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Updated July 12, 2022 - 8:41 PM EDT
US May Resume 'Offensive' Arms Sales to Saudis
  Biden Falsely Claims US Troops Not Engaged in Combat in Mideast
  17 Killed or Injured in Yemen's Saada as Saudis Break Truce
  UN Envoy Wants Another Expansion of Yemen Truce
Putin: Fast-Track Russia Citizenship to All Ukraine
  Latvia President Wants to Introduce Compulsory Military Service for All
  Yellen Looks to Gain Support for Russian Oil Price Cap in Asia Trip
China: SE Asians Shouldn't Be Used as 'Chess Pieces'
Outrage as Biden Considers Lifting Ban on 'Offensive' Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia  by Brett Wilkins
The Endless Shame of Guantanamo  by Jordan Michael Smith
State Department Goes Along With Israel's Orwellian Charade  by Philip Weiss
item How to End the War in Ukraine?  by Jean Bricmont
item Handling International Crises:
From JFK to Biden
 by Rick Sterling
item There Are No Core US National Interests at Stake in Ukraine  by William Ruger

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Iraqis Angered at Parliament Bid to Ban Homosexuality
US Defense Firm Ends Talks to Buy Israeli Spyware From Controversial Firm
Video Hidden by US Navy for 6 Months Shows 34 Hours of Spewing Jet Fuel
Biden to Mideast
US Reportedly Split Up Biden's 10-Day Trip Abroad, Feared Too Taxing for 79-Year-Old
Biden's Middle East Visit Spells Greater Repression for Palestinians and Gulf Activists, Experts Say
Israel's New PM Lapid Says Iran Will Top Biden Visit Agenda
Biden's Dilemma: What About a Photo With Saudi Crown Prince MbS?
'US Only Helping Entrench Occupation': Palestinians Urge Visiting Biden to Do More
Palestinians Say Biden Has No Diplomatic Vision Ahead of Mideast Tour
With Biden, Palestinians Seeking Freedom Get Permits Instead
US Rejected Request for Israeli Officials to Join Biden East Jerusalem Visit
Biden to Forgo Meet and Greet With Israeli Dignitaries at Sweltering Tarmac Welcome
Biden to Hold Four-Way Virtual Summit With Israel, UAE, and India
Israel Wants Saudi Arabia to Be Part of Common Middle East Market
Israeli Settlers Brutally Attack Palestinians in Occupied West Bank
Israeli Court Rules in Favor of Sweeping Impunity
Israel Allows 400 Gazans to Visit Jerusalem, Pray at Al-Aqsa
Israeli Settlers Uproot Over 450 Palestinian Trees, Vandalize Cars Near Ramallah
Biden Less Popular Among Israelis Than Trump, but Seen as Less Dangerous
Iran Says Production of 20-Pct Uranium Nothing New
Iran Lawmaker Says US Spreading Iranophobia to Sell Weapons
Iran Moves to Expand Supergiant Oilfield Amid Global Crude Crisis
Third Iranian Filmmaker Reportedly Arrested in a Week
Iraqis Angered at Parliament Bid to Ban Homosexuality
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Iraq Pays Off Debt Owed to Iran Over Natural Gas
West Bows to Russian Call for
6-Months Aid to Syrian Rebels
'Faceless Killer': Syria Landmines Keep Sowing Death
Jordan's Tribal Leaders Take Aim at King Abdullah II
Jordan Seeks 'Healthy Relations' With Iran: Jordanian PM
US Still Seeks Ex-Palestinian Prisoner's Extradition From Jordan
Greek PM Slams Map Showing Major Greek Islands as Turkish
House Democrat Targets F-16 Sales to Turkey Over Greek Security Concerns
Osman Kavala: European Court Says Turkey Failed to Comply With Release of Philanthropist
Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Jihadists Kill Five Civilians, Including Child
Burkina Faso's Military Government Struggles to Contain Violence
Seven Children Killed in an Explosion in Northern Togo
Sudan Coup: Half of Khartoum Democratic Sit-Ins Dismantled
Tunisia Opposition Renews Call for Referendum Boycott
Spanish Court Permits Autopsy on Ex-Angolan Leader Dos Santos
Cubans Decry Preemptive Clampdown on Protest Anniversary
