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Updated July 16, 2022 - 8:46 PM EDT
Biden Saudi Visit Draws Criticism, Modest Accords
  Saudi FM: No Normalization With Israel Until Two-State Solution
  Biden Says He Brought Up Khashoggi Killing With Saudi Leaders
  Biden's Visit to Saudi Arabia Ups Risk of Regional War
  Biden's Saudi Visit Shows He Doesn't Care About Plight of Yemenis
House Military Bill Is a Boon to the Arms Industry
  House Passes $850 Billion NDAA, $37 Billion More Than Biden Asked
  NDAA Would End US Humanitarian Relief for Afghanistan
Iran Proxy Claims Iraqi PM Wants Normalization With Israel
  Iraq's Sadr Calls for Disbanding Uncontrolled Militias
Ukraine War: Diplomats Question 'Do Not Engage' Strategy
US 'Doesn't Support Violent Opposition to Taliban'
US Vows to Hunt Russian War Criminals – But Gives a Pass to Its Own  by Nick Turse
How the 'Great Power Competition' Model Leads to Costly Entanglements  by Daniel Larison
item Worsening Chaos: Israel's Political Instability Is Now the Norm  by Ramzy Baroud
item End the Korean War and Stop the US-China Arms Race  by Youkyoung Ko

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Dems Target Loophole That Lets US Proxy Forces Skip Human Rights Vetting
Puerto Rico Status Bill Introduced in House
State Dept OKs Potential Arms Sales of $1.5 Billion to Estonia, Norway, S. Korea
US Needs $3 Billion More to Remove Huawei, ZTE From US Networks: Regulator
Russia Defends Submarine Missile Attack That Killed 23 Civilians
Ukraine Regional Governor Says Russian Missiles Kill Three, Injure 15 in Dnipro
In Kharkiv Suburb, Return of Soviet-Era Trams Is a Step Towards Normalcy
Ukraine Announces First Delivery of M270 Rocket Systems
Ukraine's Military in Push to Develop High-Tech 'Army of Drones'
Russia Not Interested in Nationalizing Foreign Enterprises, Says Minister
US, Russian Space Agencies Sign Deal to Share Flights to ISS
Putin Orders Shake-Up at Russia's Space Agency Roscosmos
Russian Opposition Activist Andrei Pivovarov Jailed for Four Years
Russia Bans News Outlet Bellingcat, Labels It a Security Threat
Sanctions & Shortages
Europe 'Shot Itself in the Lungs' With Sanctions on Russia, Hungary's Orban Says
Germany's Top Buyer of Russian Gas on the Brink of Insolvency
Germany's Gas Crisis Generates Nuclear Dilemma for Ruling Greens
EU Proposes New Sanctions on Russian Gold Exports
UAE Under Fire for Hosting Sanctioned Russian Millionaires
Russia Sanctions 384 Japanese Lawmakers Over Stance on Ukraine
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Michigan Man Back in US After Being Rescued From Ukraine Amid Russian Invasion
Bulgaria Will Still Repair Ukrainian Military Equipment
Gaps in Arms Supplies to Ukraine Point to Countries' Divergent Strategies
UK Summons Russian Ambassador Over Death of Aid Worker in Ukraine
Poland to Buy 116 Used Abrams Tanks From US, Says Minister
Swedish Coast Guard Orders Seven New Patrol Vessels
Saab Delivering Land Training Systems to Swedish Military
Italy Stuck in Political Limbo, Prospect of Early Election Grows
Spain Rules Franco Regime 'Illegal' in New Memory Law
Slovenia Army Starts Removing Croatia Border Razor Wire
Germany Convicts Soldier Who Posed as Refugee, Plotted Attack
Britain's Typhoon Jets to Get Radar, Anti-Jamming Upgrades in Nearly $3 Billion Deal
US Navy Ship Again Sails Near Disputed S. China Sea Islands
US Approves Possible Sale of Military Assistance to Taiwan
China Willing to 'Recalibrate' Strained Australia Ties, FM Says
Four Afghans Killed in Shooting at Bakery in Logar Province
Prominent Salafi Scholar Killed in Afghanistan
Mutaqqi: Taliban Has Made Progress With International Relations
Western Sanctions on Russia Hamper India's SU-30MKI Upgrades
India to Develop Air-Launched Anti-AWACS Missile
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Sworn in as Interim President
The AP Interview: Sri Lanka Opposition Leader Sees Tough Work Ahead
The Divisive Legacy of Sri Lanka's Gotabaya Rajapaksa
Pakistan Says Forces Kill Nine Insurgents After Officer's Death
Papua New Guinea Police Accused of Killing Woman at Polls
Philippine Army Receives Israeli-Made Armored Tank Bridges
South Korea Forcibly Deported Only Two of 200 North Korean Fishermen Since 2010
Japan to Forgo Setting Ceiling on Next Year's Defense Spending
Indian-Made Torpedo Found Washed-Up on a Beach in Myanmar
Colombia Military Kills FARC Dissident Leader Mordisco
Mexican Navy Says 14 People Dead After Black Hawk Helicopter Crash
UN Security Council Demands Halt to Flow of Guns to Haitian Gangs
President Boric Says Chile Should Draft New Constitution if Current Proposal Fails
Biden in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Agrees to Increase Oil Production Levels, Will Help 'Stabilize Markets,' White House Says
Saudi Security 'Grabs' NBC Reporter Shouting to MbS About Apologizing for Khashoggi Murder
Biden Arrives in Saudi Arabia 'Much Diminished President': Prince Turki
Washington Post Slams Biden for 'Shameful' Fist Bump With MbS
Oil-Rich Saudi Arabia Doubles Import of Discounted Russian Fuel
Silenced Critics Overshadowing Biden's Saudi Arabia Visit
How Previous US Presidents Were Greeted in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's Neom Megacity Dreams Get Wilder, Enriching Foreign Consultants
US to Remove Red Sea Island Observer Force, Advancing Steps Toward Saudi-Israel Ties
Analysis: How Much Closer Can Biden Bring Saudi Arabia to Israel?
Saudi Arabia Opens Up Airspace to All Airlines, Including Israeli
Biden Meets Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas Before Heading to Saudi Arabia
National Security Adviser Says Israel Not Afraid to Differ With US on Iran
Biden Claims US Will Achieve Accountability for Abu Akleh Killing
In West Bank Alongside Abbas, Biden Endorses Two States but Says 'Ground Isn't Ripe'
'They're Wrong': Biden Rejects US Progressive Lawmakers Criticism of Israel
Palestinian President Calls on US to Reopen Consulate in East Jerusalem
Biden Brings Palestinians Aid, No New 'Peace Plan'
Rockets Fired From Gaza Into Israel Hours After Biden Visit
Palestinians Rally in West Bank and Gaza Against Biden Visit
EU States Express Support for Palestinian Civil Society, Reject Israeli 'Terror' Designation
Palestinians Reject Israel's Negev Desert Airport Plan
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed
Sadrists Project Strength in Mass Prayer – but the Man Himself Is a No Show

