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Updated July 30, 2022 - 7:20 PM EDT
Blinken Calls Lavrov, Ceasefires Not Discussed
  Russia Says Ukraine Struck Prison in Donetsk Region, Killing 40
  US Offers Treatment for Wounded Ukrainian Troops
Pelosi's Taiwan Provocation Raises Tensions
  Xi Tells Biden Not To 'Play With Fire' on Taiwan in 2-Hour Call
  Japan Lawmakers Make Rare Taiwan Visit to Discuss Potential Conflict
US Helped Nigeria Attack That Killed 160 Civilians
UK Official: Nuclear War Threat Higher Than in Cold War
FM: Turkey Would Support Assad Against Kurdish SDF
Diplomats Aim To Extend Yemen Ceasefire Once Again
item Neutralism Returns – and Gets More Powerful  by Stephen Kinzer
item AIPAC Declares War on Any Support of Palestinian Human Rights  by Mitchell Plitnick
item The Fist Bump Was Bad, But Biden's Mideast Policies Are Worse  by Phyllis Bennis
item Pelosi's Dangerous Stunt  by Daniel Larison
item Does Anyone Still Understand the 'Security Dilemma'?  by Stephen Walt
item Israeli Spyware Company Floods Washington With Lobbyists  by Nick Cleveland-Stout

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State Dept Approves $8.4 Billion F-35 Sale to Germany
Court Documents Shed New Light on Israeli Massacre of Palestinians in Kafr Qasem
Prospect of a Nancy Pelosi Trip to Taiwan Jolts Washington as Well as Beijing
Trump Roasted by Families of 9/11 Victims at Saudi-Sponsored Golf Tournament
Israel Carries Out Killings, Revenge Demolitions in Nablus
Palestinian Authority Arrest Campaign 'One of the Worst in Years'
Brutalized at Sea, Fishers Quit Due to Israeli Attacks
Palestinian Boy Shot Dead 'By Israeli Settlers' East of Ramallah
Hamas Denies Israeli Claims It Hides Military Sites in Civilian Areas
Israel Army Gunfire Injures Three Palestinian Youths Near Nablus
Israel Revokes Permanent Licenses at Six Palestinian Schools in Jerusalem
Ultra-Orthodox Protesters Disrupt US Girl's Bat Mitzvah at Western Wall
Hamas Seeks to Restore Ties With Damascus, Latter Yet to Respond
Iraq Daily Roundup: 10 Killed
US Says Ready to Cooperate With Iraq to Resolve Political Deadlock
Sadr Supporters Resume Protests in Baghdad, Rejecting PM Candidate
Turkish Soldier Killed in Iraq Military Operation: Ministry
UN Wants Syria Talks Insulated From Ukraine War
First Convoy of Aid Enters Syria's Idlib After UN Vote
Turkey: Germany Must Be Impartial in Disputes With Greece
Turkish Military Eyes 34 Additional ATAK Helicopters by 2023
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Denies Opening Airspace to Israel Is Normalization
Lebanon Optimistic on Reaching Maritime Border Deal With Israel
Clashes Between Ethiopian Forces, Al Shabaab Leave Scores Dead
Bomb Blast Kills Regional Judicial Official in Somalia
Al-Shabaab Strikes Military Base on Somalia-Ethiopia Border
Ethiopian Authorities to Create Buffer Zone Inside Somalia
Eritrean Refugees Say They Are Being Arbitrarily Detained in Ethiopian Camps
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Rejects 'Struggle for Power,' Exiled Leader Says
National Political Dialogue in Egypt Follows Years of Crackdowns
Protests Against Military Administration Paralyze Guinea Capital
West Africa Bloc Chair Says Guinea Accepts Two-Year Transition
Blinken to Visit Africa to Counter Russian Charm Offensive
US Court Finds Libya's Khalifa Haftar Liable for War Crimes
Tunisia President Rejects 'Interference' After Western Concerns About Democracy
Despite Rising Tensions, US and Chinese Troops Worked Together to Put Out a Garbage Dump Fire in Djibouti, a Top US General Says
London's High Court Rules Against Venezuela's Maduro in $1 Billion Gold Battle
Honduras Launches 'Bitcoin Valley' in the Tourist Town of Santa Lucia
Ukraine Targets Supply Routes to Weaken Russian Troops in Kherson
Zelensky Visits Port as Ukraine Prepares to Ship Out Grain
Ukrainian Court Lowers Russian Soldier's War Crimes Sentence
Red Cross Seeks Access to Site of Deadly Attack on Ukrainian POWs
Ukraine Calls for Russia to Be Recognized as State Sponsor of Terrorism
Ukraine Issued Ruling to Seize Syrian Vessel Docked in Lebanon
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Belarus Recalls Ambassador to Britain Over 'Hostile' UK Policy
Ukrainian Claim 'Looted' Grain Reached Lebanon Met With Acrimony and Denial
EU's Borrell Defends Energy Strategy as Russian Gas Revenues Soar
Hungary's Orban Expects Gas Deal With Russia This Summer
EU Gas Solidarity Complicated by Lack of Fuel Sharing Deals
'Look, No Tie': Spanish PM Urges Casual Wear to Stay Cool, Save Energy
Blinken Resists Push to Label Russia a Terrorist State
A Summer of Bomb Threats Frightens Moldova as War Rages Nearby
North Macedonia Donates Tanks to Ukraine as It Modernizes Own Military
Undisclosed NATO Country Orders $200 Million IAI Special Mission Aircraft
US Sanctions Two Russians for Malign Influence Operations
Pelosi To Leave for Asia Amid Chinese Threats Over Taiwan Stop
As US Defends Ukraine at UN, China Warns Against Challenge Over Taiwan
China's Military Steps Up Development of Ship-Based Warplanes to Keep Up With Aircraft Carrier Advances
Kabul Hospital Says Explosion at Cricket Game Wounded 13
Afghan Officials in Parwan Call to Reopen Girls' Schools
Russian Envoy Kabulov: Around '6,000' ISIS Militants in Afghanistan
Japan's Hayashi Says 'Logic of Brute Force' Gaining Traction in Indo-Pacific
Nine Sri Lankan Navy Sailors Jump Ship in the US After RIMPAC Exercise
Cochin Delivers Indian Navy's First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier
Indonesia, US to Hold Military Exercise Amid Heightened Indo-Pacific Tensions
The War at Home
Rep. Carson Announces Bill to Require Investigation Into Shireen Abu Akleh Killing
US Sentences Canadian Who Narrated ISIS Videos to Life in Prison
Were Dangerous 'Forever Chemicals' Released in the Red Hill Fuel Spill? The Navy Isn't Saying
Report Recommends Testing for Those Exposed to 'Forever Chemicals' Often Found at US Military Sites
US Army May Restructure Brigade Combat Teams Amid Recruiting Woes
Palantir to Implement AI Capabilities Across US Army Combatant Commands
Australian Politicians Rally for Assange
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