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Updated July 21, 2022 - 9:15 PM EDT
Russia's Goals Now Expand Beyond Donbas
  US, Allies Discussing Training Ukrainian Pilots on Western Aircraft
Ukraine First Lady Asks Congress for More Arms
  Zelensky's Sacking of Senior Officials Raises Corruption Concerns
  Ukraine DM Offers Ukraine as a 'Testing Ground' for NATO Weapons
Biden: Military Says Pelosi's Taiwan Trip 'Not a Good Idea'
  China Slams US After US Warship Transits Taiwan Strait
  Trump-Era Tariffs on Chinese Tech Imports Cost US Firms $32 Billion
Turkey Attacks North Iraq Tourist Resort, Killing Eight
  ISIS Kills Six Iraqi Police North of Baghdad
Iran Says Fatwa Against Making Nukes Is Unchanged
item Why Do We Keep Listening to the 'TV' Generals on Ukraine?  by Daniel L. Davis
item UN 'List of Shame': Equating the Israeli Perpetrator and the Palestinian Victim  by Ramzy Baroud
item Ukraine-US-Russia: Dangers of
 by Ray McGovern
item The Empire Is Showing More and More of Its True Face  by Caitlin Johnstone

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US Air Force Colonel Goes Scorched Earth in Resignation Letter
Sen. Tom Cotton Outlines Plans for Nationwide Anti-BDS Legislation
Guantanamo: Yemeni Detainee Cleared for Release After 20 Years
US Congress Asks State Dept if Syria Is a 'Narco State'
Turkish President Tells US to Remove Forces From N. Syria
Turkey Plans Syria Operation as Long as Threat Remains: Erdogan
Israel Asked US to Press Turkey to Not Launch New Incursion in Syria
Russian Forces in Syria Shot Down Two Drones Aimed at Air Base
Syria: EU Lifts Sanctions on Airline Accused of Smuggling Migrants
Jackie Chan Film Set in Syria Is a Chilling Sight for Displaced Damascenes
Fear Among Syrian Refugees Over Turkey 'Voluntary Return' Plan
Iraq Daily Roundup: 16 Killed
Iraqi PM: Turkey's Deadly Shelling of Kurdistan a 'Flagrant Sovereignty Violation'
Israel Election: Kahanist, Far-Right Parties Likely to Join Forces Despite Differences
After Almost Two Decades, IDF Finally Admits to Using Armed Drones in Airstrikes
Palestinian Teenager 'Critical' After Israel Gunfire
Israeli Settlers Launch Mass Outpost Construction Operation
How a Jewish Settler Group Raised Millions to Set Up Illegal Outposts
Thousands of Settler Activists Create Mayhem in West Bank Campaign
Israeli Settler Shoots Palestinian Man in Jerusalem
Israeli Forces Demolish Palestinian House in Jericho
Oldest Female Palestinian Prisoner Dies in Israeli Custody
Israeli Journalist Lauded a 'Hero' for Shooting Alleged Palestinian Assailant
Israeli Forces Try to Arrest Five-Year-Old Palestinian Boy
New Hamas Taxes on Goods Imported Into Gaza Provokes Outcry
Two Children Injured by Cluster Bomb Explosion in Yemen
Yemen Truce Holds, but Blocked Roads a 'Major' Worry for UN
UN Humanitarian Response in Yemen 'Unacceptably Poor', Warns Review

