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Updated July 1, 2022 - 8:22 PM EDT
Biden To Support Ukraine 'For as Long as It Takes'
  Pentagon Agency Wants to Send Weapons Inspectors to Ukraine
Ukrainian Troops Receive Arms Training in UK
  Erdogan: May Still Block Sweden, Finland NATO Bids if Vows Not Kept
  Poland Says EU and Russia Agree They Need a Plan on Kaliningrad
Iran Remains Hopeful on Nuclear Talks
Biden: Mideast Trip To 'Deepen Israeli Integration in Region'
US, SK, Japan Increase Military Ties Over N. Korea Tests
US, Taliban Hold Talks in Doha on Frozen Afghan Funds
Antiwar.com: Now More Than Ever  by Ted Snider
Perils of Shaping a Recalcitrant World  by Andrew Bacevich & Alex Jordan
Wait, Is There Really a New
US-Led Air Defense Alliance in the Middle East?
 by Connor Echols
item Don't Expand NATO – Disband It  by Thomas Knapp
item West's Self-Defeating Sanctions  by Philip Pilkington
item Chomsky on Root Causes of the Russia Ukraine War  by Ramzy Baroud

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'Inconsistent With Our Values': Ben & Jerry's Opposes Ice Cream's Return to Israeli Settlements
Army Swiftly Backpedals on Policy Dropping High School Diploma Requirement
McConnell Threatens to Kill China Competition Bill
As Israel Heads Back to Elections, Lapid Stakes Out Vision
Gantz Orders Probe After TV Reports Hint IDF Behind Iran Steel Plant Cyberattack
Israeli Politicians Agree on One Thing: They Need More Money
Dozens of Palestinians Wounded in Settler Attack in Nablus
Israeli Court Postpones Expulsion of Palestinian Family From Silwan
Israeli Occupation Forces Detain 14 Palestinians in West Bank Raids
Three Israelis Wounded by Palestinian Fighters in West Bank Flashpoint
'Unfounded Allegations': EU Resumes Funding of Palestinian NGOs
Some Progressive Democrats Call Out AIPAC, Pro-Israel Groups During Primary Election Cycle
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 165 Killed in June
PM Barzani Orders Closure of Gun Markets Confiscation of Unlicensed Guns in Iraqi Kurdistan
Saudi Arabia
Biden Says He Won't Directly Ask Saudi Arabia to Produce More Oil
US Senator Warns of 'Deep Concerns' Over Saudi-Backed Golf Tournament
Middle East
Yemen: Assassination Attempt on Military Official's Convoy Leaves Seven Dead in Aden
Israel, Egypt, Saudi 'Close to Deal' on Red Sea Islands
EU Says It May Not Be Possible to Cross Finish Line on Iran Nuclear Deal
Turkey's NATO Deal May Bring Nationalist Votes Back to Erdogan
Qatar Gives Cash-Strapped Lebanese Army $60 Million Ministry
New Pacific Alliance PBP to Counter China's Influence Will Likely Grow to Include More European Nations, Say Analysts
US-Taiwan Trade Talks Rankle Mainland China as 'Inevitable' Deal Seen Pulling Island Into US Orbit
North Korea Calls US Humanitarian Offer 'Foolish', Politically Motivated
South Korea's Yoon Warns at NATO Summit of Threat to 'Universal Values'
South Korea Committee Endorses Additional F-35 Procurement
Meeting in Kabul of Clerics From Across Afghanistan Begins
Afghan Politicians Call for Inclusivity at Clerics' Gathering
Afghan Women Demand Inclusion in Clerics' Gathering
Taliban Says Govt Is Obliged to Consider Clerics' Opinions at National Gathering
'Not a Good Idea to Continue to Starve Afghanistan', Pakistan Minister Rabbani Calls for Easing Sanctions
Thousands Protest in India's Udaipur After Hindu Tailor Murdered
Indian Army Seeking 4,800 New Sniper Rifles
