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Updated July 7, 2022 - 9:51 PM EDT
US, Allies May Cap Russian Oil, Cause Price Spike
  Russia Warns US Trying to Punish a Nuclear Power Risks Humanity
Turkey Renews Nordic Extradition Requests
  NATO Says It Has No Plans to Send Troops to Sweden and Finland
  Norway-Russia Tensions Escalate Over Sanctions Impacting Arctic
New IDF Chief Suggests More Killing of Iranian Leaders
  US Imposes New Iran Sanctions as Others Try to Save Deal
  After Iran Meeting, Qatar FM Commits To Help With Nuclear Deal
FBI, MI5 Name Chinese Govt a Top Threat to Business
  China Accuses US of 'Technology Terrorism' for Chip Restrictions
Israeli Drone Strike Kills Syrian Soldier in Golan Frontier
Europe Caught Between the Fires of Great Powers  by Peter Rodgers
Disputed Yemeni Island Could Host Part of US-Led Missile Defense  by Connor Echols
item Is It All Up to India?
 by Ted Snider
item Ukraine Bans Political Opposition  by Katya Sedgwick

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Oil From US Reserves Sent Overseas as Gasoline Prices Stay High
World Hunger Rising as UN Agencies Warn of 'Looming Catastrophe'
Dems Propose Blocks on Biden Security Pacts With Saudi Arabia, UAE
Russia Says It Destroyed Two US HIMARS in East Ukraine, Kyiv Rejects Claim
12 Killed in Ukraine as Russia Pounds Rebel-Claimed Province
Mariupol Port Operating at Full Capacity, Tass Quotes Officials
Ukraine May Finally Get Slovakia's MIG-29s Thanks to Czech Air Patrol Deal
Ukrainians Hope Embattled UK PM 'Johnsoniuk' Can Cling On
Russia Accuses Ukraine of Torturing Prisoners of War
Russia Criticizes 'Unilateral Leak' of Putin-Macron Call
Putin's Aide Warns US Against Pressing for War Crimes Court
Russia's Lavrov Calls for Efforts to Protect International Laws
Detained US Basketball Player Griner May Appeal, Ask for Clemency
Some Russians Won't Halt War Protests, Despite Arrest Fears
Russia's Parliament Passes Sweeping Wartime Economic Controls
Oil, Gas, & Coal
EU Chief Warns of Danger of Complete Cut-Off of Russian Gas
China Continues to Buy Record Levels of Russian Crude
Russia Pockets $24bn From Selling Energy to China, India
Energy Crisis Could Force the UK to Keep Using Coal
Sri Lanka President Asks Russia's Putin to Help Import Fuel
Kremlin Slams Japan's 'Unfriendly' Stance Amid G7 Oil Price Cap Talk
Japan Experts Doubt Possibility of Price Cap on Russian Oil
The World & Ukraine/Russia
NATO Chief Expects Speedy Approval of Swedish and Finnish Membership Bids
Trudeau: Canada First NATO Ally to Ratify Membership Bids by Finland and Sweden
Russian FM Says Turkey Hasn't Detained Grain Ship
Bulgaria Blocks Bank Transfer to Russian Embassy Citing EU Sanctions
Lithuania to Transfer a Crowdfunded Bayraktar Drone to Ukraine on Wednesday
UK PM Johnson Rejects Scotland's Request for Independence Vote
Latvia to Reinstate Compulsory Military Service
France Plans to Nationalize Utility Giant EDF
Woman Stabbed to Death at Swedish Political Festival
Concessions to Bulgaria Prompts Violent Protests in N. Macedonia
Slovakia's Junior Coalition Party Threatens to Quit Government
Italy's 5-Star Says It Will Stay in Govt but Sets Policy Conditions
Ahead of G-20 Ministers' Meeting, China Slams US, NATO
China Foreign Minister Seeks 'New Golden Era' of Ties With Philippines
Russian Warships Sailing Near Taiwan Puts Beijing in 'An Awkward Position', Say Analysts
Some Participants of Clerics' Gathering Call for Plan on Schools
Taliban Defense Minister Mawlawi Yaqoob Mujahid Visits Qatar
India Ruling Party Has No Muslim MP for the First Time in History
India to Procure 30,000 Night Sights for US-Made Rifles
Pakistan Police Arrest Suspect in Deadly Bombing of Chinese Nationals
Blinken Spoke to Pakistan Foreign Minister
Uzbek Leader Blames 'Foreign Forces' for Outbreak of Unrest
Opposition and Protesters Reject Burhan's Deal to End Military Rule
Sudan's Burhan Relieves Members of the Sovereign Council
What Is Behind the Protests Rocking Libya?
