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Updated July 29, 2022 - 8:42 PM EDT
Blinken Calls Lavrov, Ceasefires Not Discussed
  UK Official: Nuclear War Threat Higher Than During the Cold War
  Senate Calls for Russia to Be Labeled as Sponsor of Terror
Xi Tells Biden Not To 'Play With Fire' in 2-Hour Call
  Pelosi Leading Delegation to Asia, Taiwan Stop Not Clear
  Japan Lawmakers Make Rare Taiwan Visit to Discuss Potential Conflict
  House Passes $280 Billion Industrial Policy Meant to Counter China
17 Killed in Fighting in South Syria
  Turkey Threatens North Syria Intervention, Drone Strike Kills Four
US Helped Nigeria Attack That Killed 160 Civilians
US: Arab-Israel Missile Defense System 'Still Just an Idea'
item The Phoniest, Most PR-Intensive War of All Time  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Why Abbas Is Seeking New 'Powerful' Sponsors  by Ramzy Baroud
item Why We Can't Expect 'Big Change' From the President  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item Lessons From Vietnam for Ukraine  by Rick Sterling
item Biden Warns He May Attack Iran  by Doug Bandow
item What Does Pelosi Think She's Doing in Taiwan?  by Mike Chinoy

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Twitter Warns Governments Are Demanding User Info at an Alarming Rate
New Law May Cement De Facto Ban on Bosnia's Jews Holding High Office
Guantanamo Prisoner Said Was Waterboarded; Agents Omitted It From Memo
Libya Militias Agree to End Fighting in Tripoli
Ukraine Steps Up Counteroffensive Against Russian Forces
Russian Strikes Hit Military Base Outside Kyiv: Ukraine Army
Russian Missile Strike Kills Five People in Central Ukraine: Governor
Russian-Backed Separatists Say Four Civilians Killed in Ukraine Shelling
Ukraine Announces Its Intention to Become 'Guarantor' of European Energy Security
Ukraine Appoints Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Vows to Meet EU Entry Demands
Russian TV Journalist Fined Over Ukraine Comments
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Estonia Stops Issuing Visas, Residence Permits for Russian Students
Moldova Extends State of Emergency, Says Risks From War Are High
More Than 100,000 Ukrainians Have Arrived in Britain Since War: Government
USAF Raptors Arrive in UK En Route to NATO 'Air Shielding' in Poland
Lithuania Announces New Arms Supply Package for Ukraine
Worries Over Winter Shortages Test Support in Germany for Russia Sanctions
State Dept Says Still Expecting Blinken-Lavrov Call to Happen in Coming Days
Germany Set to Impose Gas Levy on Consumers to Support Ailing Importers
US Army Is 'Running a Tab' of Equipment Sent to Ukraine
Syrian Ship Carrying 'Stolen Ukrainian Barley, Flour' Docks in Lebanon, Ukrainian Embassy Says
Poland Wants Right to Block EU Plan to Reduce Gas Demand: PM
End 'Double Standards' on Refugees, UN Expert Urges Poland
Khashoggi: Rights Groups File Criminal Complaint in Paris as MbS Meets Macron
French President Wraps Up Africa Tour in Guinea-Bissau
Armenia Denounces an Attack by Azerbaijan Against Its Positions on the Common Border
EU Says It Found Evidence That Senior Officials Were Targeted With NSO Spyware
Taiwan 'Will Have to Bear the Wrath of Beijing' if Nancy Pelosi Goes Ahead With Visit, Analysts Say
'Mostly Verbal Threats': Taiwan Residents Shrug Off China's Warnings on Pelosi Visit
US Carrier Strike Group Returns to South China Sea Amid Taiwan Tensions
Taiwan Says Fired Flares to Warn Off Drone Near Remote Island
China Prods South Korea to Keep Promise on US-Made Anti-Missile Systems
Taliban's Leader Calls for Implementation of Sharia
China Vows to Help Afghanistan's Economy
Afghan Officials: Iran Deported 5,600 Afghans in Past Week
Kim Threatens to Use Nukes Amid Tensions With US, South Korea
Japan to Avoid Capping Defense Spending Next Year: Draft Doc
G7 Calls on Myanmar to Refrain From More 'Arbitrary Executions'
India Says It Will Protect Its Interests as Chinese Boat Heads to Sri Lanka
Anger Grows in Haiti Over Arms Trafficking From US After Guns Shipped as Church Donations
Nicaragua Withdraws Approval of US Ambassador Nominee
Republican Senators Demand Answers on Iran-Linked Cargo Plane Detained in Argentina
Jihadists Kill Four Security Personnel in NE Nigeria
Nigerian Senators Urge Buhari Impeachment Over Insecurity
As Tunisia's Saied Consolidates Power, US Remains Without Clear Roadmap Ahead
UN to Review New Tunisia Constitution as Vote Scrutinized
Attacks in Central Mali Kill 3 Civilians, 15 Soldiers
Amnesty Urges Egypt to Free Prominent Activist, Allow Access
Israel Reaffirms Support for Morocco's Sovereignty Over Western Sahara
Palestine Seeks Full UN Membership to Protect Two-State Solution: Envoy
High Court Eases Way for Expulsion of Israel's Palestinian Citizens
'We Want to Live', Gazans Revive Campaign Against Hamas
Seeking New Funds, Hamas Raises Taxes in Impoverished Gaza
Israel 'Won't Compensate' '48 Palestinian Towns for Damage in Protests
Ex-Israeli Soldier: My Commanders 'Handed Me Over' to Be Raped by Jailed Terror Convict
Palestinian Shot After Opening Fire at Military Post Near Nablus: IDF
Israel to Take Palestinian Families' Land Near Hebron
Man Shot Dead, Seven Injured in Gunfight in Southern Bedouin City
Iraq Daily Roundup: Ten Killed
Iraq's Political Chaos: Why Did Protesters Storm the Parliament?
Peshmerga Seeks Iraqi Army Support to End Attacks on Key Gas Field, Says Commander
Prisoners in Iraq's Erbil in Dire Condition After Hunger Strike
Turkey Warns Operation in Syria Could Happen 'At Any Time'
Five-Year-Old Girl Killed Amid Rise in Fires at Syrian Refugee Camps
Turkey Stoking Tensions in Eastern Med, Say Greece, Cyprus
For 2nd Time in a Week, Iran Announces Arrest of Alleged Israeli Spy Network
Bereaved Mother of Slain Iranian Protester Faces 100 Lashes for Own Defiance
Saudi Arabia
Energy on the Table, Macron Hosts Saudi Prince for Dinner
Saudi Arabia's Al-Rajhi Family Becomes Largest Shareholder in Israeli Autotech Firm
Yemen's Saudi-Backed Govt Appoints New Ministers
War Looms Large as Yemeni Children Head Back to School
The War at Home
Abu Akleh's Family Says No Help From US for Full Probe Into Killing
A Few US Lawmakers Demand US-Led Probe Alongside Shireen Abu Akleh's Family
Victims of NSO's Pegasus Spyware Warn It Could Be Used to Target US
'Not One Red Cent:' US Lawmaker Floats Withholding Aid to Countries Using Spyware
Nearly 9% Boost for Defense Spending Next Year Under New Senate Plan
Biden Picks Next Space Force Chief
Top General Vows Not to Lower Recruiting Standards Despite Trouble Finding New Soldiers
Colombia and Venezuela to Appoint New Ambassadors, Reopening Diplomatic Relations
Colombian Police Report FARC Dissidents Offer More Than 1.5 Million Euros for Duque
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