Amarnath Yatra Pilgrimage Begins Amid Heavy Security in Kashmir; One Million Hindus Expected
Marcos Takes Helm in Philippines, Silent on Father's Abuses
Drug Killings Leave Agony, Savage Facet to Duterte's Legacy in Philippines
Myanmar Jet Enters Thai Airspace, Prompting Evacuations
Sri Lanka Eyes Trimming Presidential Powers Amid Unrest Over Economic Crisis
Ecuador Govt, Indigenous Leaders Reach Deal to End Protests
US Delegation Fails to Secure Release of Americans in Venezuela Visit
Eduardo Zapateiro: Colombian Army Chief Resigns to Avoid Appearing Beside President-Elect Petro at Inauguration
'We Cannot Pause Our Lives': Ukrainians Begin Rebuilding
Ukraine Plans on Summer Counteroffensive to Oust Russian Forces
Russian Missile Strike Kills 17 in Ukraine's Odesa, Official Says
Russian Forces Leave Snake Island, Keep Up Eastern Assault
Russian Defense Ministry Says Its Forces Destroyed Command Center Near Dnipro
Israeli Citizen Fighting for Ukraine Taken Captive by Pro-Russian Forces in Luhansk
First Cargo Ship Leaves Ukraine's Occupied Port of Berdyansk
Russia's Medvedev Says Sanctions Could Be Justification for War
Putin: Russia Open to Dialogue on Nuclear Non-Proliferation
New 'Iron Curtain' Descending Between Russia and West: Lavrov
Putin: Western Leaders Would Look 'Disgusting' Topless
Russia Hauls in UK Ambassador Over 'Offensive' Comments on Nuclear Weapons
Some Captured Azov Fighters Will Face Trial, Putin Ally Says
Russian Duma Passes Law on Retaliation Against Foreign Media
The World & Ukraine/Russia
China Not Giving Material Support for Russia's War in Ukraine: US Official
Canada to Lead NATO Combat Force in Latvia
Russia and China Slam NATO After Alliance Raises Alarm
US Treasury Dept Blocks $1 Billion Trust Owned by Russian Oligarch
Sweden to Send More Anti-Tank Weapons and Machine Guns to Ukraine
European Court Tells Russia to Ensure Two Britons Do Not Face Death Penalty
Poland Completes Belarus Border Wall to Keep Migrants Out
Poland Condemns Belarus for Vandalism of Polish Graves
UK Sends Military Experts to Counter Russian Influence in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pro-Palestine Organizations Urge British Prime Minister to Scrap Anti-BDS Bill
ICC Issues Arrest Warrants for 2008 Russia-Georgia War Crimes
Greece Proceeds With Purchase of 20 Lockheed F-35 Fighter Jets
UN Mission to Mali Extended, but Without French Air Support
Spain's Foreign Minister Does Not Rule Out NATO Intervention in Mali
Mali Vows to Defy UN Call for Peacekeepers to Investigate Abuses
UN: Libya Rival Officials Fail to Agree on Election Criteria
Twenty People Found Dead in Desert After Vehicle Breaks Down
DR Congo
UN Extends Arms Embargo on Armed Groups in Volatile DR Congo
DR Congo Buries Murdered Independence Hero Lumumba's Remains, Recently Returned by Belgium
Five Killed in Sudan as Pro-Democracy Protests Sweep Country
Gunmen Kidnap Four Chinese Workers in Central Nigeria
Ethiopia Blames Militia for Killing 338 People in Oromiya in June
Egypt Eases Restrictions for Gazans Travelling Through Rafah
UN Peacekeepers Claim to Have Retaken Central African Republic Town From Rebels
Tunisia's Proposed Constitution Gives Saied Far More Power
US Military
Oops! US Navy Helicopter 'Rigging Failure' Sends Five Missiles Into the Pacific
Four Former US Navy Officers Convicted in 'Fat Leonard' Bribery Trial
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Remembering Hiroshima

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