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Updated June 21, 2022 - 9:03 PM EDT
Russia Tells to Lithuania Lift Kaliningrad Blockade
  Ukraine Parliament Passes New Laws To Purge Russian Culture
  EU Commission Wants to Drop Unanimity in Foreign Policy Decisions
Israel Building a US-Backed Alliance Against Iran
  Iran Blames US for Delays, Says Nuclear Talks 'Still Not Derailed'
  Iran Informs IAEA of Plan to Increase Enrichment With New Centrifuges
Australian PM Rejects Calls to Intervene in Assange Case
ISIS Attacks North Syria Bus, Killing 15 Pro-Govt Fighters
Energy Secretary Says Biden Will Meet With MbS in Saudi
US Considering Increasing Tajikistan Special Ops Ties
Lithuanians Stick New Finger in Eye of Russian Bear  by Ray McGovern
Iran's Hardliners Are Split Over the Fate of the Nuclear Deal  by Muhammad Sahimi
How a New Library Sheds Light on the US 'Secret War' in Laos  by Harmeet Kaur
item Are We Sure America Is Not at War in Ukraine?  by Bonnie Kristian
item Biden Hopes to Preside Over Israel-Saudi Wedding  by Tamara Nassar
item Macron and Kissinger Are Right About Ukraine  by Alex Lo

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The Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh: Tracing a Bullet to an Israeli Convoy
Pentagon Explores Using SpaceX Rocket-Deployed Quick Reaction Force
Why Has Gaza's Sea Turned Black?
Colombia Rebels Open to Talks With New President
Ukraine Attacks Oil Drilling Platforms Off Crimea Coast: Official
US Citizen Killed in Combat in Ukraine: State Dept
Soldier Who Fought With Captured US Fighters in Ukraine Says He 'Regrets' Bringing Them to the War
Kremlin Says Captured Americans in Ukraine Should Bear Responsibility 'For Crimes': RIA
Russian-Backed Separatists Report Control of Village South of Key Ukraine Battle
Ukraine Says Lost Control of Severodonetsk Village
Sanctions & Shortages
China Oil Imports From Russia Surge Amid Ukraine War Sanctions
EU Nations Push for New Russia Sanctions, More Military Aid to Ukraine
Brussels at Near-Standstill as Cost-Of-Living March Draws 70,000
Ukraine President Says Africa 'Hostage' in War With Russia
EU Split Over Fertilizer Plants in Poorer Nations as Food Crisis Bites
Netherlands to Burn More Coal to Conserve Gas
Europe's Refineries Increase Russian Crude Purchases
EU Signs Strategic Partnership With Oil, Gas-Rich Persian Gulf Nations
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Turkey Says Talks on Finland and Sweden's NATO Bids to Continue, but Summit Not a Deadline
Germany 'Very Confident' of Deal on Sweden, Finland NATO Bid: Government Source
Australia Sends Armored Personnel Carriers to Ukraine
Sweden Procures Additional Archer 155-Mm Howitzers
French National Assembly Dissolution Not on Agenda for Now: Government Spokesperson
France's Macron Invites Political Parties to Discuss Hung Parliament: Source
No Pact or Coalition 'Whatsoever' With Macron, Conservative Leader Says
More Than 100 Killed in Ethiopia's Oromia Region: Witnesses
'We Are Not Safe': Ethiopians Flee Massacre That Killed Hundreds
UN Says Libya Rival Factions Fail to Reach Deal in Election Talks
Political Turmoil Could Plague Libya's Oil Exports All Year Long
Islamist Militants Kill 132 Villagers in Central Mali Weekend Attacks
Gunmen Kill Eight, Kidnap 38 in Nigeria Church Attacks: Church Officials
Egyptian Trade Delegation Visits Israel as Countries Eye Stronger Cooperation
Sudan's Economy Sinks as Post-Coup Leadership Searches for Support
US Military
New Report Finds Dangerous Levels of 'Forever Chemicals' Found Around Military Bases
US Conducts 'Largest' Unclassified Cyber Defense Exercise
2nd US Air Force Member Posts on Tiktok With Sexual Assault Allegations
Panel Rejects Plan to Close Georgia Military Pilot Training Center
Sen. Paul to Oppose Small Business Program Pentagon Uses to Spur Innovation
House Lawmakers Eye 70% Funding Boost for Pentagon's Commercial Innovation Hub
79 Years After a Brutal Battle to Oust the Japanese, a Remote Piece of US Territory Is the Center of Attention Again
Israel's Bennett, Lapid Agree on Dissolving Knesset; Israel Heads for Fifth Election in Three Years
Hamas Warns Israel Over Continuing Violations in West Bank
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Conducts Military Drill in Gaza
Israeli Forces Detain 10 Palestinians, Including Journalist, High School Student
Israeli Settlers Assault Palestinian Shepherds in Jordan Valley
Danger Doesn't Stop Children From Working in Gaza's Dumps
Israeli Interior Minister Arrives in Morocco, in Third Official Visit Since Normalization
Israeli Entrepreneur Sees 'Incredible Potential' for Business With Saudi Arabia After Visit
Iraq Daily Roundup: 15 Killed
Syrian Kurdish Official Killed by Turkish Airstrike in Iraq
Turkey: Judge Relocated After Opposing Khashoggi Case's Transfer to Saudi Arabia
Why Turkey, Greece Remain on Collision Course Over Aegean Islands
Turkey Is Open to Bid on Eurofighter Typhoon Warplanes if F-16s Deal Fails
Middle East
Iranian Engineer's Death at Military Site Attributed to 'Industrial Sabotage': Agency
Lebanon Threatens to Expel Syrian Refugees
Raqqa Rations Water Amid Major Shortage in Northeast Syria
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Heads to Egypt
Thousands Rally in Georgia in Support of EU Membership Bid
Belarus Says It Is Resuming Verification Activities Under Arms Control Treaties
How the US' Xinjiang Labor Law Has Crippled China's Cotton Industry
China Says Latest Anti-Ballistic Missile Test 'Achieved Objective'
China's 1st Horn of Africa Envoy Offers to Mediate in Region
After China Row, Australia Eyes Southeast Asia as Ally in Trade
2 Civilians Killed, 28 Wounded in Nangarhar Blast
Over 90% of Afghans Seeking to Enter US on Humanitarian Grounds Rejected
What's at Stake as UN Taliban Travel Ban Waiver Set to Expire?
Afghanistan: Five UK Citizens Released by Taliban
Fencing on Durand Line Between Afghanistan and Pakistan Has Divided Families: Residents
Kabul, Tehran Reached Agreement on Helmand River Management: Official
Kabul Residents Complain Over Restricted Access to Parks
Taliban Ministry Calls on UNHCR To Address Problems of Refugees
'We Have Been Cheated': India's Youth Reject New Army Jobs Scheme
Rohingya Families in Kashmir Fear Separation as India Cracks Down
Nepal Police Fire Teargas to Break Up Fuel Price Protests
Food Inflation Is Dangerous for Developing Nations: Indonesia's President Jokowi
Senior Delegation From Uzbekistan Visits Afghanistan
Philippines' President-Elect Marcos Says He Will Head Agriculture Ministry
US, Marshall Islands Eye New Security Deal by Year End
Canada Investing Billions to Modernize North America Defense
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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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Remembering Hiroshima

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