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Updated July 14, 2022 - 8:30 PM EDT
Biden Says US-Israeli Connection Is 'Bone Deep'
  Israel Shows Air Defense System to Biden, Including Laser Iron Beam
Ukraine and Russia Reach Deal on Grain Exports
  EU Says Lithuania Must Allow Sanctioned Goods to Kaliningrad
  NATO and EU Seeking to Track Arms Sent to Ukraine
Biden: Willing To Use Force Against Iran as 'Last Resort'
  Biden: US To Keep IRGC on Terror List Even if It Kills Nuclear Deal
House to Vote on Measure To Constrain Saudi Arms Sales
UN Extends Yemen Mission in Hodeidah by Another Year
US Warship Sails Near Chinese-Controlled Islands
A Nuclear State of Denial  by Caitlin Johnstone
The US Doesn't Need to Recommit to the Middle East  by Jon Hoffman
Biden Told Congress Troops Are at War in the Middle East. Now He Says They Aren't.  by Fiona Harrigan
item Biden's Trip: Saudi Arabia Versus Iran  by Ted Snider
item No Starvation for Oil
 by Kathy Kelly
item Blinken Leading the Blind Into the Mideast Desert  by Ray McGovern

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John Bolton Touts Experience as US Coups D'Etat Planner
US Inflation Jumps 9.1 Percent in June to Fresh Four-Decade High
US Plans to Investigate Yemen War Violations Called a 'Slap in the Face'
Amnesty Int'l Calls for Probe Into Alleged British SAS War Crimes in Afghanistan
Ukraine Rules Out Ceding Territory to Russia to Secure Peace
Over 9 Million Border Crossings Registered From Ukraine: UN Agency
Ukraine Attacks Russian-Held Kherson, Plans Counterattack
Separatist Official Says Russian and Proxy Forces Enter Ukraine's Siversk: Tass
Leaders to Align Ukraine War Crimes Cases at Hague Meeting
US Calls for Immediate Halt to Russian Deportations in Ukraine
The World & Ukraine/Russia
NATO 'Air Shielding' to Bolster Missile Defenses Along Alliance's Eastern Edges
Two-Thirds of Ukrainian Refugees Intend to Stay in Host Countries
Germany Expects Direct but Difficult Dialogue With Russia at G20: Govt Sources
US, Europe Working Out Details on Russian Oil Price Cap: US Official
EU Lawmakers Seek More Energy Savings to Tackle Gas Crunch
Gas Won't Make EU's Next Russian Sanctions Package, Czech Leader Says
Germany to Halt Russian Coal Imports Next Month
North Korea Recognizes Breakaway of Russia's Proxies in East Ukraine
Ukraine Cuts North Korea Ties Over Recognition of Separatist Regions
Poland Buys Thousands of Disposable Grenade Launchers
Hungarians Protest for Second Day Against Tax Overhaul
Hungary Orders Export Ban on Fuels, Curbs Utility Price Caps
Hungary Declares 'Energy Emergency' Over Threat of Fuel Shortages
Euro Drops Below $1 for First Time Since 2002
What Prompted Euro's Loss of Value and What's Its Impact?
EU Tells Hungary, Poland to Step Up Their Democracy Game
Italy's Government Faces Collapse if 5-Star Pulls Out
Belarus Sentences Journalist to Eight Years for 'State Treason'
Greek Media Outlet Set on Fire in Suspected Arson Attack
China & Neighbors
Fiji Police Evict Two Chinese Defense Attaches Amid Pacific Forum Tensions
Solomon Islands PM Meets Australian, New Zealand Leaders Over China Pact
US House Bill Aims to Press China to Restart Tibet Talks With Dalai Lama
Reluctant Mayor OKs US Military Drones in Southern Japan
Japanese Lawmakers to Visit Taiwan on Security, Trade Trip
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka in Crisis: President Flees and Ire Turns to PM
Chaos Engulfs Sri Lanka as Protesters Demand Ouster of Interim Leader
Sri Lanka Declares State of Emergency After President Flees Country
Sri Lanka in Crisis: What, Why and How?
Timeline: Sri Lanka's Worst Economic, Political Crisis in Decades
Bomb in Myanmar's Yangon Kills Two, Wounds Eleven
Russia Delivers First Two of Six SU-30 Fighters to Myanmar
Heavy Rains Cause Unseasonal Floods, Kill 39 in Afghanistan
Brazil Congress Approves Major Spending Bill, Lifting Bolsonaro Re-Election Hopes
Ecuadorean Government, Indigenous Groups Begin Talks After Protests
Thousands Trapped as Haitian Gangs Battle for Control in Port-au-Prince
