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Updated June 22, 2022 - 9:31 PM EDT
Take Action on Yemen: Support War Power Res.
Israel Keeps US in Dark on Covert Attacks in Iran
  Iran Reports Mossad Cell Captured in Assassination Plot
  US Navy Faults 'Unsafe' Encounter With Iranian Boats in Hormuz
UK: Ukraine Used US Missile to Sink Russian Boat
  US AG Throws Support for Probing Alleged Russian War Crimes
  Turkey Grows Cautious of Arms Sales to Ukraine
  Russia Demands Lithuania Lifts Ban on Transit of Goods to Kaliningrad
US Import Ban From China's Xinjiang Region Takes Effect
  Emails: USAID Officials Alarmed Over China-Solomon Islands Pact
Harris 'Task Force' to Stop Online 'Gendered Disinfo' Abuse
Has Ukraine Adopted a New Strategy of Insulting the Allies?  by Doug Bandow
We're Not All Ukrainians Now  by P. Porter, B. Friedman, J. Logan
Joe Biden's 'Ironclad Commitment' to Palestinian Un-Freedom  by Maureen Clare Murphy
item Whose War Is It?  by Daniel Larison
item Playing With Fire in Ukraine  by Alfred W. McCoy
item Progressive Democrats Don Helmets, Embrace US-Russia Proxy War  by Cole Harrison

More Viewpoints

Biden Dumps Weapons Into Ukraine
by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
Most Land Mine Use by US Banned, Except for Korea
US Arrests Airman Over Attack in Syria
Rojava Has 'Strong Relations' With Sweden: Kurdish Official
Guantanamo Bay: Several Detainees Test Positive for Covid-19
Israel Govt Falls Again
Israeli Government Fast-Tracks Bill to Dissolve Parliament
Neither Bloc of Israeli Parliament Gets Majority to Form Stable Government, Poll Shows
Knesset Appears to Kill Bill That Would Bar Netanyahu From Becoming Premier
Israel's Gantz Throws Cold Water on Possibility of Reuniting With Netanyahu
Outgoing Govt Partners Vow to Block Netanyahu Comeback
Why Israel's Collapsed 'Coalition of Change' Was No Longer Worth Saving
Biden's Mideast Visit Will Have 'Significant' Impact, Israel's Lapid Tells Blinken
Israeli FM's Trip to Turkey for Security Talks Still on Despite Political Tumult
Israeli Settlers Plan 10 Illegal Outposts in Campaign to Challenge Government
Palestinian Killed After Being Stabbed in Heart by Israeli Settler
Israel: Jogging App Exposes Location of Military Base
Hamas to 'Restore Syria Ties' After 10 Years
Palestinian Prisoner Suspends Hunger Strike After 111 Days
Leonardo DRS to Merge With Israeli Radar-Maker RADA, Beefing Up US Defense Offerings
Iraq Daily Roundup: 6 Killed
Cholera Outbreak Infects Thousands in Kurdistan Region
Iraq Wants to Start Population Control Amid 'Unplanned' Boom
Iraq Arrests Six in Countrywide Antiquity Smuggling Bust
Syrian Plane Lands in Base After Damascus Airport Attack
First Flight From Sharjah Lands in Syria's Latakia

