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Updated July 19, 2022 - 8:41 PM EDT
Russia: Target Ukraine's Long-Range Weapons
  Zelensky Fires Intel Chief for Failing to Identify Traitors
  Erdogan Renews Threat to Block Sweden and Finland From NATO
Europe Facing Economic Crisis From Sanctions
  State Dept Approves $1.4 Billion Arms Sales for Estonia and Norway
Israeli Military Chief Preparing Strike on Iran
DHS Adviser Tells Agency To Abandon Disinfo Board
UN Pushes for Six Month Ceasefire Extension in Yemen
Mexican President Offers Asylum to Julian Assange
Iraq's Sadr: No Right for Maliki to Lead After Plot Claims
item Supporting Ukraine for 'As Long as It Takes' Is Not a Strategy  by Daniel L. Davis
item Biden Signs the Palestinians' Death Certificate  by Gideon Levy
item Arms Industry's $10M Investment in Congress Could Yield 450,000% Return  by Jessica Corbett
item Turning Off the Saudi Faucet in Yemen  by James R. Webb
item Back to the Twentieth Century?  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item US Admits to Providing Intel on Russian Assets to Ukraine  by Natalie Dowzicky

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Global Oil Prices Rise After Biden Returns From Saudi
Homeland Security Records Show 'Shocking' Use of Phone Data, ACLU Says
Did the US Have a Role in UAE Arrest of Khashoggi's Former Lawyer?
US Presbyterians Call for End to Israeli Apartheid
Russian Shelling Kills Six in East Ukrainian Town: Emergency Service
Ukraine Urges EU Not to Fall for 'Trap' of Giving Ground to Putin
Ukraine Names Corruption Department Head as Acting Security Agency Chief
Gas Pipeline Damaged in Ukraine's Kherson Region, No Sign of Disruption in Supply to EU
Ukraine Demands Humane Treatment by Russia of Captured Fighters, Including Foreigners
Putin Says West Cannot Isolate Russia or Send It Back in Time
Russian Independent TV Rain Announces Relaunch From Abroad
Putin Will Make Mideast Visit, Cementing Moscow's Shift East and South
Sanctions & Shortages
Greece's Fur Industry on the Brink as EU Sanctions on Russia Bite
Kremlin: Putin, Erdogan to Discuss Ukrainian Grain Exports on Tuesday
Russia's Gazprom Tells Europe Gas Halt Beyond Its Control
Germany Again Rejects Russian Explanation for Gas Supply Cut
Germany to Weigh Extension of Nuclear Plants Amid Natural Gas Crisis
Europe's Leaders Look to Ink Energy Deals to Sidestep Russia
France, UAE Sign Energy Cooperation Deal
EU Signs Deal With Azerbaijan to Double Gas Imports by 2027
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Ukraine's First Lady to Address US Congress on Wednesday
EU Agrees Another 500 Million Euros for Ukrainian Arms
Canada Sends Repaired Gazprom Turbine to Germany
EU Members' Wish Lists Are Due for New Ukraine Replenishment Fund
Greece Protests to Serbia, Ukraine Over Cargo Plane Crash, Sources Say
Poland Buys 116 Used M1A1 Abrams Tanks From US
Bulgaria's President Asks Third Party to Form a Government
Estonian PM Regains Ruling Majority, Warns of Tough Times Ahead
Rights Group Urges UK Police to Probe UK Citizens That Join Israeli Army and Commit Crimes Against Palestinians
Egypt Opposition Parties Say No to Israel Alliances
'A Crime Against Egypt': Flyover Threatens Alexandria's Glittering Coastline
Car Bomb Kills Five at Somalia Hotel: Police
Explosion of Violence in South Sudan Threatens Peace Pact
Sudan: Blue Nile Death Toll Rises as Tribal Violence Partly Blamed on 'Elites'
Over 20 Rebel Groups Suspend Participation in Chad Peace Talks
Tigray Rebels Set Up Team to Negotiate With Ethiopian Govt
Libya's Elites May Unite, but Elections Still Elusive
Tunisia Opposition Leader Investigated on Terrorism Charges
Autopsy Indicates Angola Ex-Leader Died of Natural Causes, Spanish Court Orders More Tests
Top EU Diplomat Delaying Key Israel Meeting Over Abu Akleh Killing: Official
Israel Military Intercepts Drone That Came From Lebanon: Statement
Israeli Army Chief in Morocco to Sell Weapons, Cement Normalization
From Pegasus to Kamikaze Drones: Israel's Arms Exports to Morocco
US Lawmakers Denounce Blacklisting of Palestinian NGOs by Israel
Iraq Daily Roundup: 15 Killed; Six Bodies Found in Mass Grave
Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Iraq Kurdistan Region Mountains
Iraq-Persian Gulf Electricity Link Only Solves Five Percent of Issues, Says Minister
Middle East
US Denies Asking for Arrest of Jamal Khashoggi Lawyer in UAE
Kuwaiti Activist Flees to UK After Conviction Over Saudi Criticism
Syria Assault and Spying Allegations Loom Over Erdogan's Trip to Iran
Australian Teenager Yusuf Zahab Dies in Syrian Prison
Iran Commends Iraq for Mending Regional Ties
US Wants to End Dependence on China Rare Earths: Yellen
Taiwan Welcomes 'Loyal Friend' Ex-US Defense Chief Mark Esper on Four-Day Visit
US, Japan Conduct Pacific Aerial Defense Exercise
Japan Won't Cap Defense Spending Amid Increased 'Anxiety' Over Russia, China, North Korea
Japan, South Korea Foreign Ministers Agree to Improve Ties
Pakistan's Imran Khan Calls for Early Polls After Punjab Victory
Indian Woman to Visit Pakistan Home for the First Time Since 1947 Partition
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Acting President Declares Emergency Amid Protests
'Supreme Power of People': Sri Lanka Marks 100 Days of Protests
Afghanistan Refugees
US Simplifies Application Process for Afghan Special Immigrant Visa
Afghan Deportees Accuse Turkish Military of Mistreatment
Afghan Refugees Protest Delayed Visas at US Embassy in Madagascar
Pegasus Spyware Targeted Thai Democracy Activists: Report
Malaysian Navy Fires First Missile Outside Country at RIMPAC 2022
Riot in Ecuadorian Prison Leaves 13 Inmates Dead
Two Sailors Injured After Engine Room Fire Starts on Peruvian Ship During Pacific Exercise
US Military
Pentagon Nears F-35 Jet Deal Worth About $30 Billion
US Navy Issues Nonjudicial Punishments for USS Bonhomme Fire
US Marines Successfully Test Air Defense System Using Iron Dome Launcher, Missiles
US DoD Picks L3Harris, Northrop for $1.3 Billion Hypersonics Tracking Satellite Project
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