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Updated August 9, 2022 - 9:43 PM EDT
US: $5.5 Billion More for Ukraine Budget, Military
  CBS Removes Documentary on Ukraine Military Aid After Pressure
  Russia 'Temporarily' Halts US Inspections Under New START Treaty
China Carries Out More Exercises Around Taiwan
  US To Join Military Drills Near India's Disputed Border With China
Biden Says He's 'Proud' of US Support for Israel
  Names and Faces of the 16 Palestinian Children Killed by Israel
  Israel and Assassinations: Why Is There No Accountability?
EU Submits Final Text of Iran Deal; Negotiations Over
item Pelosi's Taiwan Trip Exposes Foolishness of Interventionism  by Ron Paul
item Biden Has Two Foreign Crises on His Hands. He Must Avoid a Third.  by Trita Parsi
item US Providing Hefty $8.2 Billion to Ukraine to Battle Russia  by Thalif Deen
item Wake Me Up if I Survive This War  by Doaa Alremeili
item How China and the US Threaten Each Other  by Chas W. Freeman, Jr.
item Client States Rejoice: Arms Spigot Reopens for Saudi Arabia, UAE  by Daniel Larison

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Roger Waters Webinar on War, Peace, and Music
Roger Waters Explains His Montage Depicting Biden as a 'War Criminal'
UN Chief Urges Nuke Powers to Abide by No-First-Use Pledge
Ben & Jerry's Seeks Injunction Against Unilever as Legal Battle Goes On
Russia Says It Shot Down 19 HIMARS Missiles, Destroyed Vehicles
Ukraine Says It Hit Russian Troop Bases, Key Bridges in Overnight Strikes
Fresh Ukrainian Shelling Delays Reopening of Kherson Bridge
Kremlin: West Should Pressure Ukraine to Stop Shelling Nuclear Station
Ukraine Shelled Zaporizhzhia Plant on Sunday, Russia Says
Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Station Operating Normally: Interfax Quotes Russia-Installed Official
Kremlin: No Basis for Meeting Between Putin and Zelensky
Medvedev: Russia Will Achieve Its Aims in Ukraine
Ukraine Receives Three German Anti-Aircraft Systems: Military
Ukraine Court Jails Russian Soldier for Firing Tank at Apartment Block
Ukraine Faces Key Test on Debt Freeze Plan in Bid to Avoid Messy Default
Ukraine Seeks New IMF Program, Hopes Aid Arrives in Nov-Dec: PM
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Top Soldier Says He Won't Confirm or Deny That Canadians Troops Are on the Ground in Ukraine
Sweden to Give Military Training to Ukrainian Citizens in UK
US Naval Force Visits Baltic Region
Two More Grain Ships Sail From Ukraine as Third Port Opens
Lebanese Buyer Rejects First Batch of Ukrainian Grain Over Quality Concerns
Latvia Resumes Gas Imports From Russia That Were Stopped at the End of July
US Gets Seizure Warrant for $90 Million Plane Owned by Russian Oligarch
Scholz Party Rejects Bid to Expel German Ex-Leader Schroeder
Greek PM 'Unaware' Opposition Politician's Phone Hacked With Israeli-Made Spyware
Companies in China Distance Themselves From Taiwan Amid Pelosi Backlash
Taiwan to Hold Anti-Invasion Drills After China Exercises
Air Traffic Around Taiwan Returning to Normal Despite New Chinese Drills
Taiwan Says Strait Median Line Is a 'Fact'
In First Visit to China, South Korean Foreign Minister Seeks to Reassure Beijing Over US Ties
Pakistani Militant With $3 Million US Bounty Killed in Afghanistan
Taliban Says It 'Couldn't Find' Al-Zawahiri's Body in Kabul
Bomb Kills Eight in Shi'ite Area of Afghan Capital
Taliban Officials: Girls' Schools Closed Due to 'Cultural Constraints'
Major Airlines Still Not Making Flights to Kabul
Telecom Services in Kabul Shut Down for Security During Ashura
'Storm Is Gathering': Singapore PM Warns of Risk of US-China Miscalculation
Thailand, China to Resume Air Force Exercises After Pause
US Navy Delivers Upgraded Maritime Patrol Aircraft to Malaysia
US Official Says Solomon Islands Leader 'Missed Opportunity'
US Returns to Cambodia 30 Antiquities Looted From Historic Sites
UN Security Council Holds Emergency Meeting Over Gaza Fighting
Social Media Companies Face Accusations of Silencing Palestinian Voices
Gaza Hospital at Breaking Point After Israeli Bombardment
Israel Threatens Attorneys Representing Palestinian Civil Society Organizations
Ceasefire Between Israel, Islamic Jihad Holds as Gaza Crossings Partly Reopened
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Says No Ceasefire if Members Not Freed
Gaza: How Ordinary Palestinians Pay the Price of Israel's Assassinations
Israeli Army Confiscates Palestinian Lands Near Hebron
As Israel-Palestinian Truce Holds, Gaza Power Plant Restarts
21-Year-Old Palestinian Injured in Israeli Strike on Gaza Dies of His Wounds
Arab States Condemn Israeli Settler Raids on Al-Aqsa
Iraq Daily Roundup: 16 Killed
Maliki Says 'No Dissolution of Iraqi Parliament' Without Return to Sessions
Protesters Block Roads in Iraq After Third Day of Power Cuts
Iraqi PM Talks Political Crisis With Parliamentary Speaker
Sadr Rival Demands Parliament Reconvene as Sit-In Continues
Amid Official Silence, Ordinary Iraqis Mark End of War With Iran
US Embassy 'Concerned' About Misconduct Against Protesters in Kurdistan
At Least Three Civilians Killed in Clashes in Southern Yemen, Officials Say
Iranian Military Experts, Hezbollah Members Killed in Yemen Explosion: Report
Yemen's Houthis Must Act on Taiz to Show Commitment to Truce, Minister Says
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Executes 80 Prisoners in Mass Beheading
Palestinian Official Assassinated in Lebanon
Turkey's Erdogan Rails at Israel Over Gaza Fighting: 'No Excuse for Killing Children'
Suspected Jihadists Kill 12 Civilians in Mali Bomb Trap
Chad Signs Peace Pact With Rebels, but Main Insurgents Stay Out
More Tripoli Militia Clashes as the Battle for Libya Legitimacy Continues
Moroccans Protest Rabat's 'Neutrality' on Gaza Attacks
Algeria Retrieves Bodies of Six Migrants After Boat Capsizes
'Dictatorial' Kais Saied Image on Tunisia Mosque Sparks Fury
Kenyans, Desperate for Change, Must Choose New President From Familiar Faces
Egypt: Sisi's Move to Grant Military Graduates Civilian Degrees Baffles Academics
New Colombian Tax Bill Aims at Oil Exports to Fund Social Spending
Bolsonaro Election Concerns Stall US Javelin Missiles Sale to Brazil
US Military
US Army Vet Sentenced for $2 Million Fort Hood Gear Theft
US Air Force Hyped New Fighter Wing Commander. He Was Fired a Year Later
US Navy Injects First-Of-Kind Unmanned Experiments Into Multinational Exercise
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