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Updated September 9, 2022 - 8:35 PM EDT
Biden Wants 'Other Options' for Iran if Talks Fail
  Mossad Chief Says Israel Won't 'Sit Idly By' Over Iran
US Sets $2.8B Military Aid for Ukraine, Allies
  Wounded Ukrainian Troops Report Steep Toll of Counteroffensive
  The Puzzling Impact of the Ukraine War on Ordinary Russians
US Military Developing New Testing Facility in Saudi Arabia
  Lawmakers Seek Oversight of US Aid to Persian Gulf Over Yemen
Senator Questions Israeli Report on US Journalist Killing
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II Dead at 96
item Getting It Wrong on Ukraine  by Scott Ritter
item 'Painful March for Freedom': The Triumphant Legacy of Palestinian Prisoners  by Ramzy Baroud
item Remembering Our Friends on 9/11  by Ted Snider
item Ignoring Gorbachev's Warnings  by Branko Marcetic

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Greenpeace Enforcing Sanctions: Stops Russian LNG Tanker at Swedish Port
Swedish Firm Saab to Deliver Ammunition, Anti-Tank Weapon to US Military
The Facebook Button Is Disappearing From Websites as Privacy Demands Grow
Ukraine Has Struck More Than 400 Russian Targets With HIMARS: US Top General
Ukraine Keeps Interest Rate at 25%, Warns of High Wartime Inflation

US Pledges 37,000 Artillery Rounds in Latest Ukraine Package


Russia Says It Will Retaliate Against EU Visa Restrictions

Russia's Putin Extends Condolences to Britain for 'Irreparable Loss' of Queen
Russia and US Clash Over Western Weapons for Ukraine

Russia Expels Romanian Diplomat in Tit-for-Tat Move

Xi and Putin Expected to Meet for First Time Since Ukraine War
War Energy Crisis
China Snaps Up Half-Price Russian Natural Gas as Europe Shuns Supplies
Other Nations Weighing G7 Russia Oil Price Cap, US's Adeyemo Says
Liquefied Natural Gas Could Be 'Really, Really Tight' This Winter: Cheniere Energy
NATO Chief Warns of Hard Winter for Ukraine and Its Backers
Truss Caps Domestic Fuel Bills to Tackle UK Cost-Of-Living Crisis
Truss: UK to Cap Domestic Energy Prices, End Fracking Ban
Germany's Neighbors Reluctant to Sign Gas Sharing Pacts: Newspaper
Hungary Aims to Cut Gas Use by 25% as Energy Crisis Persists
Cheap Russian Oil Softens Inflation Blow for India
European Energy Crisis Causes Major Aluminum Capacity Cuts
Europe and the War
Biden Talking to Allies About Support for Ukraine, White House Says
Estonia Joins Poland in Buying Piorun Anti-Aircraft Missiles
Belarus Starts Military Exercises Near Border Regions: Defmin
Poland Joins Baltic States on New Limits to Entry of Russian Nationals
Romanian Navy Ship Hit by Drifting Mine in Black Sea
Latvia Unveils New Light Military Vehicle Prototype
Greece Spreading 'Malicious Gossip' About Turkey, Ambassador Tells MEE
NATO Allies Condemn Cyberattack on Albania
Albanian Police Force Open Iranian Embassy After Expulsions
Indian and Chinese Troops Disengaging From Western Himalayan Area, Says India
India and Japan to Hold More Military Drills to Deepen Ties
Tunisian Opposition to Boycott December Elections, Decry 'Coup'
Killing of Young Cigarette Seller Stirs Social Tensions in Tunisia
Six Killed in Bus Attack in Cameroon
Fleeing Civilians Drown Amid New Attacks in South Sudan
Egypt: Mada Masr Journalists Charged With Spreading 'False' News
Bolivian Coca Farmers March on Capital, Burn Disputed Market
Cuba Says US Is Acting Immorally by Keeping It on Blacklist
Killing of Mexican Public Workers Reflects Cartel Brutality
Fearing PA Collapse, Israel Steps Up West Bank Attacks
Israel to Operate Armed Drones in Nightly Raids in West Bank
Report: Israeli Government Studies Options for Reinforcing PA Powers
Palestinian Teenager Shot Dead by Israeli Forces Near Ramallah
Israeli Forces to Level Wedding Hall, Shops in Nablus
Palestine: Israeli Court Extends Detention of Palestinian Journalist Lama Ghosheh
'My Life Will Never Be the Same': Gaza Girl Who Lost Her Eye in Israeli War Talks About Her Future
Hearing on Controversial E1 Israeli Settlement Plan Postponed Again
Five Cancer Patients in Gaza Died in 2022 Due to Israel's Siege
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed
Sadrist Movement Rejects Return to Iraq Parliament
Why Is Israel Bombing Syrian Airports?
Satellite Photos: Israel Attack Damages Syria Airport Runway
Israel Allows Visitors to 'Closed' Occupied Lebanon Town
Explosive Detonates at Hezbollah-Backed Minister's Home
Gas Field Contested by Lebanon and Israel Will Start Production 'Within Weeks'
Middle East
US Issues Iran-Related Sanctions: Treasury Website
Turkey's Erdogan Echoes Putin's Gripes Over Grain Exports
UAE in Talks to Buy Large Number of Armed Drones From Turkey
French, US Delegations Visit Taiwan as Tension With China Festers
Pentagon Leaders Discuss China's Space Ambitions at Classified Meeting
Taiwan Says 19 Chinese Aircraft Crossed Taiwan Strait Median Line
China, Israel Free-Trade Deal, Beijing's First in Middle East, in 'Last Stages' Amid Troubles With US
Human Rights Groups Call on UN for Stronger Accountability in Afghanistan
Kandahar Residents Call for Reopening of Girls' School
Kabul Residents Struggle With Water Scarcity
Afghanistan Air Services Contract Signed With UAE Company
North Korea Says It Will Never Give Up Nukes to Counter US
South Korea Proposes Meeting With North on Family Reunions
US, South Korea Revive Talks on 'Comprehensive' Ways to Deter North Korea
Half of Japan Governing Lawmakers Tied to Unification Church
Pakistan Court to Indict Ex-PM Khan for Contempt of Court: Lawyer
Anger Over Bloated New Sri Lanka Government
Vietnam Arrests Famous Noodle Vendor for 'Anti-State' Acts Online
Solomon Islands Votes to Delay Election as Opposition Cries Foul
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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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Remembering Hiroshima

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