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Updated June 25, 2022 - 7:11 PM EDT
Russia Blames US for Kaliningrad Embargo
  Lithuania President Wants Military Spending Hike, More NATO Troops
  EU Leaders Prepare for Russia Turning Off Gas Supply
Biden Blames Putin as Russian Oil Sales Soar
  Biden Authorizes New $450 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine
Commander Says US Must Prepare for Attack on Guam
  US Conducts Taiwan Strait Flyover Amid Heightened Tensions
Congress Bringing Back the Idea of a 'Limited' Nuclear War
Jordan's King Says He Would Support a 'Middle East NATO'
Washington Flips Out, Again, Over Possible Chinese Base in Cambodia  by Daniel Larison
Cultural Warriors: Why Palestine's Sports Victories Should Inspire Us  by Ramzy Baroud
item Why Sanctions Always Fail  by Andrew Cockburn
item Assange's Case Is a Frightening Omen for Press Freedom  by J.D. Tuccille

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Afghan National Released After 15 Years in Gitmo Without Charge
American Faith Leaders Urge Biden to Return to Iran Nuclear Deal
Europe Gorges on Russian Oil Ahead of Ban
Assange Strip Searched and Moved to Bare Cell on Day Extradition Announced: Wife
ACLU Union Takes BDS Freedom to Court
Ukrainian Army Leaving Battered City for Fortified Positions
Ukraine Loses Key Town as Russia Claims It Surrounds Troops
These Are the Riverine Patrol Boats Ukraine Is Getting From the US
Ukraine Needs 'Fire Parity' With Russia to Defend Luhansk Region, Top General Says
Russian-Appointed Official in Occupied Kherson Killed in Blast
Ukraine Will Need at Least 10 Years to Demine Its Territory, Official Says
Charities Donating Drone-Jamming Tech to Ukraine
Kremlin Official Sees NATO Preparing for War With Russia
Russian Military Cargo Plane Crashes, Killing Four

Russia Says EU Candidate Status for Ukraine, Moldova Will Have Negative Consequences

Sanctions, Bans, Shortages
UN Chief Warns of 'Catastrophe' From Global Food Shortage
Russia's Vladimir Putin Defends Global Food Crisis Stance
Diplomats Urge Action as Global Food Crisis Deepens
EU Envoy Says Israel Can Replace Russian Natural Gas Supply
German Economy Minister Warns of Industry Shutdown Amid Gas Shortage: Spiegel
Romanian Port Struggles to Handle Flow of Ukrainian Grain
Sanctioned Russian's Superyacht Docked in Dubai
The World & Ukraine/Russia
After Zelensky's Critique, Israeli Envoy Says Israel Doing Everything It Can to Help
Norway Purchases Teledyne FLIR Black Hornet Nano Drones
Britons Condemned in Donetsk Holding Out for Intervention From UK: Lawyer
Ukraine's Zelensky Appeals to UK's Glastonbury Crowd for Support
IAEA Voices Concern for Staff at Ukrainian Nuclear Plant, Demands Access
Aftershock in Afghanistan as Quake Toll Rises to 1,150 Dead
Over 3,000 Houses Destroyed in Recent Earthquake: Afghan Official
Earthquake Survivors Lack Food, Shelter as Aid Trickles In
Five Killed in Tremors Close to Wednesday's Earthquake Epicenter: Afghan Official
Paktika Residents Injured in Earthquake Evacuated to Khost
Afghanistan's Remote and Poor Villages Hardest Hit by Earthquake
Taliban Fighter Returns Home to Dead Family and Ruins After Earthquake
Women Earthquake Victims Neglected for Lack of Female Physicians
Flooding Destroys Crops Across Afghanistan
Afghan Groups Step Up as Foreign Earthquake Relief Faces Delays
Chinese-Hosted BRICS Summit Swerves Controversy Over Ukraine and Taiwan
Xinjiang 'Forced Labour' Law Leaves Chinese Companies in a Bind, With Doubts Over Supply Chain Audits
China Envoy Says Australia Fired First Shot With Huawei Ban
China's Envoy Calls on New Australian Government to Repair Bilateral Ties
US Vows More High-Level Engagement With Pacific Islands Amid China Push
Kim, North Korea Military Approve Plans to Strengthen 'War Deterrent'
A New Leader in the Philippines, and a Family's Old Wounds
China Delivers Advanced Frigate to Pakistan Navy
Shireen Abu Akleh: UN Finds Journalist Was Killed by Israeli Forces
Bennett Says 'Divisive' Netanyahu Unsuitable as PM, but Won't Rule Out Cooperation
Impoverished Gaza Economy Struggles Under Israeli Blockade
Gaza's Food Crisis Worsens as Ukraine War Hits Blockaded Economy Hard
Rights Group Slams Palestinian Authority Over Activist Death
Israeli Defense Chief Threatens Lebanon With Invasion During Memorial Ceremony
Israeli Soldiers Injure 82 Palestinians, Including a Medic, Near Nablus
Settlers Raise Israeli Flag Atop Mosque Near Bethlehem
15-Year Blockade Crushes Dreams of Gaza's Businesswomen
Israel Reneges on Agreement to Release Administrative Detainee
Readying to Leave Office, Bennett Says at Israeli Military Ceremony: 'I Did the Best I Could'
UN's OCHA: Israel Must Stop Deporting Palestinians From Masafer Yatta
US CENTCOM Military Delegation Visits Israel
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed
Turkey Neutralizes 18 PKK Terrorists in Northern Iraq, Syria
Party Linked to Iran-Backed Militia Withdraws From Iraqi Parliament
No Evidence of Iraqi Migrants Killed on Polish Border: Baghdad
Top EU Diplomat Heads to Tehran to Revive Nuclear Deal
France Urges Iran to Use EU Visit to Try and Conclude Nuclear Deal
Iran Says Israeli Accusation of Plot to Harm Israelis in Turkey Is 'Ridiculous'
Iran Arrests Five People Over 'Indecent' Skateboarding Event
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Ends Embargo on Turkish Exports After MbS Visit

Saudi Arabia's Youngest Political Prisoner Released From Jail

Middle East
Civilian Injured by Mine Explosion in Yemen
Qatar's Tamim to Visit Egypt for First Time Since Boycott
Eight UN Peacekeepers Wounded in Mali Blast
Mali Junta Passes New Electoral Law
Burkina Faso: 14 Days to Evacuate Before Vast Army Operation
Libya Legislative Heads to Tackle Election Standoff in Meeting
Cyprus Signs Deal for Airbus Attack Helicopters
Spain Orders 20 Eurofighter Typhoon Aircraft From BAE Systems
Clashes as Ecuador Protests Continue Despite Small Concession
US Pressures El Salvador to Extradite Wanted MS-13 Leaders
Australia: The Nation Where Your 'Faceprint' Is Already Being Tracked
Australia Looks to Mend French Ties on Visit After Submarine Row
The War at Home
Pentagon 'Evaluating' Policies Amid Abortion Ruling
Boeing Wants More Money for New Air Force One: USAF Official
Ex-US Army Pilot Turned Defense Contractor Sold Aviation Secrets to China
Senate Dems Press Biden to Investigate Killing of Palestinian-American Journalist Ahead of Israel Trip
Senate Confirms Cavoli as Head of US European Command
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Remembering Hiroshima

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