Belgium Repatriates ISIS-Linked Children, Mothers From Syria

Jordan/Saudi Arabia
What Do Saudi Arabia and Jordan Want From Crown Prince's Visit?
Jordanians Call for Release of Political Detainees in Saudi Arabia During MbS Visit
Middle East
Kuwait: Oil Price Includes $30 War Premium
Al-Qeada Attack Kills Four Soldiers in Southern Yemen
'Deafening Silence': UK Minister Fails to Raise Human Rights Cases in Bahrain
Tunisia's Saied Confirms No State Religion in New Charter
Tunisia's New Constitution: What's New and Who's Behind It?
Nayera Ashraf: Egypt Arrests Suspect in Student Killing
Egyptian President, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Vow to Address Security Threats
Burkina Faso Army Says Killed Over 120 'Terrorists'
US, Morocco Launch Vast Military Exercise
East African Leaders Send Regional Force to E. DR Congo
'We Are Not Safe': Ethiopians Flee Massacre That Killed Hundreds
Wagner Group: Sudan Denies Presence of Russian Mercenaries in Country
Turkey Extends Libya Troop Deployment for 18 Months
Nigeria's Supreme Court Lodges Letter of Protest Over Its Own Working Conditions
Mexico President Will Ask Biden to Look Into WikiLeaks' Assange Case
Mexican Authorities Search for Bodies, Missing Tourists After Priests Killed in Church
Mexican Diplomat Starts Jostling for 2024 Nomination
US Military
Don't Retire Oldest F-22 Raptors, Upgrade Them, Demands Congress
Hawker Hunter Aggressor Jet Crashes Off North Carolina
Russian Forces Seize Frontline Donbas Village: Ukrainian Official
Russian Forces Capture Several More Settlements in Ukraine's Luhansk Region
Russian TV Airing in Ukraine's Southern Kherson Region, Army Says
Ukrainian Strikes on Russian-Occupied Snake Island Confirmed in Satellite Imagery
At Least 15 Civilians Killed in Kharkiv Region by Russian Shelling: Governor
Ukraine Detains Senior Public Figures Suspected of Spying for Russia
Russia's Security Council Secretary to Chair Meeting on National Security in Kaliningrad Region: RIA
Death Penalty for Captured US Citizens Not Ruled Out, Russia Says
Russia Blocks British Telegraph Newspaper's Website
Putin Says Sarmat Ballistic Missile to Be Deployed by End of 2022
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Polish Official: Europe Can't Defend Itself Without the US
Estonia Protests to Russia Over Airspace Violation as Baltic Tensions Rise
Turkish Team to Discuss Black Sea Grain Corridor in Russia This Week
Georgia's PM Says Committed to Joining NATO
Russia: Britain Asks for Help Over Donetsk Death Sentences
White House: Suggestion Americans Captured in Ukraine Should Face Death Penalty Is 'Appalling'
No Opposition to Ukraine's EU Candidacy: Officials
War-Damaged Russian Tanks to Go on Display in Polish Square
Indonesian President Due to Meet Putin This Month: State Media
Macron Holds Postelection Talks With French Party Leaders
French Opposition Tells 'Arrogant' Macron: Compromise to Win Support
EU Warns of Fossil Fuel 'Backsliding' as Countries Turn to Coal
EU Pledges $630m to Africa, Caribbean, and Others for Food Crisis
Taiwan's Thunderbolt Rocket System Explodes During Live-Fire Drill
No Biden Move on Chinese Tariffs Likely Before G7 Meeting: Sources
Chinese Warships Appear to Be Sailing Around Japan Amid Tensions
Trade War: China, US Urged to 'Start Small' as Biden Ponders Trump-Era Tariff Rollback Amid Record Inflation
North Korean Leader Convenes Military Meeting Amid Tensions
South Korea Successfully Launches Home-Grown Nuri Space Rocket After Failed Attempt Last Year
UN Security Council Stops Travel for Two Taliban Education Ministers
Muttaqi: Kabul Committed to Security of Former Govt Officials
UK Apologizes to Afghanistan as British Nationals Are Released
'Rescue Us,' Beg Afghan Refugees Stuck in 'Slum Life' in a Pakistan Park
Afghanistan Part of Discussion at Oslo Forum 2022
Japan PM Kishida Says No Numerical Targets for Defense Spending
Sri Lanka Cabinet Moves to Clip President Rajapaksa's Powers
Ecuador's Military Vows to Stop Protests From 'Damaging Democracy'
Former Colombian Rebel Leaders Recognize Role in Kidnappings
Dozens Die in Custody Under El Salvador's State of Exception
Canada Announces New Arctic Air, Missile Defenses With US
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Whose War Is It?

Doug Bandow
Has Ukraine Adopted a New Strategy of Insulting the Allies?

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Lithuanians Stick New Finger in Eye of Russian Bear

Ted Snider
The Problem With Going to Saudi Arabia

Ramzy Baroud
Palestinians 'Are Bound to Win': Why Israelis Are Prophesying the End of Their State

Ted Galen Carpenter
Congress Is Willingly Abdicating Its War Powers Again

Patrick J. Buchanan
US and Ukraine, Goals in Conflict

David Stockman
Perpetual Debt, Perpetual War

Dave DeCamp
A Lesson From Ukraine: China's Red Lines on Taiwan Shouldn't Be Ignored

Sheldon Richman
NATO and Collective Insecurity

Scott Horton
The History Behind the Russia-Ukraine War

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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