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Updated September 8, 2022 - 9:49 PM EDT
US Tells Israel the Deal With Iran Is Off the Table
  IAEA Falsely Hints Iran Nuclear Program Isn't Peaceful
Top Ukraine General Warns of Limited Nuclear War
  Congress Wants Crack at Biden's New $13.7b Ukraine Aid Package
  US Military Trained Ukrainians Days Before They Sank Russian Ships
  Ukraine Claims Responsibility for Recent Crimea Attacks
EU Proposes Russia Gas Price Cap Despite Putin Warning
  US Hopes India and China Will Put Price Caps on Russian Oil
  Baltic Nations Agree on Visa Ban for Most Russians by Mid-Sept.
Latest US Congressional Delegation Arrives in Taiwan
Israel Nixes US Request for Review After Killing Journalist
Queen Elizabeth II Dead at 96
item Three Words That Describe the Russo-Ukrainian War  by Jim Fitzgerald
item NPR Devotes Almost No Coverage to the Afghans Starved By the US  by Bryce Greene
item Iraqi Turmoil and American Folly  by Sohrab Ahmari
item When God's Diplomat Meets a Hellish War  by Connor Echols

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US Air Force Test Launches Unarmed Minuteman III Missile From California
US Senator Dismisses Israeli Report on Abu Akleh's Killing
Gulf Nations Demand Netflix Remove 'Offensive' Content
CNN Hires Retired Police Official Accused of Lying About Muslim Surveillance
New UK PM Liz Truss
Britain to Shelve Proposed Bill of Rights
PM Truss Says Britain Needs Strong Government, Not New Election
White House: Undermining Northern Ireland Agreement Will Not Help US-UK Trade Talks
Who Is in Liz Truss's New UK Cabinet?
James Cleverly: UK's Former Middle East Minister Becomes Foreign Secretary
Zelensky Says Next Year's Budget Will Be a War Budget, Focus on Defense
Ukraine Celebrates Counterattack 'Success'; Russia Retaliates
Ukraine Thanks EU for 5 Billion Euros Aid, Calls for Full IMF Program
How the US Rushed Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles to Ukraine
Shelling Damages Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant's Backup Power Line: IAEA
Ukraine Calls for Evacuation of Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Town
Ukraine Considers Shutdown at Russian-Held Nuclear Plant: Top Inspector
Russia Requests 'Explanations' From IAEA on Zaporizhzhia Report
Russian Ruling Party Leader Says Occupied Ukrainian Regions Should Vote on Nov. 4 on Joining Russia
Putin: Russia Has Not Lost Anything Over Actions in Ukraine
Putin Says 'Impossible' to Isolate Russia, Hails Strong Asia Ties
Putin and Xi to Meet in Uzbekistan Next Week, Official Says
US Accuses Russia of War Crime by Forcibly Deporting Ukrainians
Putin Says Journalist Jailed for 22 Years Shared Secrets With Western Intelligence
Putin Says Ukraine Government Is 'Illegitimate Regime'
Decrying Ukraine War, Russian Soldier Seeks Refuge in France
Energy and Grain
Europe Is Buying All the Russian Oil It Can Before Banning It

