrainian Endgame: Imperfect Peace Is Better Than Endless War  by Doug Bandow
item Sanctions on Russia Boomerang: A Global Energy and Food Crisis in the Making  by Tilak Doshi
item Saudis Lure Pro Golfers With Bags of Cash to Help 'Sportswash' Their Image  by Ben Freeman
item Biden Lets Client States Get Away With Murder  by Daniel Larison
item Washington Should Chill About China's Cambodia Base  by Blake Herzinger
item On Building a Lasting Settlement for Ukraine  by Gilbert Doctorow & Nicolai N. Petro

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Ukraine Court Bans All Activities of Opposition Bloc Party
Saudi Court Upholds Death Sentence for Man Convicted as Minor
More People Are Avoiding the News, and Trusting It Less, Report Says
Russians Control 80% of Contested City in Eastern Ukraine
Zelensky Vows to 'Liberate' Crimea While Alarmed Over Russian Gains
Russia Urges Ukrainian Fighters in Severodonetsk to Lay Down Arms
Russia Strikes Weapons Depot in Ukraine With Cruise Missiles: RIA
Six Injured in Shelling of Russian Town Bordering Ukraine, Official Says
Ukraine Has Enough Ammunition but Needs Long-Range Weapons: Zelensky
North of Kyiv, the Russians Retreated, but the War Never Left
Ukraine Deploys Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile Against Russian Navy
Putin Is Making More on Oil Than He's Spending on Ukraine War
Kremlin Says Separatists Would Listen to UK Appeal on Condemned Fighters
Russia Bans 29 British Journalists, Along With Defense Figures
Russian Court Again Extends Brittney Griner's Detention
Jailed Kremlin Critic Navalny Moved to Unknown Location: Allies
New Poll Reveals 51% of Dutch Consider Israel an Apartheid State
Scotland's Sturgeon Launches Campaign for New Independence Vote
France's Macron Urges French to Give Him a 'Solid Majority' in Elections
Italian Govt Faces Turbulence After Key Parties Fail in Local Vote
German, Swiss Authorities Detain 4 Accused of Supporting ISIS
Denmark, Canada to Sign Deal Ending Dispute Over Tiny Arctic Isle
Biden Leans Toward Easing Some of Trump's China Tariffs
China Accuses US of 'Fueling Militarization' in Asia
Taiwan Strait Is an International Waterway, Taipei Says, in Rebuff to China
US Rebuffs China by Calling Taiwan Strait an International Waterway
China Attack on Taiwan Would Hit Global Trade More Than Ukraine War, Says Taiwan
House Republican Measure Would Block Big Tech Companies From Hosting Chinese Officials on Platforms
Dozens of Countries Question China at UN Over Xinjiang 'Abuses'
Pacific Islands Forum Should Consider China Security Ties: Samoa PM
Australia PM Says China Should Lift Trade Sanctions; Welcomes Talks
High-Ranking Afghan Officials Escaped to Luxury Homes Abroad
Islamic Scholars in Badghis Call to Reopen Girls' Schools
UN Human Rights Council Session to Address Afghanistan
Protests by Indian Muslims Continue, as Lawyers Condemn State Response
How Will the Prophet Remarks Row Affect India-GCC Ties?
India Overhauls Military Recruitment, Seeking Younger Troops
People in Pakistan Urged to Drink Fewer Cups of Tea to Keep Economy Afloat
Crisis-Hit Sri Lanka Allows Govt Workers 4-Day Week to Grow Food
Bangladesh Rebel Group's Offer of Peace Talks With Govt Welcomed
Biden Adviser Raises Concerns With Chinese Diplomat Over North Korea
Tajik Soldier Killed in Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan Border Shoot-Out
The War at Home
CIA Coder Who Allegedly Leaked Classified Material Begins Trial
US Airman Goes Public With Allegations of Assault and Criminal Justice Failure
US Navy Fires Five Officers in Less Than a Week
Pentagon to Swap Out Nuclear Boss, Europe Commander, and More
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Pope Pans Russian 'Cruelty' in Ukraine, but Adds Moscow Was Also Provoked by NATO
Macron: NATO Troops in Romania Are a 'Powerful Deterrent'
European Official Concerned About Russia Flying Western-Made Airplanes
German Howitzers Soon to Be Ready for Use in Ukraine: Minister
Lithuania to Buy Howitzers From France
Ukraine War Forces Switch in Drug Trafficking Routes, EU Body Warns
Moroccan Public Push for Ukraine Death Sentence Citizen's Release
Sanctions & Shortages
Biden Touts Temporary Grain Silos on Ukraine Border to Help Exports
Russia Lowers Gas Flows to Europe With Part Stuck in Canada
EU Looks to East Mediterranean as Gas Alternative to Russia
Bennett Says Israeli Govt Coalition Could Collapse 'in a Week or Two' After MP Quits
Israel MP Says He Wishes There Was Button to Get Rid of Palestinian Citizens
Gaza: Israel's 'Open-Air Prison' at 15
Israeli Authorities Prevent European Delegation From Entering Gaza
Palestinian Forces Assault Students Protesting Controversial University Dismissals
Top Palestinian Envoy to Israel Says Cooperation Has Limits
Palestinian Journalist Arrested, Beaten in Nablus
US Must Reopen Jerusalem Consulate Ahead of Biden's Visit, Says Palestinian Authority
Visiting Ramallah, EU President Confirms Resumption of Some Palestinian Aid
Israel's Bennett Blasts Lebanon for Arguing Over Gas Finds Instead of Drilling
Lebanon and US Envoy Swap Proposals to Solve Maritime Dispute With Israel
Beirut Tells US Envoy It Will Drop Karish Claim for Full Control of Second Gas Field
Iraq Daily Roundup: 16 Killed
Sadr Raises the Stakes in Struggle for Iraq
Iraq's Sadr: From Outlaw to Top Politician
Poll Shows Majority of Turks Do Not Trust NATO
Turkey Insists It's Still Safe After Israel Warns of Iranian Attack Plot
Syrians Increasingly Choosing to Leave Turkey as Xenophobia Grows
Middle East
Iran Media: Scores Injured in Explosion at Chemical Factory
How Saudi Arabian Money Ignited a Golf War
UN: Death Toll From Week of Darfur Clashes Now at Least 125
WFP Suspends Part of Its Food Aid in South Sudan as Funds Dry Up
At Least 50 Killed in Burkina Faso Rebel Attack: Government
Discovery of Dismembered Opposition Member Worries Zimbabwe
Ethiopia's Abiy Says Body Formed to Negotiate With Tigray Rebels
Alaa Abd El-Fattah: More Than 1,000 Celebrities Demand Activist's Release From Egyptian Prison
US Army Advisors in Latin America Told to Behave as Word of Drinking, Tinder Use, and STDs Grew
Ten Killed in Mexico State Shootout With Security Forces, Officials Say
Colombia's Police on Highest Alert Over Election Violence
Ecuadoran Indigenous Leader Is Arrested Over Violent Protests
Venezuela's Maduro Visits Kuwait Following Iran Trip: Media
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