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Updated August 22, 2022 - 9:06 PM EDT
Russia Envoy: 'No Contact' With Western Diplomats
  Daughter of 'Putin Ally' Killed in Car Bomb Blast Outside Moscow
  Dennis Rodman Going to Russia to Seek Brittney Griner's Release
  Kiev Plundered US Aid, Endangered Civilians, and Lost the War
Iran Nuclear Deal Is Close, but Obstacles Remain
  CIA's 1953 Coup Remains Source of Iran's Distrust of US
US, S. Korea To Resume War Games After 4-Year Pause
Outrage as Leaked Iraq Video Hints at Corruption
item US Miscalculations Are Now Legion – but What To Do Now?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Punishment Won't Cut It for Policy in Afghanistan  by David C. Hendrickson
item Biden's New Africa Strategy Is Shortsighted and Stale  by Alex Thurston
item US Hypocrisy and Israeli Crimes  by Ron Forthofer
item China Must Be the Bigger Person  by Christopher Nixon Cox & James Arnold
item House's 'Irregular Warfare' Provision Risks Unintended War  by Katherine Yon Ebright

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Europe's Gas Price Is Now Equivalent to $410 Per Barrel of Oil
Gas Prices Are Down, but Biden's Problem at the Pump Isn't Going Away
California Army Post Hasn't Had Clean Tap Water for a Week
Drone Attack Targets Russia's Black Sea Fleet Headquarters
Russians Down Ukrainian Drones in Crimea as War Broadens
Russia Says It Has Deployed Kinzhal Hypersonic Missile Three Times in Ukraine
Meet Putin at Bali G20 or Skip It? Biden Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Albania: Two Russians, Ukrainian Arrested Trying to Enter Military Plant
Guterres Says UN Working With US and EU to Get Russian Food to Markets
UN: US Buying Big Ukraine Grain Shipment for Hungry Regions
Serbia Warns It Will Protect Kosovo Serbs if NATO Doesn't
Montenegro Government Loses No-Confidence Vote
Cyprus Set to Buy Iron Dome From Israel
Chinese Leader Asked Biden to Stop Pelosi From Visiting Taiwan
Taiwan Says Five Chinese Aircraft Crossed Taiwan Strait Median Line
Indiana Governor Latest US Official to Visit Taiwan
Chinese Imports of Russian Oil and Coal Continue Upward Trend in July
UN Fails to Reach Agreement to Extend Taliban Travel Ban Waiver
Taliban Foreign Ministry Calls on UNSC Not to Use Sanctions as 'Pressure Tool'
UN Envoy Potzel: Majority in Afghanistan Favor Girls' Education
Afghan Girls Continue Education Amidst Schools Closure
Qatar Justifies Its Involvement in Afghanistan
Child Labor Increases in Helmand, Say Afghan Residents
UN Special Rep.: Afghan Program Focuses on Rural Development
Pakistan's Imran Khan Charged Under Anti-Terrorism Act
Regulator Bans Live Telecast of Imran Khan's Speeches
Nine Soldiers Die as Truck Plunges Into Ravine in Pakistani Kashmir
Japan Considers Deploying Long-Range Missiles to Counter China
City of Mendi a Battlefield as Disgruntled Papua New Guinea Election Rivals Raid Police Station
Philippine Media Under Pressure as Marcos Jr. Courts Influencers
Angolan Opposition Leader Says One-Party State Is 'Big Cancer'
Dos Santos's Body Arrives in Angola Amid Tense Election Campaign
Somali Forces End Hotel Attack That Left 21 Dead, 117 Hurt
Rival Libya Official 'Ready to Use Force' to Enter Tripoli
French President Macron Heads to Algeria to Relaunch Ties
ICC Chief Prosecutor Arrives in Sudan
Chad Starts 'National Dialogue' to Pave Way for Elections
Guinea Junta Makes Interim Prime Minister's Appointment Permanent
In 2013, the CIA Admited Role in 1953 Iran Coup
The Iranian Coup That Led to 67 Years of Reckless Intervention
How a US Coup in Iran Led to 'Death to America'
National Security Archive: CIA Confirms Role in 1953 Iran Coup
Revisionists Want to Downplay US Role in 1953 Iran Coup. Don't Listen.
Iran Reformist Alliance Calls for Politician Mostafa Tajzadeh's Release
Many Israeli Generals Have PTSD, but This Confession Is Unprecedented
They Were About to Get Married in Gaza. but Israeli Air Strikes Killed Their Dream
CEO of Notorious Israeli Pegasus Spyware Firm to Step Down
Gunfire Hits Crowded Israeli Bus in West Bank; IDF Launches Manhunt
Israeli Forces Detain Four Palestinian Children in Bethlehem
Israeli Soldiers Injure Dozens of Palestinians Near Nablus
Palestinian Rights Group Chief Arrested by Israeli Intelligence
Nine European States Slam Israeli Raids of Palestinian NGOs
Gaza Family Destitute After Father Killed in Air Strike
Palestinian Won't End Hunger Strike Despite Detention Freeze
Israel's Top Diplomat in Turkey: 'We're Not Going Into a Perfect Marriage'
Haaretz Reporter Gideon Levy Says He Turned Down Offer to Join Arab Nationalist List
Iraq Daily Roundup: Ten Killed
Sadr Calls UN Response to Dialogue Proposal Insufficient
Four Bodies Retrieved From Rubble of Collapsed Shrine in Iraq
Turkish Drone Kills Four Children in Syria: Kurdish Administration
US Condemns Drone Strike That Killed Teen Girls Playing Volleyball in Syria
UN Concerned Over Upsurge of Hostilities in Northern Syria
United Arab Emirates
UAE, Upgrading Ties With Iran, Says Envoy to Return to Tehran Within Days
NGOs Call on UAE to Adopt UN Anti-Torture Recommendations
Middle East
Kurdish Opposition Parties of Iran Reunite After Years of Being Separated
UAE-Backed Yemeni Forces Seize Shabwa Energy Sites in Tussle With Rivals
Egypt Empties Cairo's Notorious Scorpion Prison of Detainees
Egyptians Polarized by Sale of State Assets to Saudi and UAE Wealth Funds
Colombia Suspends ELN Rebel Arrest Warrants, Extradition Orders to Restart Peace Talks
Pope Voices Worry Over Bishop's Detention in Nicaragua
Peruvian Ethnic Nationalist Leader Who Led Uprising Is Released From Prison
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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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Remembering Hiroshima

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