Cuba Slams US 'Involvement' on Anniversary of Anti-Govt Protests
US Sees New Spike in Migrants From Cuba
Mexico, US Presidents to Meet Amid Newly Tense Relationship
Haiti Gang Violence Leaves More Than 50 Dead, Mayor Says Since Friday
Biden Administration Extends TPS Protection for Venezuelans
Ukraine Investigates, Attacks Those Who Collaborate With Russia
Death Toll From Russian Rocket Attack on Housing Block Rises to 30
Leader of Russian-Occupied Ukrainian Town Killed by Car Bomb: Tass
Clearance of Snake Island Opens Route to Ukraine's Danube River Ports
Ukraine Building 'Army of Drones' From Donations
Ukraine's Richest Man Announces His Holding's Exit From Media Business
Soaring Energy Exports Send Russia's Account Surplus to Record High
Amid Ukraine War, Russian Parliament to Hold Extraordinary Session
Russia and Turkey Plan Summit Talks Soon: Kremlin
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Kaliningrad Proposes Ban on Movement of Goods From Baltic States
EU Creates Moldova Hub to Stem Arms Smuggling From Ukraine
US, NATO Allies to Hold Chemical, Biological, Nuclear Training in Canada
US Supports Canada's Decision to Return Turbine to Germany, Countering Russia
Ukraine Summons Canadian Envoy Over Turbine Return to Germany
French Industry Switches to Oil From Gas Amid Uncertainty Over Russian Supply
Germany, Czech Republic Pledge Solidarity as Russian Gas Flows Stop
Nord Stream 1 Pipeline Shuts Down Amid German Suspicion of Russia
Sanctions-Hit Firms May Get 500,000 Euros State Aid Under EU Plans
Poland to Extend Gas Tariff Protection for Households Until End 2027
Spain Calls on Firms to Minimize LNG Imports From Russia
Ukraine's Zelensky, Turkey's Erdogan Discuss Grain Exports, Ukrainian Ports
Foreign Secretary Truss Enters Race to Become Next British Prime Minister
UK PM Johnson's Replacement to Be Announced on Sept 5: Conservative Party
US Rejects 'Serbian World' Advocated by Serbian Minister
Police Detain Man With Explosives in Warsaw, Evacuate Area
Swedish Political Festival Murder Investigated as Possible Terrorist Crime
Pacific Islands Summit Begins Amid US-China Battle for Influence
Taiwan Vice President Makes Rare Japan Visit to Pay Respects to Abe
Afghan Citizens Call to Reopen Girls' Schools
Kabul, Doha to Sign Security Agreement: Acting Taliban Defense Minister
Karimi: Taliban Wants Deep, Formal Interaction With International Community
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Parliament to Hold Vote on July 20 for New President
How a Band of Activists Helped Bring Down Sri Lanka's Government
South Korea
South Korea to Create New Command That Would Control Strategic Weapons
US Military
Inside the Office of a One-Star US Army General That 100% of Soldiers Rated 'Hostile'
First Laser Weapon for a Fighter Delivered to the US Air Force
How the US Marine Corps Fails to Punish Senior Officer Misconduct, Time and Again
US Navy Tried to Cast Capt. Brett Crozier as a Villain. New Emails Reveal How Much Support He Really Had
Sailor Aboard the USS Carl Vinson Dies
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NATO Scribes vs. Russian Artillery and Rockets

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US and Ukraine, Goals in Conflict

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A Lesson From Ukraine: China's Red Lines on Taiwan Shouldn't Be Ignored

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NATO and Collective Insecurity

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The History Behind the Russia-Ukraine War

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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Remembering Hiroshima

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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