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Updated August 29, 2022 - 9:16 PM EDT
US Hints at Preparing Military Option Against Iran
  Iran's Reply to US Nuclear Deal Response Not Expected Before Sept. 2
US Sends Warships Through the Taiwan Strait
  French and German Missions 'Highlight NATO Concerns Over China'
Taliban: US Drones in Afghan Airspace Through Pakistan
  US Judge Say 9/11 Victims Not Entitled to Seize Afghan Bank Assets
  Afghan Refugees Say US Base in Kosovo Has Become a Prison
US Accelerating HIMARS Production to Arm Ukraine
32 Killed in Libya's Tripoli as Fears Grow of a Wider War
Major Damage After Israel Attacks Sites in Western Syria
Sadr To 'Retire' From Politics, Supporters Storm Green Zone
Israel Aerospace Awarded Spy Plane Contracts With Rome
Greek Missiles Locked on Turkish F-16s, Ankara Claims
item The Military-Industrial-Complex's Big Break in Ukraine  by Bradley Devlin
item Western Media Bias Makes Israeli War on Palestinians Possible  by Ramzy Baroud
item Last Chance for America and Iran  by Trita Parsi
item Are Hawks Really Calling for a Preventative War?  by Geoffrey Roberts

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Julian Assange Files His Perfected Grounds of Appeal
Ukraine-Russia: Will Six Months of War Turn Into Six Years?
Kushner: 'Sisi Canceled Resolution Against Israel Violence'
Cost Estimate for GWOT Memorial on National Mall Balloons to $100 Million
Iraq Daily Roundup: 32 Killed
Iraq's Sadr Proposes 'All Parties' Leave Government Posts
Political Crisis Weakening Security Achievements in Iraq: PM
Turkey Says It 'Neutralized' Nine PKK Members in Northern Iraq
How Life Under ISIS Impacted Mosul's Deaf Community
Iraqi Prisoners' Families Request General Amnesty Before Parliament Building
Human Rights Watch Heavily Criticizes Arrest of Protesters in Iraqi Kurdistan
Israeli Forces Open Fire on Gaza Farmers, Shepherds
Israel Election: Ben-Gvir Just Took Another Major Step in Mainstreaming Jewish Supremacy
Israel Police Slam Claims of 'Historic' Jewish Ascent to Temple Mount Through Muslim Gate
Fifteen Palestinians Injured as Israel Raids West Bank Town
Three Palestinians Injured in Israeli Raids in Jenin
Palestine Condemns Israeli Settlers for Breaking Into Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound
Three Palestinian Administrative Detainees Remain on Hunger Strike Demanding Their Freedom
Reviving 2015 Nuclear Deal in Interests of All Parties: Iranian Spokesman
German Tourist Detained in Iran: German Foreign Ministry
US-Backed Syrian Kurdish Forces Move to Halt 'Brutal Torture' at ISIS Camp
Wives, Widows of Syrian Detainees Lead Shackled Life
Turkey Accuses Greece of 'Hostile Action' Against Its Fighter Jets
US Voices Concern Over Censorship, Judicial Harassment After Turkish Pop Star's Arrest
UN Reports 'Blatant' Security Violations in Southern Lebanon Amid High Tensions
Deadly Clashes Shake Tripoli as Libya Political Crisis Deepens, Sparks Fears of New War
What We Know About Libya's Worst Fighting in Two Years
France's Macron Concludes Algeria Visit With New Pact
Algeria Trip: Turkey Condemns Macron for Accusing It of Anti-French Propaganda
Militants Kill Six in Attack on Convoy From Burkina Faso Gold Mine
Western Sahara: Morocco Recalls Tunisia Ambassador Over Polisario Front Invite
Tunisia: Food, Fuel Shortages Hit Shops as Crisis Continues
Japan Pledges $30 Billion in Aid for Africa at Tunisia Conference
Sudanese Journalists Form First Democratically Elected Union in Decades
The War at Home
Dutch Commandos in US for Training Wounded in Shooting Outside Indiana Hotel
The US Navy's 'Ghost Fleet' Is Growing
New York Man Pleads Guilty to Helping ISIS Group, Planning Knife Attack
Ukraine, Russia Trade More Blame on Threats to Nuclear Plant
Donetsk People's Republic Says It Is Ready to Transfer Remains of American Killed in Ukraine
Rival Chechen Fighters Take War to Battlefields of Ukraine
Ukraine Allows Sailors to Leave in Likely Boost for Grain Shipments
More Grain Must Be Shifted From Ukraine's Silos, Says UN Official
Russia Blocks Final Draft of UN Nuclear Disarmament Treaty
Dell Ceases All Russian Operations After August Offices Closure
Putin Orders Benefit Payments for People Arriving in Russia From Ukraine
The World & Ukraine/Russia
EU's Borrell: Visa Ban for Russians Would Lack Necessary Support
Slovakia's Neighbors to Patrol Its Skies, Freeing MiGs for Ukraine
Pentagon Expands Use of Shipping to Deliver Weapons for War in Ukraine
Oligarch Super-Yachts Avoid Int'l Sanctions in Neutral Turkey
Helsinki Airport Filled With Russians' Luxury Vehicles as Tourists Get Around Flight Ban
Austria Backs EU Cap to End 'Madness' of Runaway Power Prices
Germany's Gas Storage Facilities Filling Up Faster Than Planned: Econ Minister
EU Says Serbia, Kosovo Settle Dispute Over Identity Documents
NATO Conducts Historical Ordnance Disposal Operations Off French Coast
Australian DM to Visit France, Germany, Britain to Boost Ties
Taliban Defense Minister Requests Helicopters Be Returned to Afghanistan
Borrell: Afghans Pay Heavy Price for Their Country's Isolation
Faiq: UNSC to Hold Meeting on Afghanistan on Monday
Afghan Women Leaders Conference Held in Istanbul
Chinese Businesses Make Headway in Afghanistan Despite Beijing's Cautious Approach to Taliban
Taiwan Says China Still Carrying Out Military Activities Around Island
Taiwan Opposition Defends 'Brave' China Outreach After Controversial Visit
Kazakhstan Suspends Exports of Its Military Products
South Korea, Poland Sign $5.8 Billion Tank, Howitzer Contract
Pakistan Flooding Death Toll Tops 1,000 as Rains Continue to Pour
Colombian President Proposes Multilateral Ceasefire to Illegal Armed Groups
Police Investigating Highway Killing of Two Colombian Journalists
Colombia, Venezuela Restore Full Diplomatic Relations
Body Found in Mexico Resort Believed to Be Missing Radio Host, Authorities Say
Haiti Reveals 'Colossal Loss' of $4 Million Through Corruption
At Least 14 Police Injured as Supporters of Argentina's Vice President Clash With Police
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