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Updated July 20, 2022 - 9:53 PM EDT
Ukraine To Target Russia Fleet With Western Arms
  Ukraine DM Offers Ukraine as a 'Testing Ground' for NATO Weapons
  EU to Ease Sanctions on Russian Banks to Allow Food Trade
  IMF Warns of Deep Recessions in Europe if Russia Cuts Gas Supply
  Zelensky Firings Create Concerns About Corruption, Russian Moles
House OKs Expanding NATO Into Sweden, Finland
  Senators Back DoJ Plan to Use RICO Laws to Target Russian Assets
Nancy Pelosi To Visit Taiwan Despite Warnings From China
  Kissinger Warns Biden Against Endless Confrontation With China
US Bombs Somalia, Says Two Al-Shabaab Fighters Killed
item If Americans Won't Battle for Kyiv Today, Why Would They Do So Tomorrow?  by Doug Bandow
item War in Ukraine May Be Impossible to Stop – the US Deserves Much of the Blame.  by Christopher Caldwell
item Biden Hides Behind 'Great Power Competition' to Maintain the Bankrupt Status Quo  by Daniel Larison
item All Is Well, Everyone Is for Apartheid  by Hagai El-Ad

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Arrest of Saudi for Lying to FBI Shows Kingdom's Reach in US
Outrage Builds in US Over UAE's Detention of Jamal Khashoggi's Lawyer
Stephen King Praises Holocaust Architect Bandera as 'Great Man' in Prank Call
Israeli Jets Strike Hamas Post in Gaza 'After Gunfire'
Israel's Gantz, IDF Warn Settler Activists Against 'Illegal' Bid to Form West Bank Outposts
For Cancer Patients in Gaza Travel Permits Become a Matter of Life or Death
Israel Demolishes Al-Arakib Bedouin Village in Negev for 204th Time
Israeli Military Chief Meets Morocco's Defense Minister, Army Chief on Second Day of Landmark Trip
Israeli Journalist Sneaks Into Mecca, Defying Non-Muslim Entry Ban
Iran's Supreme Leader Presses Erdogan on Proposed Syrian Offensive
Iranian Politician Says Israel 'Freely Runs Its Operations' in Tehran
Iran's Khamenei Seeks Long-Term Moscow, Tehran Cooperation
Iran and Russia's Gazprom Sign Primary Deal for Energy Cooperation
Iranian Film-Maker Jafar Panahi Must Serve Six-Year Sentence, Says Judiciary
Turkey Nearing $4 Billion in Annual Defense Exports
Turkey's Erdogan Seeks Support in Fight Against Syrian Kurdish Militia
Turkish Court Upholds Exit From Treaty Protecting Women
Iraq Daily Roundup: 15 Killed; Six Bodies Found in Mass Grave
Neglected Palestinian Refugees in Iraq Ask UN for Help
Middle East
US State Department OKs Potential Sale of C-17 Aircraft Support to UAE
Bombs Explosions Injure Two Children in Yemen
Jordan Says Crowding at Allenby Crossing 'Unprecedented,' Israel to Blame
China Agrees to More EU Cooperation but Silent on Frozen Pact
US Promotes 'Friend-Shoring' of Trade With Eye on China, Russia
China Praises Ukraine Mediator Macron as Beijing Hopes to Renew EU Ties
Months Later, US Senate Tries Again for Computer Chip Bill to Compete With China
Taliban Says Quake Shakes Afghanistan, Injures 31 People
Afghans Await UN's Human Rights Report Spanning 10 Months
TOLOnews Findings: 27 Suicides in 11 Afghan Provinces in Past 2 Months
Former Afghan MPs Hold Virtual Meetings
Japan Extends Detention for Abe's Alleged Assassin
Japan Calls for South Korea's Steps to Resolve Row After Talks
Western Report Warns of Pakistan Economic Collapse
Sudanese Forces Tear-Gas Khartoum Street Protests Following Deadly Tribal Clashes
What Is Behind the Tribal Violence in Sudan's Blue Nile State?
To Vote or Not to Vote? That Is Tunisia's Constitutional Question
Tunisia's Islamist Leader Ghannouchi Stays Free After Hearing
Ukraine's Parliament Votes to Remove Security Chief and Prosecutor General
One Killed in Russian Missile Attack on Ukrainian City of Kramatorsk: Governor
Russia Says It Destroyed Ukrainian Arms Depots Near Odesa Storing Western-Supplied Weapons
Ukraine Says It Needs at Least 100 HIMARS and Longer-Range Rockets
Ukraine Finalizes Ties to IEA as Both Foresee Hard Winter
Russia's Medvedev: We Will Set Terms for Peace in Ukraine
Russian and Iran Ink $40 Billion Oil and Gas Agreement
Putin Says Ukraine Did Not Make Good on Preliminary Peace Deal
Putin, in Tehran, Gets Strong Support From Iran Over Ukraine
Russian Spy Chief Meets Armenian PM Days After CIA Chief Burns Did
Sanctions & Shortages
IMF Says Russian Gas Embargo Could Heavily Impact Central Europe
Russia Seen Restarting Gas Exports From Nord Stream 1 on Schedule
Putin Warns EU That Gas Supplies Could Keep Dwindling
Putin Says Progress in Ukraine Grain Talks Thanks to Erdogan
Ukraine Grain Storage Crisis Hits Home as Farmers Harvest New Crops
Israel Finance Minister Seeks Transfer of Russian Funds to Immigrants
What's Happening to Russian Gold?
Germany's Chemicals Industry Risks Shutdowns Amid Gas Shortage
Italy Signs Energy Deals With Algeria in Bid to Sidestep Russia
The World & Ukraine/Russia
The Bidens Welcome Ukraine's First Lady to White House, Zelensky Expects Major Results
NATO Would Have Eventually Started Ukraine War: Khamenei to Putin
Austria Becomes the US National Guard's Newest Security Partner in Europe
US Approves Sales of $127 Million of F-16 Equipment to Belgium
Turkey's Baykar Drone Company 'Will Never' Supply Russia: CEO
South Korea Willing to Back US Plan to Cap Russian Oil Price
EU Proposes Joint Arms Purchases to Replenish Stocks
Russian Ship Carrying Military Cargo in 'Detention' in India, Russia's Embassy Says
Retired Military Leaders to Help Supply Protective Gear to Ukraine
Hungary Aims to Reach Deal With EU to Unblock Cash by End-August
Greece Moves to Join Lockheed's F-35 Program as Turkey F-16 Bid Stalls
EU Agrees to Accession Talks With Albania, North Macedonia
Azerbaijan Starts to Repopulate Recaptured Nagorno-Karabakh
Blair Urged Kuwait to Buy UK Arms in 'Recognition' of Persian Gulf War Support, Memos Show
Kidnapped Nigerian Catholic Priest Found Dead, Another Escapes
Rebels Kill 10 in Eastern DR Congo
Togo Villagers Flee to Urban Centers After Militant Attacks
Somalia Says 5,000 Missing Soldiers to Come Home Soon From Eritrea
New Roadblocks Go Up in Panama as Protesters Reject Govt Deal
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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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Remembering Hiroshima

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The FBI vs.

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