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Updated June 29, 2022 - 9:27 PM EDT
Iran Nuclear Talks in Qatar End Without a Deal
Turkey Agrees to Sweden, Finland Joining NATO
  G7 Mulls Russian Oil Price Cap as Sanctions Fail to Curb Russia Profits
US Officials Doubt Ukraine Can Take Back Territory
  Biden Says US Will Beef Up Military Presence in Europe
  New US Sanctions Target Russian Gold, Arms Industry
Israel to Ask Biden to OK Giving Saudis Laser Air System
  Lobbyists Sense New Opening With Biden Trip to Saudi Arabia
Iraq's Sadr Slams Pres. for Not Signing Ban on Israel Ties
US Pledges $55M for Afghan Aid, but Sanctions Remain
UN Will Cut Food Aid for Millions of Yemenis, Again
Latin America Rises: Whither the Monroe Doctrine?  by Doug Bandow
The Justice Department Pressured USA Today to Stop Publishing Me  by Jim Bovard
item Time to Talk to North Korea Again  by Daniel Larison
item Ukraine Is the Latest Neocon Disaster  by Jeffrey D. Sachs

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Haroon: US Forces Tortured Me During 15 Years at Gitmo
Cuban Troops in Fatal Clash With Florida Speedboat
Ex-NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Says He No Longer Supports AIPAC
Israel's Probe of Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh's Killing Raises Questions
Explosive Hamas Video Renews Discussions on Prisoner Exchange Deal With Israel
Zainab Al-Qolaq Tells the Story of 22 Family Members Killed in Gaza War Through Painting
Gaza: Hamas Releases Footage of Detained Israeli on Ventilator
Israeli Release Committee Rejects Appeal to Free Palestinian Prisoner Ahmed Manasra
Israeli Settlers Cut Dozens of Olive Trees Near Tubas
What You Need to Know About the Iran-US Nuclear Talks in Qatar
Iranian Translators Held in Case of Detained French Couple
Iran Court Confirms Frenchman's 8-Year Sentence: Lawyer
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Iraqi NGO Demands Answers From Authorities After Attack on Human Rights Workshop
Yemeni Warring Parties Trade Accusations of Truce Violations
Yemeni Govt Says Four Soldiers Killed by Houthi Attacks
Yemeni Currency Devaluation Persists, Despite New Leadership
US Says Progress Made Toward Elusive Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Deal
Lebanon to Host Arab League Meeting at Weekend: Government
Middle East
Jordanian PM Pledges Inquiry Into Deadly Blast at Red Sea Port That Killed 13
UAE Drops Death Sentence for Israeli Woman in Drug Case
UAE Security Adviser Meets Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim
Belgium Prime Minister Cautions Against Treating China as if It Is Another Russia
China to Issue Visas for Afghan Businesspeople
Afghan Survivor: If Another Quake Doesn't Kill US, Poverty Might
Afghanistan Sees Aid Pour in From Across Middle East Following Earthquake
Kabul Clerics Called for Inclusion of Women in Coming Gathering
Poppy Cultivation in Afghanistan Still Ongoing Despite Ban
Tensions Rise in Indian Town After Killing of Hindu Man
US Reoffers to Jointly Develop India Fifth-Gen Aircraft Engine
Gunmen in Northwest Pakistan Kill Polio Worker, Two Policemen
Pakistani Court Sentences Terrorist Linked to 2008 Mumbai Attacks to 15 Years
Top Philippines Court Rejects Final Bid to Stop Marcos Presidency
News Outlet Rappler Ordered to Shut Down by Philippines Govt
Dozens of People Dead in Colombia Prison Riot
Colombia Panel's Report Is a Step Toward Mending a Civil War's Scars, Rebuking US
Truth Commission Urges Drug Policy Change to End Violence
Ecuador Government and Indigenous Group End Talks After Disruptive Protests
Russia's Foreign Minister Confirms Argentina on Track to Become BRICS Member
Zelensky Urges Action in UN Address, Russia Calls It 'PR Campaign' for Weapons
'They Do Not Want Us,' Ukraine Says of NATO as Leaders Meet
Russia Security Forces Detain Mayor of Ukrainian City of Kherson: Officials
Russia Denies Hitting Ukrainian Shopping Center With Missiles
Ukraine Arrests 'Russian Agent' Who Guided Strike That Killed 50 Troops: SBU
Ukraine Envoy Says Israel Is 'Open to Oligarchs Not Ukrainian Refugees'
Ukraine Received 50 Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Drones Since Russian Invasion
Ukraine's New (and Probably Fake) War Hero Is a Goddamn Goat
Russia Bans Biden's Wife, Daughter From Entry
Russia Publishes Pentagon Coordinates, Says Western Satellites 'Work for Our Enemy'
Presence of Russia in North Africa Is Increasing, Spanish Foreign Minister Says
Sanctions, Bans, Shortages
Factbox: Western Ban on Russian Gold Imports Is Largely Symbolic
Europe Will Have to Cut Gas Usage by Nearly One-Third Ahead of Russia Stoppage: International Energy Agency
Ukraine Conflict Forces Georgia to Ban Exports of Wheat, Barley for One Year
Oil Tanker Is Stopped by US in Transit From Russian Port to New Orleans
Russian Superyacht Seized by US Arrives in San Diego Bay
Yacht of Wealthiest Russian Oligarch Docked in Haven Dubai
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Declaration With Turkey Does Not List Individuals for Extradition, Says Finland's Niinisto
Sweden's Kurds Fear They May Pay Price for NATO Bid
Pentagon Watchdog to Evaluate US Intelligence Sharing in Support of Ukraine
US to Buy 23 Combat Boats for Ukraine
Germany and Netherlands to Supply Six More Howitzers to Kyiv
Bulgaria Announces Expulsion of 70 Russian Diplomatic Staff
Australia Considering Reopening Ukraine Embassy
Japan PM Kishida To Extend Additional $100 Million in Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine
Scotland Announces Plan for Independence Vote October 2023
Britain Must Spend More on Defense, Minister Says
UK Service Honors Slain Reporter Shireen Abu Akleh's Life, Work
US Envoy Says Libya Elections Could Proceed Without Single Government
Rival Libyan Officials Hold UN-Led Election Talks in Switzerland
Sudan Launches Assault on Ethiopia After Alleged Executions
Police Disperse Protest Over Economic Hardship in Ghana
Ethiopia Names Negotiators for Looming Tigray Peace Process
Egyptian Court Sentences 10 to Death on Terrorism Charges
Tunisia's Ex-Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali Released, Says Lawyer
Investors Excited by Zimbabwe Plan to Mint Gold to Curb Inflation
France Delivers Tactical Vehicles, Defense Systems to Morocco
Ivory Coast to Spend $430 Million in Anti-Jihadism Campaign
Algeria Upholds 20-Year Jail Sentence for Ex-Energy Minister
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Cultural Warriors: Why Palestine's Sports Victories Should Inspire Us

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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Remembering Hiroshima

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The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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