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Updated September 10, 2022 - 9:09 PM EDT
EU Backs Off Russian Energy Price Cap
  Russia's Gas Giant Will See Revenues Surge 85% This Year
  Why the Financial Pain Inflicted on Russia Worries Some in the West
Zelensky to Appeal Directly to US Defense Firms
  Russia Announces Troop Pullback From Ukraine's Kharkiv Area
  Erdogan's Balancing Act Between Russia and the West
Biden Wants 'Other Options' for Iran if Talks Fail
North Korea Vows to Strengthen Nuclear Deterrent
Never Israel: Queen Elizabeth's Unofficial Boycott
item The Ukraine Proxy War Has Been a Propaganda Win for Interventionists  by Caitlin Johnstone
item America's Transition to a Banana Republic Is Complete: Fat Leonard Escapes!  by John Schindler
item Remembering Our Friends on 9/11  by Ted Snider
item A Classical Frenchman Predicted the 21st Century's 'Humanitarian Interventions'  by Bas Spliet

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Aretha Franklin's 'Every Move' Monitored by FBI, Declassified Files Reveal
US Judge Blocks Arizona Law Limiting Filming of Police
Bolsonaro Fan Kills Lula Backer as Brazil Election Tensions Mount
Zelensky Announces Breakthrough in Ukraine's East and South
Ukraine's Eastern Advance Puts Forces Close to Key Town
At Least Seven Killed and About 30 Injured in Alleged Ukrainian Attacks on Donetsk
Russia Backs IAEA Call for Shelling Near Zaporizhzhia to Stop, Envoy Says
Zelensky Says Turkish Drone Maker to Build Ukraine Factory
Norway to Send Ukraine 160 Hellfire Missiles, Night Vision Equipment
Russians Begin Voting in Regional Elections
Russians to Face Stricter and Longer Procedures To Enter the EU
Europe's Energy Crisis Brings Calls for 5-Minute Showers. Not All Are Keen on That.
EU Ministers Call for 10% Cut in Energy Consumption
Europe's Central Bank Rules Out Liquidity Support for Energy Firms
Serbia Joins 'Queue' of Customers for Turkish Bayraktar Drones
EU Aims to Ban Products, Imports Made With Forced Labor: Document
Former Afghan President Karzai: Access to Education Is a Fundamental Human Right
Calls for Afghan Girls' Schools to Reopen Amid Intl Focus on Illiteracy
More Than 230 Afghan Children Are Alone in the US Without Their Families
Afghan Adjustment Act: What Does It Mean for Refugees in US?
US OKs Pakistan F-16 Fleet Sustainment Deal
UN Chief Guterres 'Deeply Concerned' by New North Korea Law on Nuclear Weapons: Spokesman
India Journalist Siddique Kappan Gets Bail Nearly Two Years After Arrest
Solomon Islands to Delay Election as PM Tells Australia to 'Get Ready' to Fund Vote
Mexico's Senate Votes to Hand Over National Guard to Army
Colombia and Venezuela to Reopen Shared Border to Cargo Transport
Venezuela to Seek Extradition of Former Minister in Corruption Case
'Google Chooses Apartheid Over Justice': Workers Protest Against Project Nimbus
Israel's Handling of Shireen Abu Akleh Killing Angers Media
Israeli PM Holds Meeting to Assess 'Security Situation' in West Bank
Six Palestinian Farmers Injured in Jewish Settler Attack Near Ramallah
Netanyahu Renews Campaign for Arab Votes Despite Limited Success in Last Election
Russian Strikes on Syria's Idlib Province Kill Seven: Monitor
Syrian Airport to Resume Work Days After Israeli Strike
Kurd Fighters Killed, Jihadists Detained in Syria Camp Clashes
Turkey May Turn to Russia if US Blocks F-16 Sales: Erdogan
Turkey Seeks Gas Price Cut From Russia
Turkey Captures 'Senior' ISIS Leader Abu Zeyd: Erdogan
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Killed
US Targets Firms Over Iranian Drone Production, Shipment to Russia
Lebanon-Israel Maritime Border Deal 'Needs More Work'
Saudi Arabia Detains Senior Commander in Yemeni Army After He Arrived in Jeddah
Dozens Protest in Morocco After Israeli Envoy Recalled
Morocco Plans $213 Million Farming Project in Western Sahara
Dozens Killed in ISIS Attack in Mali
Egypt Ready to Continue Providing Support to Somalia
Angola Court Rejects Poll Result Appeal, Opposition Urges Protest
Egypt Spends Big on Diversifying Its Air Force, but to What End?
US Military
Navy Says All UFO Videos Classified, Releasing Them 'Will Harm National Security'
DoD Eyes Waiver to Resume F-35 Deliveries Halted Over Chinese Alloy
Raytheon Unit Wins $583 Million Contract for US Army Navigation
US Navy, Marine Corps Order Aircraft Engines From Rolls Royce for $1 Billion
Pentagon Accelerates Red Hill Defueling in Hawaii by Six Months
US Sends F-22 Jets to Australia to Train Alongside F-35a Fighters
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