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Updated July 23, 2022 - 8:25 PM EDT
Zelensky Rejects Any Ceasefire With Russia
  Russia and Ukraine Sign Grain Export Deal Brokered by UN, Turkey
  Lithuania Resumes Transporting Goods to Kaliningrad
Biden Sends 16th Weapons Transfer to Ukraine
  Pelosi: Designate Russia a State Sponsor of Terror
Israeli Airstrikes Kill 5 Syrian Soldiers Near Damascus
  Russian Airstrikes Kills Seven in North Syria's Idlib
  Turkish Drone Strike Reported in East Syria, Three Killed
IAEA Chief: Iran Nuclear Program May Be Galloping Ahead
EU Won't Recognize Taliban Govt in Afghanistan
item Pelosi's Big Trip to Taiwan Draws Ire From China – and the White House  by Daniel Larison
item At the End of Its Tether: US Grand Strategy of Advancing Democracy  by David Hendrickson
item Strategic Ambiguity Works  by Peter Van Buren
item Britain Helped US Cover Up Downing of Iranian Airliner  by John McEvoy

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US Lobbyists Accused of Failing to Disclose NSO Group's Ties to Israeli Govt
Italy Will Keep Supporting Ukraine if Right Party Wins Vote, Says Meloni
No Engine, No Fly: Ongoing Propulsion Program Problems Are Grounding F-35s
US OKs C-17 Aircraft Sustainment Sale to UAE
Israeli Defense Minister Gantz: We Can Leverage the Abraham Accords to Strengthen the Palestinian Authority
Israel Upholds Law Revoking Citizenship for 'Disloyalty'
EU Sounds Alarm Over Higher Rate of Israeli Settlement Construction in 2021
Israeli Group Urges US to Label UN Human Rights Council a 'Hate Group'
Israeli Settlers Build Settlement Outpost in Hebron
Israel Postpones Expelling Palestinian Family From Silwan
Gunmen Shoot, Wound Hamas Official in West Bank
Soldiers Shoot a Palestinian at a Military Roadblock Near Hebron
Saudi Arabia
For Israeli Normalization, Everyday Saudis Will Need to Be on Board
Saudi Arrested for Helping Israeli Journalist Enter Mecca
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Turkey Resumes Shelling of Parakh Village After Wednesday's Deadly Attack in Iraq
Top Iraqi Official Warns Against Damaging Relations With Turkey Over Zakho Incident
Iraqi Sources Say a Turkish Howitzer Hit the Zakho Resort. Ankara Asks 'Where's the Proof?'
Two Armed Drones Downed Near Turkish Base in Iraq: Mayor
Iran Says Saudi Arabia Is 'Ready' to Move Talks to Higher Level
German Woman Held in Iran Granted Medical Leave: Daughter
Middle East
Damascus Accuses US of Obstructing Security, Stability in Syria
Four Children Killed in Mine Blast in Houthi-Controlled Yemen
UN Urges End to Anti-Syrian Incitement in Lebanon
Egypt Bans Street Photography That Is 'Offensive to Country'
Family of French Citizen Missing in Egypt After Meeting a Police Officer Demand Answers
Joe Biden Is Committed to Taiwan Policy of 'Strategic Ambiguity', Adviser Jake Sullivan Says
China Emerges as an Arms Supplier of Choice for Many Middle East Countries, Say Analysts
China Criticizes Japan's Defense White Paper for Making 'Accusations'
South Korea, US to Resume Major Field Training During Combined Military Drills
North Korea Warns of Security Instability Over US-South Korea Drills
US Aid Chief to Visit India Amid Food Dispute
India Elects Tribal Candidate Droupadi Murmu as President
Taliban Leader Bans 'Unproven Allegations' Against Members
Kabul, Islamabad Sign New Economic, Transit Agreements
Kabul, Islamabad to Form Visa-Facilitating Commission
Australian Journalist Tells of Being Held by Taliban
Dozens Killed and Thousands Displaced in Election Fighting in Papua New Guinea, UN Says
Marshall Islands Celebrate First 'Iroojlaplap' Chief Coronation in 50 Years
