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Updated September 15, 2022 - 8:40 PM EDT
Senate Panel OKs Major Change in Taiwan Policy
  Taiwan Hosts Foreign Lawmakers in DC to Lobby for China Sanctions
Ukraine Drafts Plans for West Security Guarantees
  Senators Seek Replenishment of US Weapons Sent to Ukraine
  Turkey Calls on Next Swedish Govt to Take Steps to Fulfill NATO Deal
US Releases Stolen Afghan Reserves, With a Catch
Armenia Warns Azerbaijan Clashes May Escalate Into War
New US Sanctions on Iran Over Alleged Cyber Activities
Israeli Attack Halted Syria Aid Flights for Two Weeks
Former Trump Official Warns Security State Risks More War
item Europe, More Than Putin, Must Shoulder the Blame for the Energy Crisis  by Jonathan Cook
item Should Big-Money Dem Donors Head Embassies in NATO's East?  by Connor Echols
item Repeal the Iraq War Authorization  by Reid Smith
item The New Cold War Has Made US Liberals Learn to Love the Bomb  by David S. D'Amato

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Queen's Death Accelerates Ex-Colonies' Push to Ditch UK Crown
IEA: EU's Russian Crude Ban Will Take 2.4 Million BPD Off the Market
WikiLeaks Founder's Family Brings Campaign to Mexico
Israel Pressuring Biden to Accept Terrorist Designation for Palestinian NGOs
New Frontline in Ukraine Is Close to Luhansk Separatist 'Border': Tass Cites Commander
Ukraine's Zelensky Visits Recently Retaken Strategic City
Russia Launched Eight Cruise Missiles Against Ukrainian City: Official
In Russian Border City, Pro-Kremlin Ukrainians, Soldiers Regroup After Retreat From Ukraine
Ukraine Chides Germany for Inaction as It Routs Russian Forces
Ukraine's Western Government Creditors Agree Debt Service Freeze
Biden Administration Discussing New Russia Measures With Congress
Kremlin Says Ukraine's NATO Ambitions Remain a Threat to Russia
Biden Chooses Veteran Diplomat for New US Envoy to Russia
Kremlin: No Comment on Reported US Envoy Visit to Discuss Prisoner Swap
Private Efforts Could Complicate US Detainees' Release From Russia, State Dept Says
Russia Sanctions British PR Executives and Defense Lobbyists
European Energy
EU Scraps Price Cap on Russian Natural Gas
Energy Crisis: EU Chief Wants to Tap Excess Producer Profits
EU Chief Proposes Energy Market Reform, $140 Billion Revenue Cap
Another European Steel Plant Scales Back Amid Ongoing Energy Crisis
Ukraine Seals Gas Supply Deal With US for Winter: Interfax Quotes PM
Kremlin Says Other Regions Besides Europe Willing to Buy Russian Gas
The World & Ukraine/Russia
India and France Reiterate Calls for Negotiations to End Conflict in Ukraine
Finnish PM Wants Sanctions to Be Felt by Ordinary Russians
How Many Must Die? Pope Blasts Russia War, Appeals for Peace
Ukraine's Grain Exports Accelerate in Sept Following Grain Deal: Ministry
'Putin Will Fail, Europe Will Prevail', Says EU Chief
Armenia vs. Azerbaijan
Armenia Reports Truce After New Clashes With Azerbaijan
CSTO Mission to Arrive in Armenia on September 15: Foreign Minister
Turkey's Erdogan: Armenian Attitude Towards Azerbaijan Will Have Consequences
Sweden's Right-Wing Opposition Leads Election as 98% of Districts Counted
Sweden's Center-Left PM Andersson Concedes Defeat in Elections
European Commission to Propose EU Funding Cut for Hungary
EU Envoy Says He's Being Snubbed by Israeli Leaders
Israel, Germany Confirm Negotiations for Possible Arrow 3 Missile Defense Sale
Morocco/Western Sahara
35 Nations Renew Support for Morocco's Control Over Western Sahara

