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Updated August 16, 2022 - 9:44 PM EDT
After One Year, US Won't Release Afghan Funds
  Afghanistan: Poverty Replaces Danger a Year After Taliban Takeover
Russia: Ukraine Shelling Nuclear Power Plant
  Ukrainians Receiving Infantry Training in the UK
  Austria Committed to Military Neutrality Despite Ukraine War
Nuclear War Could Kill 5 Billion People, Study Shows
China Starts More Drills as More US Reps Visit Taiwan
CIA Sued for Spying on Those Who Met With Assange
US: Talks Over, Iran Must Drop 'Extraneous' Demands
Report: Massive Sexual Abuse in DR Congo by UN Troops
Drone Hits US Base in Syria; No Casualties or Damage
item In Rebuke of the Dishonorable David Petraeus  by Shane McCarver
item Did the Syrian Revolution Have Popular Support?  by Wm. Van Wagenen
item How Britain Fueled Ukraine's War Machine and Invited Direct Conflict With Russia  by TJ Coles
item We Always Knew the Dangers of NATO Expansion  by Ted Snider
item J. Edgar Hoover's Evil Brainchild  by John Kiriakou
item Meet the Veterans Who Chose 'Paths of Dissent'  by Dan McKnight

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Gina Lollobrigida Running for Italian Senate on New Antiwar Party
US Special Envoy in Oman for Crucial Yemen Ceasefire Talks
Salman Rushdie Stabbing: Iran Blames Author for Attack, Denies Involvement
Mexico's Week of Drug Violence Shakes Govt
Explosive Item Kills Three Swimmers Off Ukrainian Black Sea Beach
Ukraine to Resume Excise Tax on Fuel to Replenish Budget During War
Ukraine's Grain Exports Down by Almost Half Despite Unblocked Ports: Ministry
Ship Carrying Grain for Ethiopia Ready to Leave Ukraine
Five Europeans Go on Trial in Separatist-Controlled Ukraine
Ukrainian Military Receive Four Helicopters From Latvia
Putin Vows to Expand Arms Trade With Russia's Allies
WNBA's Brittney Griner Appeals Her Russian Prison Sentence
Kremlin Critic Navalny Says He's in Solitary Confinement
Putin Says Russia and North Korea Will Expand Bilateral Relations
The World & Ukraine/Russia
New Zealand to Deploy 120 Troops to Britain to Train Ukrainian Troops
US Says India Hid Russian Origin of Fuel Shipped to US: India Central Bank
Germans Face Higher Bills as Tax Aids Natural Gas Importers
Kosovo Cancels Power Cuts for Now After Securing Albanian Supplies
German Fighter Jets En Route to Australia as Berlin Shifts Focus to Indo-Pacific
Drama, Disappointment in Nairobi as Ruto Wins Kenyan Election
Kenya 2022 Election Results by the Numbers
Al Qaeda Affiliate Claims It Killed Four Russian Mercenaries in Mali
Mali Charges 49 Ivory Coast Soldiers Detained Since July
French Military: Last Group of Soldiers Has Left Mali
Burundi Sends Troops Into Congo as Part of East African Force
Sudan Civil Forces Agree on 'Axes of Transitional Period'
US Sanctions Three Senior Liberian Officials for Alleged Corruption
Nuclear Deal Can Be Reached if Iran's Red Lines Are Respected: Foreign Ministry
US to Provide Views to EU on Iran 'Privately'
Iran Hosts Drone Tournament With Russia, Belarus, and Armenia
Iran Tanker Retrieves Oil Seized by US, Set to Leave Greece
US Military
US Army Promises Thorough Investigation After Soldier's Death in Germany
Family of Slain Soldier Vanessa Guillen Files $35 Million Lawsuit Against US Government
All US Air Force F-35s Are Flying Again After Ejection Seat Checks
As West Puts Taliban on Hold, Kabul Eyes Future in China, Russia
Taliban Celebrates 'Victory Day', as Afghans Face Economic Crisis
Three Major Summits Held on Afghan Economy in Past Year
Review of Afghan Military Developments Over Past Year
Muttaqi: World Should Cooperate With Taliban-Led Government
Afghan Media a Year After Political Change
Afghan Refugees Struggle to Adjust to Life in the US
30 People Killed, Nearly 100 Wounded in Floods in Parwan
US Renews Contract to Upgrade Taiwan's Patriot Missiles
China Sanctions Seven Taiwanese Officials for Supporting Taiwan Independence
Taiwan's President Says Peace Critical to Tech Supply Chain Stability
Taiwan Committed to Maintaining Stable Taiwan Strait: President
Myanmar Court Convicts Deposed Leader Suu Kyi in Corruption Cases
South Korea's Yoon Urges Better Ties With Japan, Offers North Korea Aid
Commemorating WWII, Japan Renews No-War Pledge but Omits Its Wartime Aggression
Philippines in Talks to Buy US Helicopters After Dropping Russia Deal
Papua New Guinea Fails to End 'Evil' of Sorcery-Related Violence
'Attack on a Dream': Muslims in Fear as Indian Democracy Turns 75
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Inside His Jerusalem Home
Israel Rejects Palestinian Hunger Striker's Appeal for Release
NGOs Back UN Commission Investigating Israeli Discrimination Against Palestinians
Israeli Soldier Killed in Apparent Friendly Fire Incident Near West Bank City
Israel Carriers to Soon Fly to Turkey, Official Says as Ties Continue to Improve
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
The Plot Whispers That Set Iraq's Crisis on Fire
A Guide to Iraq's Competing Shi'a Groups
Syrian Security Forces Kill Another ISIS Commander in Daraa
US 'Directly Engaged' With Syrian Officials on Austin Tice Case
Middle East
Kuwait Sends First Envoy to Iran in Six Years, Tehran Says
Saudi Arabia: Women's Rights Defender Given 34 Years in Prison Over Tweets
Lebanese Citizens Desperate to Escape Decry Passport Application Chaos
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Biden Hides Behind 'Great Power Competition' To Maintain the Bankrupt Status Quo

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NATO and Collective Insecurity

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The History Behind the Russia-Ukraine War

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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