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Updated November 10, 2022 - 9:44 PM EST
Russia Announces Withdrawal From Kherson City
  Some US/Western Officials Say Winter Provides Chance for Diplomacy
  Ukrainian Lawmakers to Send Delegation to US Congress
EU Proposes 18 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine
  The US Approves HIMARS Sale to Lithuania
Israel Attacks Convoy on Syria-Iraq Border
  Militia Claims Responsibility for Killing US Citizen in Baghdad
Gantz: Netanyahu Will Be 'Levelheaded' About Attacking Iran
  Herzog on Hot Mic Saying 'Entire World' Anxious About Ben Gvir
Pentagon Exploits Post 9/11 Laws to Wage 'Secret Wars'

The Quiet Merger Between Online Platforms and the National Security State Continues  by Branko Marcetic

item Reflections on the 'Stupid and Wicked'  by Brendan O'Soro
item The Military-Industrial Complex Wins Again!  by Bill Astore
item Complications of the Ukraine War  by Christopher Caldwell

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UK Army Killed 64 Children in Afghanistan Between 2006-14: Report
Hungary: Finland, Sweden 'Can Count on Us' for NATO
Yemen Accuses Saudi-Led Coalition of Seizing New Fuel Shipment
AIPAC vs. J Street: The Key Midterms Wins and Losses for the Pro-Israel Groups
Palestinian Teenager Killed as Israeli MPs Hold Event in Nablus
Benny Gantz Warns of Rising Extremism in Israel
Israel Assassinates 'The Lion of the Balata Brigade'
Armed Israeli Drone Crashes in South, Sparking Fire and Grounding Fleet
Two Palestinians Killed in Separate Incidents With Israeli Forces, Palestinians Say
Palestinian Teen Killed After Nablus Tomb Incursion by Israeli Politicians
Israel Want to 'Empty the Jordan Valley' Say Palestinians
After Near Wipeout in Election, Israeli Left Wonders: What Now?
Iran's Army Issues Warning to 'Rioters' as Security Forces Struggle to Suppress Unrest
No Evidence to Back Ukraine's Claims of Iranian Missile Sales to Russia: Washington
Iran Warns Saudi Arabia 'Our Strategic Patience' May Run Out
US and Mikati 'Fooled' Lebanon Into Thinking Iranian Fuel Deliveries Would Be Permitted: Report
Lebanese Army Trains to Confront 'Bank Robbers' Freeing Own Savings
US Pledges $72 Million Aid to Feed Lebanese Amid Crisis
Turkey Lays Ground for Possible Diplomatic Rapprochement With Syria
Turkey Refused Israel's Requests to Act Against Hamas, Says Official
Ex-Parliament Speaker of Kurdistan Regional Government Defies Kurds at Iraq's Top Court
Iraq Daily Roundup: 12 Killed
Women Stopped From Entering Amusement Parks in Afghan Capital
Afghans Call to Resume Passport Issuing
EU Contributes 50 Million Euros to World Food Program for Afghanistan
First Batch of New Afghani Banknotes Arrived in Kabul
North / South Korea
North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Toward Sea, South Says
North Korea Missile Launch Does Not Pose Immediate Threat: US Military
Dogs Gifted by Kim Jong UN at Center of South Korean Row
Norway Buys More K9 Howitzers, Armored Vehicles From S. Korea

Australia Moves to Block Pilots From Training Chinese Military

Canada Readies New Indo-Pacific Strategy Amid Tense China Ties
Southeast Asia
US Allows Transactions to Free Sanctioned Oil Tanker Run Aground in Indonesia
Indonesia Inks Boeing, Sikorsky Deals to Boost Defense Modernization
Philippines Inducts Israeli Air Defense System to Bolster Coastal Defense
US, EU Add More Sanctions as Myanmar Violence Deepens
High-Level US Delegation Visits Havana Amid Migration Crisis
Peru Congress Shoots Down Prime Minister's Confidence Vote Challenge
Russia Expels Moldovan Embassy Employee in Retaliatory Move
Top Russian-Appointed Kherson Official, Dies in Car Crash
Russia Deploys Syrian Fighters to Shore Up Its Defenses: Intelligence Sources
Russian Security Official Visits Iran in Push to Deepen Ties Amid Ukraine War
Griner Sent to Russian Penal Colony to Serve Sentence
Ukraine's New Air Defense System Comes With a Deep Supply of Ammunition
Zelensky Calls for Extension of Black Sea Grain Export Deal
Swiss Extend Fast-Track Path for Ukraine Refugees
East Europeans Prepare for Possible New Ukrainian Refugee Wave as Winter Nears
Biden Says He Expects Ukraine Aid to Continue Uninterrupted
Berlin Expands Old Airport Shelter for Ukrainian Refugee Housing
France, UK to Hold Defense Summit in Early 2023: Macron
France Sets Its Military Goals as War Is Back in Europe
France to Unveil Shift in West Africa Anti-Jihadist Fight
Swiss Group Wants Referendum to Solidify Country's Neutrality
NATO Announces Next Leaders' Summit Will Be in Lithuania
Belgian F-16, F-35 Fleet to Receive AMRAAM Missiles
Cyprus MPs Launch Inquiry Into Spyware Development on the Island
Nationwide Strike Over Inflation Disrupts Transport Across Greece
Moldova Will Ask EU Allies for 450 Million Euros Amid Fears Putin Will Cut Gas Flows
UK Delays Northern Ireland Election in Hope of Progress in EU Talks
Sister Fears Abd El-Fattah Will Stay in Prison 'As Long as Egyptian President Sisi Is in Power'
Who Is Alaa Abd El-Fattah and Why Is He Imprisoned in Egypt?
Egyptian-American Arrested in UAE After Calling for COP27 Protests in Egypt
North Africa
ICC Prosecutor Urges Libya's Haftar to 'Prevent' Crimes by Troops
Israeli's Elbit Systems to Provide Moroccan Army With Electronic Warfare Solutions
At Least 20 Dead in Attack in Western DR Congo
Blast Kills Four in Popular Southeast Nigerian Market: Official
Somalia Army, Allied Militia Kill 20 Al Shabaab Fighters in Latest Offensive
Finland to Help UN Ship Ukraine Grain to Somalia
Sudan's Nuba Peoples Rally in Capital After Ethnic Clashes
US Military
Navy Relieves Cruiser's Commanding Officer in Middle of Deployment
US Nuclear Engineer, Wife Get Long Jail Terms in Sub Secrets Plot
US Osprey Flights From Okinawa Port Draw Local Government Complaints
US, UK & Saudi Arabia Complete Maritime Exercise in Persian Gulf
'One of Our Own': Australia Plans Referendum on Monarchy
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Where US and Ukrainian War Aims Collide

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America First Republicans, Co-Sponsor This Yemen Resolution!

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The Solomon Islands and the Perils of 'Great Power Competition'

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'I Know You Are But What Am I': Russia's Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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