Moroccan Military Leader Visits Israel to Expand Cooperation

US NGOs File 'War Crimes Complaint' Against Egypt, France Over Libya
Libyan Families Seek Tens of Millions of Dollars in Damages From Khalifa Haftar
Dissident 'Forcibly Disappeared' After Planning Online Meeting on 2011 Revolution
Three Political Prisoners Die in Custody in Three Days
In Somalia, Al-Shabab's Courts Win More Converts
Thousands Protest Military Coup in Sudan as Demos Continue
Ethiopia: Ten Killed in Second Day of Airstrikes in Tigray
Ivory Coast Asks West African Bloc to Help Captive Soldiers in Mali
UN Officials Denounce Israel's 'Illegal and Unacceptable' War on Palestinian Civil Society
PA's Hussein Al-Sheikh Meets AIPAC Delegation in Ramallah
High-Level Meeting Held Between Palestinian Leaders, Israel Officials
Palestinian-Led Parties Agree to Run as Joint List in Upcoming Israeli Election
Palestinians Rally in Gaza Against Israel's Blockade
Israeli Authorities Order Expulsion of 15 Palestinian Families Near Jerusalem
Israeli Soldier and Two Palestinians Killed in Jenin Clashes
Jenin Braces for More Violence After Wednesday's Killings
Israeli Forces to Expel Palestinian Bedouins From Jerusalem
Israel, Egypt Forces Detain Palestinian Fishermen
Palestinian Kids Miss School After Israel Halts Army Escort to Protect Them From Settlers
US Redoubles Support for Iran Talks Envoy Israeli Official Claimed Was Sidelined
Iranian President Says Tehran Will Pursue Membership in Russia-China Bloc
Iran Says It Wants Closer Ties With UAE as Relations Thaw After Six Frosty Years
France Violated Rights of Children in Syria Camps: Court
Former Yazidi ISIS Captive Found in Syria Camp After Eight Years
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed
Top US Diplomat Warns Court Ruling on Oil Risks Deepening Crisis in Iraq
Turkey: New Poll Shows Most Believe Crisis With Greece Triggered by Elections
Greece Receives Upgraded F-16 Fighters Amid Turkey Tensions
Middle East
Saudi Arabia: Tech Activist Pulls Out of Conference Over Rights Concerns
How the Qatar World Cup Will Highlight Israel's Blockade of Gaza
'Humor Over Rumor': Taiwan Eyes Ukraine Messaging Model if China Attacks
China Keeps West Guessing About Economic Pressure on Russia
Taliban, Pakistani Forces Clash Along Border, Casualties Reported
Kabul Denies Masoud Azhar's Presence in Afghanistan
Campaign Launched to Reopen Afghan Girls' Schools
Afghans Keep Close Watch as Some Girls' Schools Open, Then Shut
UN 'Gravely Concerned' by 'Human Rights Violations' in Afghanistan's Panjshir Region
India Tells US It Is Concerned About Package for Pakistan F-16 Jets
Death Toll From Overnight Bombing in Pakistan Rises to Eight
US 'Concerned' Over Pakistan Media Curbs, Attacks on Journalists
Philippines Considering Additional US Military Bases
Clash Erupts Between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Border Guards
Japan and US Eye Joint Research to Counter Hypersonic Weapons, Amid China Concerns
Former Top Obama Aide Accuses Biden of 'Gaslighting' Cuba
Colombia's ELN Rebel Group Favors Bilateral Ceasefire if Peace Talks Resume
Mexico to Extend Army's Street Presence Until 2029 to Tackle Rampant Violence
Venezuela Will Be Guarantor in Colombian Peace Talks
Haiti Sees More Protests as Fuel Price Hike Worsens Public Anger
The War at Home
An F-16 Pilot Died When His Ejection Seat Failed. Was It Counterfeit?
US Investments in Foreign Chip Firms a Potential Concern, White House Says
'Fat Leonard' on the Lam: The Navy Scandal You Never Hear About
Space Development Agency Launch Delayed by Supply Chain, Bid Protests
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