New Zealand Navy Deploys Two Ships to Pacific to Aid Region's Security
Thai Minister Backtracks on Spyware Admission as Government Denies Pegasus Use
Japan Warns of Rising Security Threats in Annual Defense Report
China's Xi Offers Sri Lanka's New President Support Amid Crisis
Myanmar Genocide Case to Proceed as ICJ Says It Has Jurisdiction
Weekend Reviews
Hotter Than the Sun: Finally, a Book Worth Reading
The Dean of Non-Interventionism
The War Films of Sam Peckinpah
How a New Library Sheds Light on the US 'Secret War' in Laos
Stephen Kinzer's Review of The Rebel Scribe: Carleton Beals and the Progressive Challenge to US Policy in Latin America
Sanctions & Shortages
Russia and Ukraine Sign Grain Export Deal: What You Should Know
EU Plans to Ease Crop Rotation Rules as Global Food Risks Mount
Zelensky: Ukraine Has Around $10 Billion Worth of Grain Available for Sale
Nord Stream 1 Pipeline System Reopened Following Shutdown
EU Debates Revised Plan to Reduce Gas Use After Opposition
Germany Agrees to Bail Out Energy Giant Uniper as Russia Squeezes Gas Supplies
German Gas Consumers Won't Be Left Out in the Cold Amid Uniper Bailout, Says Scholz
Dimmed Street Lights, Shorter Showers: Germany Leads Europe Energy Savings Drive
Switzerland Releases Emergency Oil Reserves Due to Transport Capacity
More Than 9.5 Million Border Crossings From Ukraine Since Invasion: UN Agency
Russia Claims It Destroyed Four HIMARS Launchers in Ukraine
Three Killed in Russian Attack on Kramatorsk, Ukraine Says
New York Guardsmen to Take Over Training Ukrainian Soldiers
Russia Sends Combine Harvesters to Occupied Regions of Ukraine
Russian-Backed Separatists in Ukraine Block Google Search Engine
Russia Slashes Key Interest Rate by 150 Basis Points in Shock Move
Russia's Lavrov to Visit Africa as Moscow Seeks Non-Western Ties
Kremlin Rejects Report Nord Stream Turbine Is Stuck in Transit
Belarus Appoints New Envoy to Moscow
EU Launches New Legal Procedures Against UK Over Northern Ireland
Albania's Ex-PM Says UK Has Barred Him From Entering
EU Gives Hungary a Month to Act on Legal Concerns Before Moving to Suspend Funds
Some US Lawmakers Urge Biden to Stop 'Complete Democratic Breakdown' in Tunisia
Opponents of Tunisia's New Referendum Divided Before Vote
Police Arrest Leading Gay Activist in Crackdown on Tunisia Rally
Police Disperse Protesters With Pepper Spray and Sticks
Rights Group Hails Murder Conviction Against Police in Kenya
Intimidation Accusations as Kenya Police Arrest 3 Election Commission Contractors at Airport
Mali Says It Has Thwarted Attack at Key Garrison Town
French Commander Accuses Wagner of 'Preying' on Mali
13 Killed in Clashes Between Libyan Armed Groups in Tripoli
Clashes in Sudan's Blue Nile Leave Thousands Stranded Without Aid
Chad Rebels Restart Peace-Building Talks With Interim Military Authorities
Ex-Gabon Oil Firm Chief Gets 12-Year Jail Sentence for Corruption
Cuba Approves Law Change That Opens Door to Gay Marriage, Other Family Rights
Mexican Official Seeks 'Open, Frank,' Dialogue With US and Canada in Energy Dispute
Mossad Says Iran Agents Weren't Involved in Hezbollah's Argentina Bombings
Haitian Children Who Escaped Gang Violence Take Shelter in Port-Au-Prince School
Colombia President-Elect Petro Names Ivan Velasquez as Defense Minister
US Blacklists Ex-Paraguay President Horacio Cartes for Corruption
The War at Home
US Crude Ends Below $95/bbl as EU Tweaks Russian Oil Sanctions
Oil Bulls Stare at 3rd Weekly Loss in US Crude After Gasoline Pile-Up
Rep. Lee Zeldin Attacked at Rally by Iraq Veteran
Aircraft From Area 51 Are Flying in Latest Air Force Red Flag Exercise
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