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Updated July 3, 2022 - 9:26 PM EDT
Biden To Support Ukraine 'For as Long as It Takes'
  US Announces New $820 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine
  Putin Says Sanctions Speeding Up Russia-Belarus Unification
  Diplomacy: A Flurry of Meetings, but Little Momentum for Peace
Iran Talks Could Resume After Biden Mideast Trip
  Biden: Mideast Trip To 'Deepen Israeli Integration in Region'
Pentagon Uses a Secretive Program To Wage Proxy Wars
US, Taliban Hold Talks in Doha on Frozen Afghan Funds
Assange Appeals UK Decision To Extradite Him to US
Another Round of Talks Fail as the Iran Nuclear Deal Appears To Be Slipping Away  by Daniel Larison
The Defense Production Act Has Become a License for Central Planning  by Eric Boehm
item Who Really Makes US Foreign Policy?  by Joseph Solis-Mullen
item Amid Outrage Over Journalist's Killing, US Vows to Put Israel First  by Maureen Clare Murphy

More Viewpoints

Atlanta Fed GDP Tracker Shows the US Economy Is Likely in a Recession
Swedish FM Discusses Concerns of Kurdish Diaspora With Kurdish Govt
FBI Rented Istanbul Villa Where 'ISIS Beatle' Aine Davis Was Caught
Ukraine Says Russian Missiles Kill 21 Near Odessa
Russia Uses Old Soviet-Era Missiles to Strike Ukraine: General
Ukraine Says Link Restored to Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Station
Ukraine Requests Turkey Detain Russian-Flagged Ship It Says Carrying Ukrainian Grain
Two More Britons Charged With Being Mercenaries in Separatist-Held East Ukraine: Tass
Russia Seizes Control of Partly Foreign-Owned Energy Project
Russia Arrests Scientist for Alleged Collaboration With Chinese Secret Services
Russia's Oil Revival Gets Some Help From Domestic Refineries
Trial of WNBS Star Brittney Griner Begins in Russia
Russian Envoy to Bulgaria to Ask Moscow to Shut Embassy After Mass Expulsions
The World & Ukraine/Russia
NATO in Talks to Build Naval Base in Albania, Prime Minister Says
Norway Pledges 1 Billion Euros to Support Ukraine
Bulgaria Destroys Naval Mine Off Its Black Sea Coast
Bulgaria's Outgoing PM Rejects Russian Ultimatum, Unveils Potential Successor
Hungary Must Radically Increase Its Defense Capabilities, PM Orban Says
We'll Be With You on 'Long Road' to Membership, EU Tells Ukraine
Germany Wants Faster Talks on Bringing Balkan States Closer to EU
Indonesia Leader Targets Food Crisis During Russia-Ukraine Peace Mission
Italy Court Turns Down Request to Unfreeze Russian Businessman's Yacht
Inflation Hits Record 8.6% for 19 Countries Using the Euro
After Submarine Row, Macron Tells Australian PM He Wants to Focus on Future
China & Neighbors
Chinese Firms in the US Report Revenue Bounces Back but Investment Drops With Gloom About China-US Ties
China to Loosen Entry Restrictions on US Citizens, Transit Via 3rd Country Now Permitted
Palau Slams UN for Blocking Taiwan Delegates From Attending Ocean Conference
Chinese Envoy Prods South Korea to Rethink Pro-US Pivot
Hong Kong's New Leader Sworn in as China's Xi Hails Rule by 'Patriots'
Only Two Participants at Afghanistan's Clerics' Gathering Called to Reopen Girls' School
Taliban Leader Hails Afghan Victory at Gathering to Forge National Unity
US Army Will No Longer Rotate Tank Units to South Korea – but the Tanks Are Staying
Thailand to Buy Israeli 'Killer Drones' in $112 Million Deal
Dialogue With Suu Kyi 'Not Impossible' Says Myanmar Junta
Philippines' Marcos Appoints Career Diplomat as Foreign Minister
Yair Lapid Officially Takes Over Israel's Premiership
Lapid and Netanyahu Cross Swords Over Security Briefings as New PM Settles In
Shireen Abu Akleh's Killing Referred to ICC
Israeli Soldiers Injure Dozens of Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum
BDS Condemns Unilever's Sale of Ben & Jerry's to Israeli Affiliate
Israeli Soldiers Attack Palestinian Woman's Funeral in Beit Ummar
Palestinian Authorities 'Mistreat, Torture' Detainees: HRW
Israeli Settlers Set Lands on Fire Near Bethlehem
Palestinians Pin Scant Hope on Biden Visit After Setbacks Under Trump
Israeli Forces Prevent Al-Aqsa Mosque Guard From Entering Compound
Christian Group Resumes Bringing Students to Israel on Birthright-Style Trips
US Presbyterian Church Declares Israel 'Apartheid State'
Syria Government Claims It Blocked US Convoy in Qamishli
Turkey Won't Rush New Operation in Syria, Says Erdogan
'My Roof Was Stolen': Syrian Homes Looted After Govt Recapture
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 165 Killed in June
Yazidi Activist Assassinated in Iraq's Sinjar
Turkey Blocks Access to Deutsche Welle and Voice of America Over License Row
Turkey's Erdogan Says No Meeting Until Greek PM 'Pulls Himself Together': Media
Turkey, Armenia to Open Land Borders for Third-Country Citizens
Turkey's Erdogan Says Ready to Back Reinstating Death Penalty
Yemen's Warring Parties Block Victim Compensation Claims Despite Promises
Libya Protesters Storm Parliament Building in Tobruk
Angry Protests Against Feuding Leaders Grip Libyan Cities
Tunisia's New Constitution Draft Codifies 'One-Man Rule'
Uganda Opposition Figure Besigye Released on Bail After Two Weeks
Sierra Leone Launches Re-Denominated Currency to Strengthen Value
Germany, Nigeria Sign Accord for Return of Looted Benin Bronzes
Egypt To Remove Senior Army Officers From Posts
Western Sahara Activist Prisoners Complain to UN Against Morocco
Indigenous Leader Who Opposed Illegal Mining Killed in Venezuela
US Military
Multiple Errors Led to Fuel Leak in Pearl Harbor Water, Navy Says
US Space Force Establishes New Unit to Track 'Threats in Orbit'
US Army Says National Guard, Reserve Forces Must Be Vaccinated to Participate in Drills
US Navy, Air Force Running 'Capstone Test' of New High-Power Microwave Missile
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US and Ukraine, Goals in Conflict

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NATO and Collective Insecurity

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