Two Iranian Soldiers Killed in Clash With Kurdish Opposition Group

Iran Recalls Its Envoy to Sweden in Protest Against Ex-Official's Verdict
Middle East
Centcom Chief: Middle East Integrated Defense With Israeli Involvement Is a 'Priority'
Lebanon Archbishop Summoned to Court for Israel Visit
The War at Home
Pentagon Nears F-35 Jet Deal Worth About $30 Billion
War in Ukraine Could Change the Types of Weapons the Pentagon Wants, Raytheon CEO Says
As Recruiters Struggle, US Air Force Seeks Lift From 'Top Gun'
How a Sex Worker Got a Job at a Top US Air Force Research Lab
Pentagon Says It Has Completed Successful Hypersonic Missile Test
Boeing Defense CEO Says Company Remains a Player in Fighter Jet Market
Pentagon and Lockheed Reach Agreement to Build 375 F-35As at Estimated $30 Billion
Boom, Northrop Grumman to Build Supersonic Military Aircraft for US and Allies
US Marines to Buy Iron Dome-Based Missile Interceptor After Successful Live-Fire Test
'Fierce Advocate for Peace': US Scholar Michael Krepon, Who Fought Against Nuclear Weapons, Dies
Dozens of Central American Officials Added to US Corruption Blacklist
US, Canada Demand Trade Dispute Talks Over Mexico's Energy Policies
Uruguay Seeking China Trade Deal Despite Misgivings From Neighbors
Protests and Street Blockades Against Soaring Prices Persist in Panama
US to Send More HIMARS Precision Rocket Systems to Ukraine in Latest Package
Top US General Milley Says Donbas 'Not Lost Yet'
Ukraine Seeks Debt Payment Freeze as War Ravages Economy
US Treasury's Yellen Welcomes Ukraine Debt Freeze, Calls on Creditors to Join
Six More French Caesar Howitzers 'On Way' to Ukraine: Minister
Russian Occupation Official Says Ukrainian Drone Struck Nuclear Plant but Caused No Damage
Putin Faces Second War Front as Chechens Threaten New Offensive in Russia
CIA Director: Putin 'Too Healthy'
Sanctions & Shortages
Zelensky: Latest EU Sanctions Against Russia Not Enough
EU Envoys Agree Russian Gold Embargo, Freeze on Sberbank Assets
Gazprom Preparing to Restart Flows to Europe Thursday
Putin: Even Launch of Nord Stream 2 Can't Help With Europe's Gas Shortage
Putin: We Are Yet to See the Quality of Returned Nord Stream 1 Equipment
Germany's Railway Operator Plans Ukraine 'Grain Bridge'
Brussels Asks EU Member States to Slash Gas Use by 15%
EU Draws Up Energy Plan in Case of Russian Gas Cutoff
Europe Does a Complete U-Turn on African Oil and Gas
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Syria Formally Breaks Diplomatic Ties With Ukraine
Greece Approaches US to Join
F-35 Program
US and Netherlands Agree to Share Helicopter Developments
Norway to Buy Raytheon's Stormbreaker Smart Bomb for F-35 Fleet
Serbia, Egypt Agree to Boost Cooperation Amid War in Ukraine
Italian PM Draghi Wins Confidence Vote but Unity Govt in Tatters
Italy's Premier Sets Conditions to Remain in Office

Sunak and Truss Face Runoff to Become UK's Next Leader

Britain Launches Free Trade Talks With Israel
Data-Hosting in China Hampers US Law Enforcement: Prosecutor
Taiwan's Speaker Warns of Chinese Ambitions in Prague, China Protests
European Parliament VP Urges Renewed China-Taiwan Dialogue
Afghans in US Immigration Limbo Watch Ukrainians Breeze Through
Russia Seeks to Expand Relations With Afghanistan: Lavrov
Facing Poverty, Afghan Youth Return to Iran
UN Assistant Mission in Afghanistan Releases Human Rights Report on Past 10 Months
Pakistan's Ex-Premier Khan Warns of Economic 'Collapse'
Pakistani Delegation, Kabul Pledge to Enhance Trade
Sri Lanka
Ranil Wickremesinghe Elected Sri Lanka's New President
'He's Not Our President': Protesters Reject New Sri Lankan Leader
Japan Coast Guard Boat Accidentally Shells Local Island in a Live Fire Incident
Thailand Admits to Using Phone Spyware, Cites National Security
India Court Orders Release of Journalist Mohammed Zubair on Bail
Amnesty International Accuses Myanmar of War Crimes Over 'Depraved Use' of Landmines
Death Toll From Sudan Ethnic Clashes Rises to 105: Official
Mali Junta Expels UN Peacekeeping Mission Spokesman Over Tweets
Biden Announces US-Africa Summit for Mid-December
Attack Reported Near Ruby Mine in Mozambique's Cabo Delgado
Tunisia: Judge Lets Opposition Leader Ghannouchi Go Free After Hearing
Libya Says Oil Exports Resumed After Months-Long Hiatus
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