Scholz: Germany Well-Placed on Energy to Get Through Winter

German Economy Minister Under Fire as German Companies Sound Alarm on Energy Prices
Operator Doubts German Plan to Keep Nuclear Plants on Standby
No Tulips From Amsterdam? Gas Crisis Hits Dutch Greenhouses
'Almost All' Ukrainian Grain Reaching European Nations: Putin
UN, Moscow Discuss Russian Grain, Fertilizer Exports
Grain Exports From Ukraine Helping to Push Prices Down: UN Spokesperson
Ukraine Says Grain Coming to Somalia, but Russia Skeptical
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Swiss Seek Closer Defense Ties to EU, NATO; To Stay Neutral
Putin Says Truss Election as British Leader 'Far From Democratic'
Praying for 'Martyred Ukraine,' Pope Urges Halt to 'World War'
'Provocations': Erdogan Decries Western Policy Towards Russia
German Forces Arrive in Lithuania for NATO Enhanced Forward Presence
Estonia Purchases Piorun Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems From Poland
EU Imports of Ukrainian Chicken Soar After Quota Lifted, French Group Says
Greece Warns of Ukraine-Style War With Turkey in East Mediterranean
Armenia Says Soldier Killed in Border Shootout With Azerbaijan
German Court Hands ISIS Member 10 Years in Prison for Murder, War Crimes
French Top Court Upholds Prison Sentence of Bashar Al-Assad's Uncle
Mexico Invites Relatives of Assange, Chavez, Guevara to Independence Day
Thousands Across Haiti Demand Ouster of PM in New Protest
Negotiations With Indigenous Groups Test Ecuador's Government
US Military
Pentagon Stops Accepting F-35 Jets to Check for Chinese Content: Source
US Air Force Special Ops Osprey Stuck in Norway Wilderness After Mishap
Israeli PM Opposes Prosecuting Soldier Who Likely Shot Abu Akleh
Israel Considers Increasing Support for Palestinian Authority to 'Fight Terror'
Israeli Military Preparing to Use Armed Drones in West Bank Operations
Israeli Court Extends Detention of Palestinian Journalist From Sheikh Jarrah
Netanyahu Rebuffed While Attempting to Record Closed-Door Meeting With US Senators
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian in Overnight Arrest Raids in West Bank
Israel: Seven Palestinian Citizens Indicted Over May 2021 Riots
Iraq's Top Court Rejects Petition to Dissolve Parliament
Fear, a Fatwa, and Bloodshed: Inside the Battle for Iraq's Green Zone
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed
Three Killed in Israeli Strikes on Syria Airport
Syria's Foreign Ministry: Israeli Raids on Airport Amount to a 'War Crime'
Satellite Image Shows Shuttered Aleppo Airport After Fresh Raid Attributed to Israel
ISIS Suspects Arrested in Raids on Al-Hol Camp in Syria, US Says
Iran's Guards Commander Says Any Country Involved in Israel's Aggression Will 'Pay Its Price': Tasnim
Albania Cuts Diplomatic Ties With Iran Over July Cyberattack
Iran Strongly Condemns Albania's Decision to Cut Its Diplomatic Ties
Lebanon Seeks to Name Second Investigator to Stalled Beirut Blast Probe
Iran May Send Free Fuel to Crisis-Hit Lebanon
Taiwan Military Shows Off Its Mettle With Latest Combat Drills
Taiwan Says Three Chinese Aircraft Crossed Taiwan Strait Median Line
US Chips Act Bars American Companies in China From Building 'Advanced Tech' Factories for 10 Years
Taliban Criticizes Presence of US Drones in Afghan Airspace
One Year On, Taliban's Official Cabinet Still Not Announced
Kabul Residents Complain of Houses Destroyed by City Authorities
Five Afghan Schools Reopened for Girls Above 6th Grade in Paktia
Afghan Child Laborers Denied Schooling Due to Poverty
Cash Package of $40m Arrives in Kabul: Central Bank
South Korea Offers Talks With North to Discuss Reunion of Separated Families
Seoul Has 'No Plans' to Deploy China Opposed US THAAD Missiles, Hopes for Xi-Yoon Summit
UN Nuclear Watchdog Has 'Serious Concern' About North Korea
US State Dept OKs Possible Sale of F-16 Equipment to Pakistan: Pentagon
Kiribati Moving Towards Authoritarianism, Former President Warns
East Timor's Ramos-Horta Presses Australia on Stalled Gas Fields
Congress Party's Rahul Gandhi Launches March to 'Unite India'
Myanmar Conflict Under Control, Junta Chief Says
Vietnam PM Says Respects Russia Relations, Hopes to Boost Cooperation
ISIS Seizes Talataye in Northern Mali
Mali Launches Air Strikes After Militants Seize Village
At Least Six Mozambicans Beheaded, Italian Nun Shot Dead by Insurgents
Video of Child Refugee in Libya Sheds Light on Rampant Abuse
Burundi Switches Prime Minister After President Warns of Coup Plot
UN: At Least $1 Billion Needed to Avert Famine in Somalia
Paris Prosecutors Close Investigation of French Army Over Rwanda Genocide
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