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Updated August 17, 2022 - 9:24 PM EDT
Explosions Hit Russian Arms Depot in Crimea
  Estonia to Cancel Visas of More Than 50,000 Russians
  Austria Committed to Military Neutrality Despite Ukraine War
US Carries Out ICBM Test It Delayed Over China
  China's US Ambassador Says US Has 'Gone Too Far' Over Taiwan
Turkey Trades Heavy Shelling With Syrian Kurds
  Turkey Kills 11 in Strikes Near Syria Border Outpost
US, EU Reviewing Iran's Response to Proposal
Israel Admits Killing 5 Children at Gaza Cemetery
item American Hegemony and the Politics of Provocation  by Jim Fitzgerald
item Amnesty International Revealed the Unpleasant Truth  by Slavisha Batko Milacic
item Israel's Friends Struggle to Justify Unprovoked Attack That Killed 17 Children  by Philip Weiss
item What Biden and Blinken Could Learn From Reagan and Shultz  by James Carden
item Confrontation Is a Dead End  by Daniel Larison
item Joe Biden's Senseless Economic Strangulation of Afghanistan  by Ryan Cooper

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Swiss Head Toward Popular Vote on US F-35A Purchase
Convicted for Providing Info to WikiLeaks, Ex-CIA Officer Faces 80 Years in Prison
In Submarine Secrets Case, US Judge Rejects Plea Agreement
Charges Reinstated Against Navy Sailor Accused of Killing Contractor in Iraq
Russia Says 'No Need' to Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine
Russian-Installed Authorities Say Ukraine Shelling Near Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant: Interfax
France's Macron: Underlined to Ukraine's Zelensky Concerns Over Nuclear Risks
Russia Says Britain Requested Permission for Spyplane to Fly Over Russia
Putin Blasts US 'Hegemony,' Predicts End to 'Unipolar' World
Putin Says US Using Ukrainians as 'Cannon Fodder', Trying to Prolong War
Ukrainian Oligarch Says He Placed Jewish Death Curse on Putin
Sanctions & Shortages
First Food Aid Shipment Bound for Africa Leaves Ukrainian Port
Ukraine Says Can Export 3.3 Million Tons of Grain From Next Month
Satellite Images Show First Ship Out of Ukraine in Syria
Russia's Economy Gets Boost From Wartime Grain Shipments
Germany to Keep Last Three Nuclear-Power Plants Running in Policy U-Turn
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Finland Limits Visas to Russians Amid Rush of Europe-Bound Tourists
Swedish PM Andersson Says Will Live Up to Terms of NATO Deal With Turkey
UN Chief to Meet Zelensky, Erdogan in Ukraine on Thursday
Russia, Turkey Spar Over Air-Defense Sale That US Opposes
No New Deals Between Turkey and Russia for S-400 System: Turkish Official
Estonia Removes Soviet-Era Monument, Citing Public Order
In $14.5 Billion Deal, Poland Is Going to South Korea to Find a Replacement for Its Aging Soviet-Era Fighter Jets
Germany Flying 6 Fighters 8k Miles in 24 Hours to Singapore
German Fighter Jets to Make Debut in Indo-Pacific
Defeated Odinga Says Kenyan Election Result 'Null and Void'
Kenyan Observer Group Says Projections Tally With Election Result
Tunisia Constitution Giving President Wider Powers Comes Into Effect
Amnesty International Slams Tunisia for Military Trial Against Journalist
German Troops Spot Russian Forces in Mali as French Pull Out
Liberia Suspends Three Officials Accused by US of Corruption
Egyptian Police Arrest Seven Protesting Home Demolitions in Strategic Nile Island
Amid Energy Crisis, EU Plans to Help Gas-Rich Mozambique Boost Security
Independent Journalist Found Slain in Northern Mexico
Cuba Cracks Open Door to Foreign Investment in Domestic Trade
The War at Home
Space Race: Five Men in Socks and a Happy Driver: How the CIA 'Borrowed' a Soviet Rocket
National Guardsmen Called Up in West Virginia to Staff Jails
Navy T-45C Jet Trainer Crashes Into Texas Field
Hundreds of Palestinian Accounts Removed From Social Media
How Israel Waged Judicial War Against Palestinian Citizens After the May 2021 Uprising
Settlers Establish First Ultra-Orthodox Illegal West Bank Outpost
Palestinian Hunger Striker Will Appeal to Israel's Supreme Court
'Slow Execution': Israel Extends Ahmad Manasra's Prison Isolation
UK Conservative PM Candidates Back Moving Israel Embassy to Jerusalem
Plan Shelved to Turn Historic Arab Village at Jerusalem Entrance Into Luxury Housing
Oil Prices Tumble as Prospects of Iran Deal Grow
Iranians Fear Attack on Salman Rushdie Will Derail Nuclear Deal
Iran Says Swedish Citizen Detained for Espionage Might Face Other Charges
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Iraq's Muqtada Al-Sadr Backtracks on Call for Huge Protests
Iraq's Finance Minister Resigns Over Political Crisis
Middle East
UN Envoy Seeks Expanded Yemen Truce to Spur Ceasefire Talks
Saudi Wealth Fund Buys $7 Billion in US Stocks, Including Starbucks, Zoom, and Microsoft
Turkey Reaffirms Syria 'Reconciliation' Call After Protests
Britain's HMS Lancaster Sets Sail on Three-Year Middle East Security Mission
Qatar Receives First Eurofighter Jet Ahead of 2022 World Cup
Violence in Afghanistan Has Dropped Under the Taliban
Red Cross Warns of Dire Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan
Taliban Denies Detention of Its Forces in Panjshir
Afghanistan's Karzai Calls for Reopening of Girls' Schools
Review of Security Developments in Afghanistan Over Past Year
China Sets Sanctions on Taiwan Figures to Punish US, Island
US 'Provocations' Over Taiwan Call for 'Necessary' Response, Chinese Foreign Minister Asserts
Putin Accuses US of Fanning Asia Tension With Taiwan Visit, AUKUS Pact
US, South Korea to Begin Expanded Military Drills Next Week
South Korea President Says Any Talks With North Korea Should Be More Than Show
Eleven Convicts in Gujarat Gang Rape, Murder Cases Freed in India
Photos: India's Nagas Minority Group Mark 75 Years Since Declaring Independence
'Survival at Any Cost': Myanmar Generals Move to Cement Power
UN Special Envoy in Myanmar To Meet Junta Leadership
Chinese Survey Ship Docks in Sri Lanka After Diplomatic Standoff
US Seeks Resolution for Naval Officer Jailed in Japan: State Dept
Switzerland to Return Uzbekistan's Assets Frozen in Money Laundering Probe
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