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Updated September 27, 2022 - 8:25 PM EDT
Congress Agrees on $12 Billion New Ukraine Aid
  US Announces $457.5 Million in 'Civilian Security Aid' for Ukraine
  Russia Says It's Had 'Sporadic' Contacts With US on Nuclear Weapons
At UN, Syria Calls for US to End Its Military Occupation
  New Convoy of Looted Oil Smuggled Out of Syria by US Army
Russia Grants Citizenship for Whistleblower Ed Snowden
  Most in US, UK Don't Know What Assange Is Charged With Publishing
Iran, IAEA Still at Odds Over Uranium Traces Inquiry
item The Democratic Party, Now the Leading Party of War  by John V. Walsh
item Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright Conduct a Masterclass on the Banal Horror of US Foreign Policy  by Jon Schwarz
item Suppression of Contrarian Voices  by Ron Forthofer
item Biden Trashes What Remained of US One China Policy, Strategic Ambiguity  by Michael D. Swaine

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Chinese J-15 Fighters Fly Directly Over US Navy Destroyer in New Video
Despite Economic Woes, UK Leaders Tout Massive Defense-Spending Hike
How Sanctions Escalate Anti-Iranian Prejudice in US
Blinken: Conversation About Supplying Weapons to Ukraine 'Ongoing'
Russia Says No Decisions Taken on Border Closure Amid Mobilization
17 Dead, 24 Wounded in School Shooting in Russia
IAEA Chief: Ready for Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Talks in Russia, Ukraine This Week
Anger Over Troop Conscription Rages in Russia
Russians Flee to Georgia After Putin's Mobilization Order
Russian Lawmaker Says Draft-Age Men Should Not Be Allowed to Leave Country
Russian Military Recruiter Shot Amid Fear of Ukraine Call-Up
Russia Replaces Top Logistics General Amid Mobilization
Russia's Yevgeny Prigozhin Admits Owning Wagner Mercenary Force
Russia's FSB Detains and Expels Japanese Consul for Alleged Spying
The World & Ukraine/Russia
EU Weighs Options for Russian Draft Resisters
US, Partner Nations to Discuss Strategy to Arm Ukraine on Sept. 28
EU Has 'Serious Questions' as Serbia Enters Regular Consultations With Russia
More Russians Traveled to Finland During Weekend, Border Data Shows
Moldova Considers Sanctions for Citizens Who Fight for Russia in Ukraine
Moldova Can't Rely Only on Neutral Status, Security Aide Says
Netherlands Will Increase Military Support to Ukraine, PM Says
UK Sanctions Russians Linked to Referendums in Ukraine
Transparency International Urges EU Sanctions on Russian Diamonds, Miner Alrosa
Israel to Treat 20 Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers
US Soldiers Manning HIMARS Head to Latvia for Exercises
Turkey Does Not Recognize Russian 'Annexation' of Ukraine: FM
Energy Crisis
Group of Countries to Push EU for Gas Price Cap: Letter
Germany Considers Price Caps as Energy Crisis Worsens
Italy's Salvini Wants Outgoing Draghi Govt to Act on Energy Prices
Natural Gas Prices Continue Plunge as Europe Fills Up Ahead of Schedule
Swedish Parliament Reappoints Speaker as Change of Government Draws Nearer
UK PM Truss Thanks Saudi Crown Prince for Role in Release of British Detainees
Biden to Host France's Macron in White House on December 1
Five Dead in Western Libya Clashes
Renewed Militia Clashes in Western Libya Killed 10-Year-Old
UN Says Aid Truck Hit by Debris From Ethiopian Drone Strike
Catastrophic Grid Failure Causing Widespread Blackouts in Nigeria
Tunisians Protest Against Poverty, High Prices and Food Shortages
Alleged Central African Republic Rebel Pleads Not Guilty to War Crimes at International Court
Egyptian Cleric Revered by Muslim Brotherhood Dies at 96
The War at Home
US Fuel Exports Broke Records in the First Half of 2022
Flying Saucer Appears on US Aviation Intel Office Logo
NASA's DART Mission Successfully Crashes Spacecraft Into Asteroid in Planetary Defense Test
US Navy About to Get World's Largest Unmanned Warship but Has No Plans to Use It
US Marine Corps Amphibious Combat Vehicles to Return to Ocean After Safety Halt
Australia Receives Four New F-35A Lightning II Fighters
Turkish Intelligence Kills Senior Kurdish Militia Member in Northern Syria
In Syrian North, Women Protest Over Death of Iran's Amini
PA Foreign Ministry: 25 Palestinian Refugees Aboard Sunken Migrant Boat Off Syrian Coast
Cholera Death Toll Rises to 29 in Syria as Outbreak Spreads
Iran Indicts 14 Over Killing of Its Top Nuclear Scientist Blamed on Israel
Why Elon Musk's Starlink Will Not Affect Protests in Iran
US Adds Fourth Iranian Cargo Plane to Export Violation List Over Russia Flights
Canada to Impose Sanctions on Those Responsible for Iranian Woman's Death
Germany Urges Iran to Allow Protests After Summoning Ambassador
Most Israelis Do Not Support a Two-State Solution, New Poll Shows
Al-Aqsa: Israeli Settlers Storm the Compound on Jewish New Year
Palestinians Arrested, Injured as Far-Right Jews Enter Al-Aqsa
US, Israel Complete Unmanned and AI Exercise in Red Sea
Israeli Troops Evict Muslim Worshippers From Al-Aqsa to Make Way for Extremist Settlers
Arafat's Nephew Returns to Gaza, Mounting Challenge Against Aging, Unpopular Abbas
30 Palestinian Prisoners Start Mass Hunger Strike Against Israel's Administrative Detention
Lebanon Expects US Mediator Offer for Maritime Border With Israel Within Days
Lebanese Banks Begin Partial Reopening Following Heist Spree
Lebanon Retirees Scuffle With Police; Banks Partially Reopen
Lebanon Parliament Passes 2022 Budget That Falls Short of IMF Reform
Iran Launches New Artillery Attack on Iraqi Kurdistan Region
Iraq Daily Roundup: 14 Killed
Iraqi Parliament Speaker Resigns
Turkey-Greece: Ankara 'Protests' Athens' Deployment of US-Made Armored Vehicles on Two Islands
Two Officers Injured After Attack on Police Hotel in Southern Turkey
US Carrier, South Korea Ships Launch Drills Amid North's Threat
Seoul Says North Korea, China Reopen Freight Train Traffic
Afghan Students Call on Govt to Reopen Girls' Schools
Afghanistan Becoming Terrorist 'Safe Haven': Tajikistan FM
Discovery of 16 Bodies in Kandahar Sparks Reactions
US's Harris, Japan's Kishida Condemn China's Actions in Taiwan Strait

In Tokyo, Harris Calls US-Japan Alliance 'A Cornerstone'

Kishida Opens Diplomacy Rush as Japan Preps Divisive Funeral
China Rights Report Prompts Western-Led Call for UN Debate
Six Killed as Pakistan Army Helicopter Crashes in Balochistan
Turkey Says Malaysia, Indonesia Interested in Buying Armed Drones
BrahMos Aerospace to Provide Indian Navy With Additional Missiles
Venezuela-Colombia Border Reopening to Trade as Tensions Ease
Fugitive Businessman 'Fat Leonard' to Seek Asylum in Venezuela: Local Meida
Cuba Overwhelmingly Approves Same-Sex Marriage in Referendum
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