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Updated October 6, 2022 - 9:59 PM EDT
US Intel Believes Ukraine Killed Darya Dugina
  Putin Signs Law on Annexation of Four Ukrainian Territories
  EU Agrees To Impose Price Cap for Russian Oil
  Poland Says It's Discussed Hosting Nuclear Weapons With the US
US Aims To Turn Taiwan Into Giant Arms Depot
  US Military Surveillance in South China Sea Scaled Back
US Accuses OPEC+ of Aligning With Russia
  Most Americans Want to End Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia
  Biden Urged to Press Saudi Coalition to End Yemen Blockade
North Korea Launches More Missiles Towards Japan
US May Ease Sanctions on Venezuela To Help Chevron
item Ukrainian Disinformation Agency Re-Issues Its Black List of 35 Americans  by David T. Pyne
item Hidden Motives: Why Lapid Is Not Serious About a Palestinian State  by Ramzy Baroud
item North Korea: An Opportunity Missed  by Ted Snider
item Snowden Didn't Flee to Russia: Obama Trapped Him There  by Brian McGlinchey

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Albania Weighed Invoking NATO's Article 5 Over Iranian Cyberattack
Broad Support in US for Nuclear Diplomacy With Iran: Poll
Iran Organizes More Counter-Demonstrations as Protests Continue
Iranian Schoolgirls Chant 'Get Out' and Wave Headscarves During IRGC Official Visit
Iran Summons UK Ambassador for 'Interventionist Comments' Over Protests
'Martyred' Nika Shakarami Becomes Icon of Iran Protests
Detained Iranian-American, 85, Leaves Iran for Major Surgery
Palestinians Killed in Escalation of West Bank Violence
One Dead, Two Injured as Israeli Occupation Forces Surround, Shoot at House Near Nablus
Israeli Army Targets Fishermen and Farmers in Gaza
Israeli Settlers Blow Horns in Graveyard Near Al-Aqsa
Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian, Wound Two Journalists
PA Forces Rescue Israeli Settlers Who Entered Nablus
Israeli Soldiers Detain Jerusalem Governor Adnan Gheith
Palestinian Teen Thought to Be Killed by Israel Found Alive
Palestinian Children Injured as They Ran Away From Tear Gas Fired by Israeli Forces in Hebron
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Holds Military Parade in Gaza Amidst Threats by Israel
Bedouin Citizens Injured in Mob Attack in Israel
PA Hands Over Israelis Entered Nablus 'By Mistake'
Labour Party Opposes UK's Plan to Move Israel Embassy to Jerusalem
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Supporters of Muqtada Al-Sadr Raid and Vandalize Iraqi News Station
Feminist Journalist of Turkish Origin Gunned Down in Iraqi Kurdistan
Syria Plans Major Military Operation Against ISIS
Germany Repatriates More Nationals From Camp in Syria
Killing of Refugee Highlights Struggle Facing Syrians in Turkey
Yemen Government Determined to Renew Truce With Houthis: FM
Yemen's Houthis Should Be More Flexible Over Truce Deal, Says US Envoy
Lebanese Lawmaker Demands Trapped Bank Savings
Lebanese Banks Seek Dialogue With Depositors to Stop Heists
Middle East
Bahrain Pulls Out of UN Rights Body Election After Criticism
Kuwait Reappoints Emir's Son Ahmad Nawaf Al-Sabah as PM
Islamic Headscarf Returns to Heart of Turkish Political Debate
More Than 50 Killed in Northern Ethiopia Air Strike: Aid Workers and Tigray Forces
Ethiopia, Tigray Leaders Invited for Talks in South Africa
Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Military Leader Commits to Predecessor's Transition Timeline
Burkina Faso's Coup and Political Situation: All You Need to Know
Moroccan, Spanish Police Raid 'Jihadists,' Arrest 11
Morocco and Iran Brawl Over Polisario and Normalization
US Weighs Aid to Cuba Following Hurricane and Request From Havana
Nicaragua Charging Exiled Opponents' Relatives

In El Salvador, Rising Inmate Numbers Threaten Humanitarian Crisis: NGO

The War at Home
Palestinian Photog Says NYT Fired Him for Expressing Support for Resistance
No End in Sight on C-130H Groundings for US Air Force; Other Planes Fill in on Mobility
Texas Guardsman Dies by Self-Inflicted Gunshot on Border Mission
US Army Ended Fiscal Year Short Almost 20,000 Soldiers, Chief Says
EU Countries Agree to Train 15,000 Ukrainian Soldiers
IAEA Head Grossi Says He May Visit Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Again
Head of Ukraine's Energoatom Says He's Taking Charge of Russian-Occupied Nuclear Plant
Russia Officially Claims Ownership of Ukraine Nuclear Plant
Russia Wants Secret UN Vote on Move to Condemn 'Annexation' of Ukraine Regions
Russian Journalist Who Fled House Arrest Says She Is Innocent
Russia Says It Expelled Lithuanian Diplomat in Retaliatory Move
Nord Stream & Energy
Top EU Official Vows to 'Stress Test' Pipelines After Leaks
German Police See State Actor Role in Nord Stream Blasts as Probable: Spiegel
Putin Ally Compares Nord Stream Sabotage to CIA-Backed Attacks of 1980s
The UK Is Rushing to Ink Long-Term Gas Deals With Norway and Qatar
Spain's Sánchez Warns Germany That Its Energy Plan Must Not Disturb EU Single Market
The World & Ukraine/Russia
Russian Launches to Space From US, 1st Time in 20 Years
Russians Fleeing Mobilization Will Not Automatically Get French Visas: Minister
Estonia Proposes That NATO Expand Its Missions
UK, Poland to Pool Missile Development for Their Land, Naval Forces
Spanish, German Leaders Meet Amid Questions Over Air Defense Talks
Turkey, Sweden Begin Two-Day Talks Over Kurdish Extradition
Turkey Summons Swedish Envoy Over 'Insulting Content' About Erdogan on TV: Anadolu
As Support Sags, Danish Prime Minister Calls Nov. 1 Election
State Ministry Reports Leak at German Nuclear Plant, Experts Investigating
Bosnian Serb Opposition Parties Call for Recount of Ballots
Mass Grave From 1990s War Found in Nagorno-Karabakh: Azerbaijan
Taiwan Says It Won't Rely on Others for Defense
Taiwan Taking Monthly Energy, Food Inventories in Case of China Conflict
Taiwan Says Will Use US-Led Chip Alliance to Protect Local Firms
Four Killed in Bombing at Afghan Interior Ministry Mosque
Afghan Students Celebrate World Teachers' Day at Kabul Schools
New Factory in Kabul to Fumigate Produce for Export
In Kashmir, India's Home Minister Says No to Talks With Pakistan
Pakistan's Army Chief Meets With US Defense Secretary
Ties in Focus as Pakistan Army Chief Meets US Officials
US Taps Raytheon to Upgrade South Korea's Shipboard Weapons
Kazakhstan Snubs Russian Demand to Expel Ukrainian Ambassador
Philippines' Marcos Open to Buying Russian Fuel, Proposes New Myanmar Approach
Blast Kills Three Bangladesh UN Peacekeepers in Central African Republic
Prolonged Drought Brings Famine, Death and Fear to Somalia
Rwandan Court Frees Reporters Accused of Spreading False News
23 Hostages From Nigeria Passenger Train Reported Freed After Six Months
Ugandan President Apologizes for Son's Tweets on Annexing Kenya
Lockheed to Supply New Zealand's 'Super Hercules' Weapons System Trainers
Lockheed Proposes Anti-Ship Missile for Australian HIMARS
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