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Updated June 24, 2022 - 8:33 PM EDT
Ukraine Receives US-Provided Rocket Systems
  European Union Grants Candidate Status to Ukraine and Moldova
  Lithuania President Wants Military Spending Hike, More NATO Troops
  NATO Chief Wants Sweden, Finland 'Soon' – but Can't Guarantee It
Biden Blames Putin as Russian Oil Sales Soar
  Biden Authorizes New $450 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine
FM: Iran Is Serious in Reviving Nuclear Deal
Iraq Swears in New MPs to Replace Sadr Resignations
State Dept 'Illegally Obstructing' Afghanistan Probes
Rebel Divide Grows in N. Syria as Islamists Take Villages
Senate Dems Press Biden to Investigate Killing of Journalist
Officials Still 'Don't Know' if US Arms Used to Kill Yemeni Civilians  by Kate Kizer
US Media Probes One Killing but Not Countless Other Israeli Crimes  by Jonathan Cook
Assange Is Enduring Unbearable Persecution for Exposing US War Crimes  by Marjorie Cohn
item Ukraine Isn't Worth Nuclear War  by Doug Bandow
item Neocon Think Tanks Are Driving Biden's Ukraine Policy
 by James Carden
item Stop Using China 'Threat' to Throw More Money at the Pentagon  by Marcus Stanley

More Viewpoints

House Committee Advances $840 Billion Defense Bill
Okinawa Wants US Base Reduced 77 Years After Battle's End
Darfur Attacks Displace 84,000 in June Alone: UN
Russia's Rebranded McDonald's Sells 120,000 Burgers on Its Opening Day
Pro-Russian Forces Close to Encircling Key Ukrainian City: Separatists
Russia Gains in Eastern Ukraine, Threatening to Overrun Luhansk
Ukrainian Troops May Pull Back From Lysychansk Front Line to Avoid Encirclement: Governor
Explosions Heard in Ukraine's Southern City of Mykolaiv: Mayor
At Least Two Sunoil Tanks Hit in Russian Rocket Attack on Mykolaiv
Stressing Historical Ties Between Peoples, Zelensky Laments Lack of Israeli Support
Ukraine's Zelensky Welcomes EU Move to Grant Candidacy Status
Ukraine Begins First Trial of Russian Soldier Charged With Rape
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Why Are Some Nations Neutral on the Russia-Ukraine War?
Estonian PM Says Russia Not Weary of War
NATO Dispute: Senior British Ministers in Turkey on Charm Offensive
US Reps Introduce Bill to Train Ukrainian Pilots on American Aircraft
Sanctions & Shortages
Britain Announces New Tranche of Trade Sanctions Against Russia
Germany Moves Closer to Rationing Gas as Russia Cuts Supply
Germany Faces Natural Gas 'Crisis,' Raises Warning Level
US Welcomes Turkey's Help on Ukraine Grain Exports
Turkey Says It Is Probing Claims Russia Stole Ukrainian Grain
Sanctioned Russian Oligarch Yacht in Dubai as Pressure Grows
Earthquake Death Toll in Paktika, Khost Rises to 1,100
Earthquake Destroyed Around 500 Houses in Khost: Local Officials
Earthquake Survivors Dig by Hand as Aid Is Delayed
Afghans Bury Dead, Dig for Survivors of Devastating Quake
Taliban Say Earthquake Rescue Efforts Almost Complete
Kabul: World Should Not Politicize Delivery of Aid
Myanmar Says Suu Kyi Held Alone in New Prison Quarters
UN Expert Calls for Myanmar Action as Death Toll Tops 2,000
'Cold War Mentality': China's Xi Denounces 'Abuse of Sanctions'
Kashmir Hindus in Mourning After Wave of Killings
India Says 'Ready to Help Sri Lanka in Quick Economic Recovery'
US Military
Sunken Ship Locations Could Be Kept Secret by US Military if Amendment Passes
Inflation Bonuses for US Troops Make It Into Sweeping Defense Bill
Clashes as Ecuador Protests Continue Despite Small Concession
Suriname Backtracks on Jerusalem Embassy Citing Budget
US Officials Said to Ask Israel to Shorten Reception Ceremony When Biden Arrives
Israeli Minister Shaked Willing to Join Alternative Government Led by Netanyahu
Israeli Soldiers Burn Palestinian Lands East of Gaza
Israeli Forces Brutally Assault International Activists in Masafer Yatta
Iran Orders US to Pay Compensation for Slain Nuclear Scientists
Iran Replaces Head of IRGC Intelligence Unit Following Plot Allegations
Iran Says 'it Is Time' for Oil, Gas Cooperation With Iraq
Visiting Iran, Maduro Says Venezuela Part of 'Axis of Resistance
Mike Pence, Visiting Iranian Dissidents in Albania, Calls on Biden to Withdraw From Nuclear Talks
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed
Parliament Confirms Resignations of Muqtada Al-Sadr's MPs
Turkey Vows to Protect Israeli Lives as Foreign Minister Visits
Niece of Erdogan Opponent, Cleric Fethullah Gulen, Captured While Fleeing to Greece
Middle East
ISIS Kills 9 Pro-Government Fighters in Eastern Syria: Monitor
Lick of Paint for Yemen's Historic Sanaa as Truce Holds
Incumbent Lebanese PM Keeps Post as Economic Crisis Deepens
Reports: Jordan to Buy Water From Israel
US Antisemitism Envoy to Visit Saudi Arabia to Promote Normalization During First Trip Abroad
DR Congo
Children Among 13 Killed in DR Congo Unrest This Week: UN
German-Funded Inquiry Into DR Congo Atrocities Slammed as 'Cover-Up'
Four Killed in Clashes in Libya's Tripoli
UN to Hold New Libya Talks as Stalemate Persists
Tunisia Ex-PM Hamadi Jebali Arrested, Lawyer Says
Sacked Tunisia Judges on Hunger Strike Amid Saied Purge
Algeria, Niger, Nigeria Resume Talks on Trans-Sahara Gas Pipeline
Tanzania's Maasai Demand Indigenous Rights in UN Framework
French Parties Brush Off Macron Appeal to Unblock Parliament
US Approves $94 Million Anti-Radiation Missile Sale to Australia
Australian Leader to Visit France to Fix Damaged Relations
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Remembering Hiroshima

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