Peru Wants US Help to Stop Cocaine Trafficking Planes
Venezuelan Gold Legal Battle Resumes in London
US B-2 Stealth Bombers Land in Australia for Pacific Joint Exercise
Biden in Israel/Palestine
Biden Dismisses Democrats Critical of Israel, Saying They're 'Wrong'
'This Is Apartheid' B'Tselem Billboard Tells Biden Ahead of Israel Trip
Palestinians Say Biden 'Helping Sustain Apartheid' Before Visit
Meeting With Shireen Abu Akleh's Family Not on Biden's Schedule
White House Walks Back Sullivan's Claim US Seeking Consulate in East Jerusalem
Palestinian Lands Seized in West Bank as Biden Kicks Off Middle East Trip in Israel
Israel-Palestine US Policy: What Changed Under Biden, What Didn't
Secret Service Agent Sent Home After Allegedly Assaulting Woman in Jerusalem
Abbas Briefs Pope on Israeli Abuses in Jerusalem
Egypt Leads New Talks for Hamas-Israel Prisoner Swap Deal
Israeli Forces Injure Palestinian Worker Near Apartheid Wall
Israeli and Greek Air Forces Hold Dogfighting and Refueling Drill Over Israel
A Year After the Assassination of Nizar Banat in Israel, a Grieving Family and Evidence of Judicial Collusion
Saudi Arabia
Kremlin Hopes Biden Will Not Seek to Turn Saudi Arabia Against Russia
Saudi Arabia to Okay All Overflights From Israel, and Direct Travel for Hajj
Peace With Saudi Arabia a Matter of Time, Say Israelis Who Recently Visited Kingdom
Iran Says JCPOA Talks to Start Soon; West Warns of Closing Window
US, Iran in 'Indirect' Talks Over Return of American Hostages
Iranian Women Protest 'Modesty Day' by Removing Hijabs
Iran Pans Biden's Mideast Trip, Says It Won't Bring Security to Israel
Iran Vows to Stick to 'Rightful and Logical' Stance in Nuclear Talks
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
Shi'ite Cleric Sadr's Rivals Fear Mass Demonstrations in Iraq. His Supporters Do Too
Iraq Hits Back at Turkish Claims of Wasting Water
US Lawmakers Urge Biden to Push Back on Iraq's Anti-Normalization Law
Hundreds Arbitrarily Arrested Across Syria in First Half of 2022: Monitor
Syria: UK Falling Behind in Repatriating Prisoners From Camps, Warns Monitor
Middle East
Nasrallah Threatens War Over Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Dispute
UAE President, in First Address, Stresses Support for Energy Security, Friendly Relations
Armed Forces Deployed to Libya's National Oil Corporation HQ
Libya Oil Firm Lifts Force Majeure at Key Terminals
Libya's Oil Chief Rejects Sacking, Says Govt Mandate Expired
Suspected Islamists Kill Seven in East DR Congo City of Beni
Moroccan Probe Finds 23 Melilla Border Dead Likely 'Suffocated'
Before Mali Withdrawal, France Prepares Future Sahel Strategy
Ivory Coast Asks Mali to Release 49 Soldiers Arrested in Bamako
The War at Home
Shireen Abu Akleh: US Senators Say Biden's Handling of Investigation Is Neither Credible nor Independent
California Professors Fight Palestine Exception to Free Speech
US House Votes to Make It Easier to Report UFOs
US Sailors Filing Sexual Assault Reports to Get More Options Under New Changes
Ex-CIA Engineer Convicted in Massive Theft of Secret Info Released Through WikiLeaks
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Ted Snider
Biden's Trip: Saudi Arabia Versus Iran

Doug Bandow
The Destruction of Iraq's Christian Community: Another Legacy of George W. Bush's Invasion

Daniel Larison
The War Party Is Still Targeting Iran

Ray McGovern
Blinken Leading the Blind Into the Mideast Desert

Ramzy Baroud
15 Years of Failed Experiments: Myths and Facts About the Israeli Siege on Gaza

David Stockman
Washington's Sanctions War Kneecaps the West, Not Russia

Ted Galen Carpenter
Congress Is Willingly Abdicating Its War Powers Again

Patrick J. Buchanan
US and Ukraine, Goals in Conflict

Dave DeCamp
A Lesson From Ukraine: China's Red Lines on Taiwan Shouldn't Be Ignored

Sheldon Richman
NATO and Collective Insecurity

Scott Horton
The History Behind the Russia-Ukraine War

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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