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Updated August 3, 2022 - 8:56 PM EDT
Pelosi Leaves Taiwan as China Prepares Blockade
  Senate Votes 95-1 to Expand NATO Into Sweden and Finland
  Even the People of Taiwan Say Pelosi Is Just 'Causing Trouble'
  Pelosi Accuses China of Threatening 'Democracy Itself'
  McConnell and 25 Senate Republicans Support Pelosi's Taiwan Visit
Russia Says US 'Directly Involved' in Ukraine War
  Russia Says US Has Shown No Interest in Negotiating New START
US Sets Massive Arms Deals for Saudi Arabia, UAE
  Yemen Parties Agree to Two-Month Extension of Truce
US Has No DNA Confirmation of Zawahiri's Death
IAEA: Good Words Not Enough, Iran Must Be Compliant
item Nancy Pelosi's Utterly Reckless Election-Season Gambit  by David Stockman
item Even the People of Taiwan Say Pelosi Is Just 'Causing Trouble'  by Donald Kirk
item Joe Biden Brings a Neo-Imperialist Vision to the Middle East  by Nader Hashemi
item US-Saudi Relationship: Beyond the Obvious  by Sam Husseini
item Tunisia and the Military-Industrial Complex  by Christian Sorensen
item The Road to Iran's 'Resistance Economy' Passes Through Revived JCPOA  by Djavad Salehi-Isfahani

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Proposed Bill Would Protect Journalists Like Assange From Espionage Charges
Al-Qaeda Leader's Killing Risks Greater Anti-American Violence, State Dept Warns
UN Chief Going to Hiroshima for 77th Anniversary of Atomic Bombing
Accused Russian Says US Charges of Election Interference Are Nonsense
Some Flee Eastern Ukraine, Others Defy Govt Order to Leave
Ukraine Says Over 40 Settlements Retaken in Key Kherson Region
Russia Says It Carries Out Strikes in Ukraine's Mykolaiv, Kharkiv Regions
Russia's Shoigu Says 6 Ukrainian HIMARS Systems Destroyed: Interfax
Russia Shells Apartment Buildings in Southern Ukraine
Russia's Supreme Court Designates Ukraine's Azov Regiment a 'Terrorist' Group
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Turkey Expects Daily Departures From Ukraine After First Grain Ship Sails
Lebanon Allows Departure of Ship Accused of Carrying Stolen Ukrainian Grain
Italy's Lower House Backs NATO Membership for Finland and Sweden
Spain Says Its Mothballed German-Made Tanks in No Fit State to Send to Ukraine
Moldova's Ex-President Calls for Snap Elections Over Gas Price
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Followers of Sadr Told to Withdraw From Iraq's Parliament
Sadr Representative Asks Followers to Leave Iraq Parliament but Maintain Protest Outside
Iraq's Sadr Offers 'Conditional Reconciliation' to Fatah Leader
US Supports Calls for National Dialogue in Iraq, Says Embassy
Another Suspected Turkish Drone Strike Targets Northern Iraq
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Teenager, Injure Another in Jenin Refugee Camp
Israeli Killing of Teen in Jenin Leaves Palestine on Edge
UN Experts Slam Israel's 'Harassment' in West Bank
Palestinian Authority Responsible for Torture and Ill-Treatment of Civilians, UN Report Says
Israel Closes Gaza Crossings Raising Concerns for Residents
Israel Approves Plan to Build Embassy in Morocco
US Envoy Makes Unannounced Visit to Israel After Lebanon Talks on Maritime Dispute
Middle East
Hezbollah Fighters Arrive in Eastern Syria After ISIS Attack
US 'Addiction' to Sanctions Displays American Dominance Policy, Says Iran
Kuwait Formally Dissolves Parliament
Australia Taps Raytheon to Provide Super Hornet, Growler Aircraft Training
China Foreign Ministry Blasts Pelosi's Arrival in Taiwan
Pelosi Meeting With TSMC Chip Maker in Taiwan
Pelosi Addresses Taiwan Parliament in Visit Condemned by China
China Bans 35 Taiwanese Food Exporters in Warning Ahead of Pelosi Visit
China Suspends Natural Sand Exports to Taiwan
China Military Operations 'Concerning' Says Japan Govt Spokesperson
Russia Accuses US of 'Destabilization' Over Pelosi Taiwan Trip
Kabul, Washington Accuse Each Other of Violating Doha Pact
Drone Strike on Al-Zawahiri Confronts Taliban With Nationalist Backlash
Afghans Say They Know Little About US Killing of Al-Qaeda Leader
Students Call for Afghan Girls' Schools to Be Reopened
Taliban Leader Discusses Education, Women's Rights With Clerics
Pakistan Election Agency Rules Khan's Party Received Illegal Funds
Top Army Commander Among Six Killed in Pakistan Chopper Crash
India Increases Crude Oil Windfall Tax
India to Acquire 12 Indigenously-Built Helicopters
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says Chinese Military Survey Ship Will Port Only to Refuel
Sri Lankans Bide Time as Leaders Seek Fix for Economic Woes
India Announces a $100 Million Credit Line to the Maldives
Bomb Blast, Shootings Rock Myanmar-China Border Town
DR Congo to Reassess UN Force After 36 Killed in Protests
Somalia Names Former Al-Shabab Deputy a Government Minister
Senegal's Ruling Coalition Claims Win but Opposition Rejects
Nigerian Police Bolster Security in Capital Abuja With More Manpower
EU, US Envoys Urge Ethiopia to Restore Services in Tigray
Algeria 'Ignores' Moroccan King's Call to Re-Establish Ties
US Seeks Possession of Venezuelan 747 Grounded in Argentina
Nicaragua's Government Shutters Six Church Radio Stations
Guatemalan Journalist Known for Investigations Still Jailed
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