Yemenis Divided on Biden's Visit to Saudi Arabia

Aid Group Says Yemeni Children Still Dying of Hunger
Middle East
UAE Working to Send Envoy to Iran, Opposes Anti-Tehran Axis
Iran Unveils First Drone Carrier Fleet
What Was Turkey's Failed Coup About – and What's Happened Since?
End of Libyan Oil Blockade to Be Announced Shortly, Two Tribal Figures Say
Libya's 'New' NOC Chair Vows Oil Will Flow Within a Week
At Least 12 Killed in Raids on Northern Togo Villages
Togolese Army Admits to Killing Children Mistaken for 'Jihadists'
Tunisia's Islamist Leader Says President Moving Country Towards Dictatorship
Tunisia's Islamist Who Went From Kingmaker to Opposition
Mali Suspends All New Rotations of UN Peacekeeping Forces
Egypt to Withdraw Troops From Mali Peacekeeping Mission: UN
New York National Guard to Join South African Forces in 2022 Shared Accord Exercise
Somalia, Kenya Ink Deals on Khat, Aviation as Relations Warm
Niger Needs French Buffer as Strengthens Army, Defense Minister Says
Congo Republic's Ruling Party Dominant in Legislative Elections
Central African Republic Launches 'Sango Coin' Cryptocurrency Amid Industry Rout
US Military
US Air Force: New B61-12 Bomb Is Unusable in Guided Mode by Some Nuclear Strike Jets
Congressman Wants the Military to Go Easier on Troops Who Smoke Pot
Super Hornet Lost in Sea After Being Blown Off USS Truman in Mediterranean
US National Guard's International Training Program Needs Better Oversight, Report Finds
Vice Admiral and Two Dozen Others Punished for USS Bonhomme Richard Fire
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Ramzy Baroud
Worsening Chaos: Israel's Political Instability Is Now the Norm

Patrick J. Buchanan
Is a US-Russia War Becoming Inevitable?

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Biden's Trip: Saudi Arabia Versus Iran

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The Destruction of Iraq's Christian Community: Another Legacy of George W. Bush's Invasion

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The War Party Is Still Targeting Iran

Ray McGovern
Blinken Leading the Blind Into the Mideast Desert

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Washington's Sanctions War Kneecaps the West, Not Russia

Ted Galen Carpenter
Congress Is Willingly Abdicating Its War Powers Again

Dave DeCamp
A Lesson From Ukraine: China's Red Lines on Taiwan Shouldn't Be Ignored

Sheldon Richman
NATO and Collective Insecurity

Scott Horton
The History Behind the Russia-Ukraine War

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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