22 Malians, Including Children, Die in Boat Disaster Off Libya
Colombia's President-Elect Petro Calls for ELN Talks, Ceasefire
Poll Shows Brazil's Lula Maintaining Strong Lead in Presidential Race
Argentina Jails Ex-Military Officers for Crimes During Dictatorship
US Military
US Army Social Media Guide Instructs Soldiers to Say Nice Things About Military
New Video Shows Fuel Leak at Navy Facility That Poisoned Base Water Supply
Navy Commander Awarded After Mishandling Pearl Harbor Water Crisis
After Criticism, US Army Reinstates High School Diploma Requirement as Recruitment Plummets
US Army Reserve Announces Covid-19 Vaccination Statistics
Tens of Thousands of Part-Time US Soldiers Face Discharge for Missing Covid Vax Deadline
USAF Awards $950 Million Joint All Domain Command and Control Contract
Israeli Army: No Way Soldiers 'Deliberately' Killed Palestinian Journalist
Abu Akleh Family Demands Accountability Following Inconclusive US Investigation
Unilever Decision Spotlights Crackdown on US Palestinian Activism
Palestinian Lawyers March Against Legislation by Decree
Palestinian Leaders Abbas and Haniyeh Hold Rare Meeting in Algeria
Israeli Court Releases Settler Who Stabbed a Palestinian to Death
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Man During Mass Arrest Campaign
Soldier Suspected of Looting Palestinian Property Near Hebron Detained
Iraq Daily Roundup: 14 Killed
Kurdistan Regional Government Says Will Defend Constitutional Rights Amid Pressure From Iraq
Fate of Missing Iraqi Activist Sajad Al-Iraqi Still Unknown
In Iraq, Residents of the ISIS Al-Hol Detention Camp Are Coming Home
Iranian TV: Revolutionary Guard Accuses Diplomats of Spying
British Foreign Office Denies UK Diplomat Detained in Iran
Iran Demands Immediate Release of Iranian National Tried for 'War Crimes' in Sweden
Iran Still Seeking Diplomats Missing in Lebanon Since Israeli Invasion of 1982
Russia Proposes 6-Month Cross-Border Aid Renewal for Syria
Kurdish Syria Declares 'State of Emergency' Amid Turkish Attacks
Lebanon Plans Syrian Refugee Repatriation Within Months: Minister
Beirut Facing Weeks-Long Drinking Water Shortage
Lebanon Should Drill for Gas Regardless of Maritime Deal With Israel, MP Says
Saudi Arabia
Americans Ask Biden to Help Free Relatives Held in Saudi Arabia, Egypt
Saudi Arabia Expecting 1 Million in Largest Hajj Since Virus
Middle East
Turkish Police Teargas Pride March in Ankara, Detain 36
Yemen's Warring Factions Agree to Consolidate Truce During Eid Al-Adha: UN
Nigeria Confirms Ambush by Gunmen on President's Security Convoy
ISIS Claims Raid on Nigerian Prison, 440 Inmates on Run
'Death Sentence': Massacres Fuel Protests, Resentment in Ethiopia
Ethiopia Parliament Sets Up Body to Probe Mass Killings
Somalia Will Talk to Al-Shabaab 'When Time Is Right'
Facing Severe Drought, Somalia Calls for Turkish Support
Photos: Somalia Starved of Aid in Shadow of Ukraine Crisis
Egypt Uses 'Life-Destroying' Travel Bans to Silence Peaceful Activism
Egyptian Army-Owned Company Asking Government for $212 Million to Rent Offices
Algeria to Re-Open Land Border With Tunisia: President
DR Congo and Rwanda Agree to Reduce Tensions Over M23 Rebels
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